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Not To Wear In Weddings

When it comes, to the wedding you have a lot of expectations. From months before the wedding date, you start getting ready or deciding what to wear and what not to wear. How to dress up, how to look gorgeous, etc. Be it your friend’s wedding or your cousins or sister or anybody.

Indian weddings are all about putting the best foot forward, and deciding a perfect attire for a wedding becomes a lot difficult. On the process, of looking simple, as well as elegant, you end up wearing something that can ruin the complete look and is also not praised by others. Here, are some tips you must read and know what things not to wear in weddings.

Attires Not To Wear In A Wedding



This attire is just a no-no. No matter if it is a casual one or anything. You can try anything simple and comfy, but jeans are not at all an option to an Indian wedding. You can even go for silk pants or even leggings, but denim jeans can make look too casual, out of place and awkward.

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2Say no to full black or white

Say no to full black or white

When you are in an Indian wedding, which is also the synonym to a lot of bling and colour, wearing something full white or black is not considered appropriate. Generally, those colours are reserved for funerals only. In fact, you can include black or white in your ensemble, but it must not dominate other colours. You can break it with some elaborate jewellery or colour. You can even mix and match black and white with neutral colours, or pops of neon.

3Short Dresses

Short Dresses

Of course, short dresses look amazing. But, on a wedding maybe not that much. So, you can avoid wearing them. If you don’t feel like dressing up, then you can put on a suit, or a palazzo or a kurta perhaps.

4Bright colours

Bright colours

As they say, bright colours are reserved for only the bride. You are exited about the wedding and thinking of mixing, matching neon or bright colour, so that it can make you stand out of the crowd. But remember that there is no restriction on wearing your favourite pink or orange together, just make sure that they do mix and match well. It can make you end up looking like a shade card.

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5High Heels

High Heels

Most of the time, weddings happen in open parks or farmhouses, that have grass, mud and moss here and there. Even, when the floor is carpeted, it can make the surface uneven and can also make you wobble and trip. They can look great, but I am sure that you might not want to fall off from your lehenga or sari on.

6A Red Saree

A Red Saree

You must save this colour for the bride. You can wear any colour, but as far as the wedding in India is concerned, you must keep red aside for the bride. There are millions of other colours to choose from, so do pick wisely.

7Ornamental Headbands And Tiaras

Ornamental Headbands And Tiaras

I know that they look very cute and also in vogue. But you can’t wear themto a wedding if you are wearing a muted, one-tone ensemble that doesn’t have a lot of bling on. Save the rest for the bride. Let her feel like a princess, this one day.

8Revealing clothes

Revealing clothes

Sure,you might have worked hard in the gym to get that fabulous look too. But you might want to save that super revealing and sexy outfit for a Saturday night out instead.

9Too Much Bling!

Too Much Bling!

Yes, it is a strict no, you must avoid wearing all the gold you have in your locker on that day. By this I mean try to bling it right, and it must not look too much. For example, if you are wearing a heavy neckpiece, then ditch the earrings; or if you are wearing lots of bangles, then skip the haath phool or rings. It can balance your look.

10Being Over Made Up!

Being Over Made Up!

This is the most important point, don’t layer your face with tons of foundation, when you are just a guest. In fact, it’s also a no-no for the bride too. If you think that by highlighting, painting lips red, contour and getting smokey eyes, all at once can make your shaddi selfies flawless, then you are wrong. Try keeping it subtle like, if you are wearing a smokey eye, wear a nude lip colour or if you are making your lips have a bold tint, then give the heavy eye makeup a miss.

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