Casual Hairstyles At Home For Your Convenience

Hairstyles At Home

This new year, are you staying alone at home or not! Women want to look beautiful everyday. Let it be at home, and around the times of the New Year, here are some really beautiful hairstyles at home that you can try for your party at home.

Easy Hairstyles At Home

1The Modern Messy Bun

The Modern Messy Bun

This ballerina style bun will definitely make you look effortlessly polished and stylish hairstyles at home.

Step 1

First step pull your hair into a high pony and then lock it down with flyways and an elastic headband, that is laid in an inch from the hairline. If the hair is a looking little greasy, then you can spray volumizing dry shampoo right at the roots first.

Step 2

Then wrap the length of the pony into a bun, while twisting as you go, and then secure it with an elastic band or even with bobby pins.

Step 3

Now use a pencil or even the end of a tail comb to lift the section evenly of the hair between the headband and the bun for volume.

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2The Mega-Volume Double Pony

The Mega-Volume Double Pony

Who doesn’t want their pony to be thick and beautiful? With this trick you can get extra volume and length, and your pony hairstyles at homewill never look the same way again.

Step 1

Pull your hair above the ears for a half-up, half-down pony, which leaves your hair beneath the ears loose. Then use a little boar bristle brush to sweep off the hair in the top pony to create some smooth lines and no bubbles in the sides.

Step 2

Now pull the remaining of your hair into a pony, which is right beneath the first one.

Step 3

After that tease the top ponytail using your comb to create fullness. As a finishing touch, apply small drops of smooth & silky no frizz shine spray; through the length of both the ponytails.

3The Twist-and-Pin

The Twist-and-Pin

The easiest pin with an easy upgrade.

Step 1

Section out small one-inch pieces of your hair from one side and then twist it away from the face. If the hair is on the finer side, then tease the section slightly, and twist the hair and then spray frizz-free hold hairspray to keep the style in place.

Step 2

Now secure this section with a bobby pin placed diagonally. Then place a second pin, that is crisscrossed over the first, which create an X-shape.

4The Grown Up Half Up-Half-Down

The Grown Up Half Up-Half-Down

Repurpose your last night’s texture with a very easy out of your face style.

Step 1

Try to pull your hair half up and half down style, leave a few pieces out of face framing, and then secure it with a clear or even a elastic. Now, take the hold of your bottom pony. This style looks more perfect, when you have wave and movement in your hair.

Step 2

Now with the finger, try to create a little hole above the elastic and then loop the pony through it.

5The Reversed French Twist Pony

The Reversed French Twist Pony

This hybrid type of a low pony as well as modern chignon looks very polished.

Step 1

First brush your hair back in a low pony just above the nape of the neck. To get more body, split the hair into two and then braid into two loose pigtails before the bed so that the hair is not too straight.

Step 2

Now twist the ponytail into your chignon, and use the other hand to pin with many bobby pins.

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6The Knotted Low Bun

The Knotted Low Bun

Now show off the unexpected twist with no-nonsense braided bun.

Step 1

Pull your hair into a low ponytail, then loosely braid into the length of your hair and secure it with a clear elastic.

Step 2

Try to wrap your braid around the base of your ponytail like you would do for a bun, tucking the loose ends of the hair with bobby pins. Lock the style and keep the flyways in place with soft hold hairspray.

7The Cool-Girl Twist

The Cool-Girl Twist

Put your crazy layers or even out-of-control bangs in the place with an easy twist.

Step 1

Now separate a small triangle from your hair from the center of the forehead to the midway point to the crown of the head. You can give it some few twists, and flip it over, as well as secure at the crown with the bobby pins.

8The Headband Tuck

The Headband Tuck

Whatever the texture be, this stunning style is a major wow factor.

Step 1

Gather some of the entire back crown section from the hair and then tease it with a comb to create the volume.

Step 2

Now secure the hair into a ponytail and place a string, ribbon, or, if you prefer to be little edgier, a thin piece of the leather close to the hairline and tie it at nape of the neck, over your pony.

Step 3

Slowly pull the top of the pony out from your tie.

9The Hair Headband

The Hair Headband

Do not worry about the face framing frizz with a simple slick backed solution.

Step 1

Separate the two face-framing pieces and then pull the rest of the hair into a pony. You may only need to have a half inch of the hair to create the ‘headband’. But if the hair is thick, then you may need to section it off for about an inch instead.

Step 2

Secure the face-framing pieces with elastic band at the nape of the neck, and then take the pony down so, that your hair falls loosely on top of it.

10The Fanned-Out Bun

The Fanned-Out Bun

You can make the finest of your strands look more fuller with the voluminous bun.

Step 1

Now sweep your hair into a high ponytail by using a boar bristle brush. For a more subtle definition as well as smoothing, use waves defining cream throughout the length of the pony.

Step 2

Then take the end of your pony with one hand. With the other hand, separate your hair directly under elastic into two portions. Pull the pony in about half way through the hole.

Step 3

Using your both hands, gently fan out your bun. Now, pin out the ends of your ponytail into the base of your bun, leaving the few pieces out that also look slightly undone if the hair is on the shorter side.

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