Easy To Do Makeup Tips And Tricks


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Makeup Tips And Tricks

Makeup is like an everyday routine for many women. Men might not understand, but it is just like wearing clothes or even jewelries. But, what is most important is knowing about all the makeup tips and tricks, which can really make life more simpler as well as easier. As legend says, always do the smart work not the hard work, and with smart work you can experience many smart possibilities. Shortcut is not always the bad way, and when it comes to makeup, you can make it more fun as well as your home made beauty care, which you may not find in any product store or in product advertisement. So here, are some tips as well as tricks that is related with makeup dos.

Makeup Tips And Tricks

1Quality materials for multiple things

Quality materials

Buying makeup brushes are very unnecessarily complicated as well as expensive. When starting out, it is always helpful to get the brushes which can be used for many types of multiple things. Like, you can get:

Beauty Blender (dupe): It is not technically a brush, but it can give a great coverage for the foundation and can be used to blend the makeup from blush to concealer.

Angled Brow Brush: These brushes are good for the eyebrows and smudging eyeshadow under the creases of the eyes.

Sigma Blending Brush: It is great for blending every type of eyeshadow as well as for nose contouring.

Sigma Large Angled Contour: It is also amazing for contouring as well as blush application.

Multitasking Brush: It is a great product for applying powder after contouring and the blush.

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2Eyeshadow over neutral base


You can try to apply your eyeshadow color over your light neutral base. This can make it to stand out more. Remember to start with a base shadow that does not have any shimmer. And that can match the skin tone of your face. Now apply the base all over the eyelid, up to the brows. You can use this base shadow and make sure that the darker shadows that you are going to use are properly blended.

3Save from fading

Save from fading

Are you worried about eye liner or eye shadow fading off or even smudging? Then here is a trick, try to use eye primer before you start your eye makeup, as eye primer can prevent the smudging as well as fading and you can have your worrisome party look ready all the time.

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4Finishing spray to avoid cake-face

Finishing spray to avoid cake-face

Finishing spray can not only help you to give your face a dewy glow, but it can also help your makeup to stay long. If you are dealing with cake-face makeup problem, then this finishing spray can really make your makeup look more natural as well as even.

If you want to have more cheaper and natural alternative then you can even make this finishing spray at home. Just mix some glycerin, rose water and a spritzer, keep it in a spray bottle and apply it whenever you are planning to do heavy makeup.

5Not to mess mascara

Not to mess mascara

Everytime, whenever you apply mascara are you worried about messing it up? Then here is a mascara tip, place a spoon or even a card under the eyes. They can protect from spreading of the mascara, protecting your eyeliner or eyeshadow.

6Moisturized lips

Moisturized lips

Are you afraid to wear your favorite lip color? Just because it dries out your lips? Then worry not, because one of the most amazing trick to keep your lips soft as well as supple is just add few drops of essential oil on your favorite lip color. It can help to keep your lips moisturized.

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