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Easy Long Hairstyles

Thick and long hair, is one of the most luscious things in the world. It is the dream of many people, to have a long hair. Everyone loves the way how it flows and the many hairstyles you can tryfor it. But,with these long hairs, many are unable to manage due to which, they cut them off. So, here are few easy long hairstyles, which you all can try at home and look gorgeous every day at work or anywhere you go.

1Hunny Bun

Hunny Bun

This perfectly shaped bun can make all your girlfriends envy. This easy hairstyle in a long hair would look great with any cute dress. If you don’t have a hair band, you can also use a sock to help shape the bun, but don’t forget to spray a hairspray to keep it tight and nice.

To get this hairstyle, follow this steps:

  • In a very first process, tie your hair on the top
  • Then try to insert the sock or the thick band from the end of your hair.
  • Then slowly roll it with your hair as you go down.

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2Sleek Vixen Hair

Sleek Vixen Hair

This hairstyle is a classy and flawless hairdo. You will love this hairstyle, but I know how much you hate to visit the hairstylist for this simple hairstyle. But, fortunately, there is a quick and amazing tutorial that can help in creating this sleek vixen hair style.

For this amazing hairstyle, you have to:

  • First separates your whole hair into three sections, one parts in the back and the other two part on the either side. Then pin one back section in the middle of your head.
  • Pull the other two sections back and twist then to pin them over the existing pins.
  • Try and secure the bottom of the twisted hair with a tie, which will create a low ponytail.
  • Try separating one-inch section of your ponytail, wrapping around your hair tie, later securing with a bobby pin.

3Twisted Pony

Twisted Pony

This is the same good old ponytail with a twist. This will look your ponytail a little sassier. Try twisting your hair on the side of the face before tying them in the back. This type of ponytail will give you a beautiful boho look.

To get this type of hair style:

  • Divide your hair into three sections,
  • The back section being the bigger and thicker one.
  • Then tie your hair with a band behind your head, using the thicker and bigger part.
  • Then twist the side parts and tie them around your hair tie, which will give a look of a twisted ponytail

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41950’s Inspired Ponytail

1950’s Inspired Ponytail

This vintage ponytail can never go out of style. It is very pretty and classy which can also give a lot of volume to your hair. It is quite a great hair style for a club party or a house party with friends. You can try a red lipstick with this hairdo to pin up the hairstyle.

To get this hairstyle:

  • Make a diagonal section, starting from the preferred hair part and which is going down from the front of your ear.
  • Now clip the front section part and save it for later fun.
  • Give your hair a tease on top of the “crown area”
  • Smooth the teased hair, using the comb, sothat it doesn’t look too ratty.
  • Now, put the all the hair back into a nice, secure, high, ponytail.
  • Next takes that front section and drape one side over the ponytail holder.
  • You can use bobby pins to secure the pieces of wrapping around the ponytail.
  • Repeat the same process with another side too.

5Pretty Bow Bun

Pretty Bow Bun

This hairstyle maybe the cutest and most feminine according to my view. It can be used for the times when you might feel extra girly. Use a hairspray, if you want it to hold long.

To get this hairstyle:

  • Tie your hair, on top of the head, looks like a bun.
  • Then divide it into two parts, and
  • Then wrap the remaining hair end around the divider, which will make it look like a bow.

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