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Cat Person Or Dog Person

We in general, humans love to categorize ourselfs. Like when a baby is born our very first question is whether the baby is a girl or a boy or which political party you support or what astrological sign you are or what do you prefer most paper or plastic, etc. By these categories we believe that we can infer other information on someone as a sort of cognitive short cutting.

We know that when we meet somebody, we kind of want to know whether that person likes cats or dogs. There are many sites that give your preferences on your pet choices and meet someone of your same pet choice. Just like I prefer myself as a cat person, but have you ever thought that how being a cat person might make you different from other people. Do you know whether you are a cat person or dog person? So what does science say about cat people? Here are some research tips to know about being a cat person.

Tips To Know If You Are Cat Or Dog Person

1Fewer in number

Fewer in number

Some reviews say that people who own a cat are less than people who own a dog. Cat people underrepresented in most research of human pet relationship. Some research has shown that very few people have personality traits and identification as a cat person. As well as people who think of adopting a pet most of the time think about having a dog than considering in getting a cat.

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2Is there a “cat person” personality?

Is there a “cat person” personality

According to psychological literature human personality revolves around a Five-Factor model. It is a five main facts of human personality like Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, Openness, Agreeable and Extraversion. According to some studies, they found that comparing with dog people, cat folks tend to be less cooperative and compassionate, that is, Agreeable. Cat people are less self-disciplined and organized, that is, Conscientiousness. Less outgoing and positive, that is, Extraversion. Cat persons are more artistic and intellectually curious, that is, Openness and more anxious and angry, that is, Neuroticism.

Along with this cat person score themselves as less masculine and independent on comparing to dog owners. Females are more compared as cat people than men. Another study said that cat people are more hostile, less friendly and less submissive than dog people.

Some other studies said that the owners relationship with dog can be like a mirror, giving back acceptance and affirmation. But, cat owners have more twinships, where they believe that cats experience same emotional states like us and more tuned with our emotions. If you compare the results, then you can see that dog people seek pet who can complement their personality. But cat people choose their pets because they match their personality.

3Do cats give us toxoplasmosis?

Do cats give us toxoplasmosis

Toxoplasmosisis a parasitic disease that can reproduce only in the feline digestive system. Without cats, there won’t be any Toxoplasmosis, but it can be found in several mammal and bird species.

It can effect the dopamine system, often reffered as the reward centre of the brain. Toxoplasmosis also has some interesting effect on the human brain. Those who are infected with it tend to be more extroverted.

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4Are we less happy and healthy than dog owners?

healthy than dog owners

There is no reduction of loneliness, anxiety or anger, depression, regardless of being a pet owner also contrary to belief. Although some benefits of pet ownership can depend on your extended network of social support. People who own a pet can be happier to begin, but that depends on the personality.

Some research has shown that pet owners have a reduction in the risk of heart disease, and improves general health and sleep. In general most dog owners have lower blood pressure that is assumed because dog ownership increases physical activity. But, sometimes living with the cat can have some protective effects against like allergies and asthma.

So we can say that loving cats may not have any immediate mental or physical benefits, but it even causes no harm.

5So what makes us a cat or dog person?

So what makes us a cat or dog person

This is a million dollar question to ask in the first place. Does our opinion depend on the affiliation that effected our negative experience with animals as a child? Or does our personality move us towards one type of pet? Well, yet we don’t know much. But we can try some test available on the internet today to know whether we are cat or dog person.

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