Signs that your relationship is deteriorating

your relationship

When you enter into a relationship, it can be the most exciting thing of your life. Little did you know that the honeymoon period would last only for some time.A new love can make you act in his own way and you behave in ways that you generally don’t like to. These could be one of your signs that your relationship is deteriorating. Yes, this is the honeymoon period that will be soon lost and you will find out the true colors of the partner.

Though, not always every relationship turns out to be like this, you got to check for the signs. When a relationship goes in the wrong directions, you have to always check for the signs that show you that your decision was probably wrong. Many times, men act to be different in the beginning of the relationship and change during the course of it. Not all men are the same! Arguments and disagreements from time to time can be the usual way of fighting the relationship and heading towards a healthy one.

On the contrary, if there are problems that are extremely unsolvable and those that look like a dead-end, that is your sign. Cracks may emerge into your relationship but most of the time you may not even identify until it is too late to repair it.So, if you’re looking to set right a long term relationship, it is important that you know where things are going wrong. Search for the signs of detoriation!

Here are a few signs that can tell you that your relationship is failing miserably

Top few signs that your relationship is deteriorating

1Communication Gap/Miscommunication


The most prominent kind of sign that your relationship is not very salvageable is when you and your partner are not in good communication. When there is a lot of communication gap or mis communication, what happens is either you are fighting all the time or you assume certain things that aren’t even true. You or your partner may totally ignore the other one or hesitate to talk about certain sensitive issues. That could be a major reason to start off a fight in a relationship. Not talking or communicating could also lead to assumptions and unwanted tiff.

2Intimacy issues


You both are busy fighting that you forget the small things in your relationship. Intimacy issues can also be your sign. The loss of intimacy is another key sign that a couple experiences while having relationship ruts. It goes up to even a point when you start fighting with each other while having a rare moment of intimacy.

3Criticizing in front of others or when alone

when alone

If he ridicules your opinions, or calls you names in front of others, then he is no good for you! Well, also not only does it mean that he doesn’t like what he’s having with you, but also means that he is not treating you as an equal. This kind of attitude can be very tormenting to the wives. So, when you know that your relationship is heading to a weird kind of a place, where you don’t get enough respect, it is better to stay away from him or break up with him. It is way better you stay away from a person who doesn’t acknowledge the importance of you.

4When he doesn’t trust you


Constant phone calls, questions you about your clothing, about your timings and other details are not love in a long term relationship! Do not get fooled by the concern, because it isn’t the concern part that is checking on you. It is the part that doesn’t trustyou or your behavior. If he shows up at your office or opens you mails saying he was just checking in, then he is surely in doubts about you and your love for him. Insecurities creep in and he starts to doubt you which is the sign that your relationship is deteriorating.

If this continues, he will gradually term you to be cheating on him, which is not the right thing to do in a relationship. So, buck up and check if he is doing any of these. If yes, then try to reevaluate his love for you or see if you can fight the relationship.

5When you have to hide his behaviors in public

his behaviors in public

If you have to hide or lie about your partner to your family or friends, it means that you are not in a healthy relationship. Hiding some of his traits from your family is fine, but when you have to protect him every single time, rethink if you are doing the right thing or not. This not only is a bad habit, but your family will feel cheated if they get to know you have been protecting him. You will become the woman who protects his husband. So, if you feel like you have to excuse yourself for him, do not hesitate to talk about the same to your husband. (Protecting signs in deteriorating relationship)

6You and your partner don’t visualize the same things


Believe it or not, every relationship works wonders if the both of you have the same kind of thinking and goals towards life. If you can’t agree with most of the financial, emotional and professional decisions together, then it might be a huge drop for both of you. Not that both of you should have the exact plan and strategy, because that is not possible. But a happy couple always ends up having an exact focus towards what they want to do.

If these signs are pointing at you right in your face, then you should reevaluate and think if this is what you would want to do. It is better to live alone than to feel alone in a bad relationship.

Pavithra Ravi

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