Natural Beauty Tips For Summer


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Natural Beauty Tips

Beautiful skin is the desire of every woman in this world. Just how every attire is needed to be taken care of and it is also true with beautiful skin. During summer season a special care is needed to keep your skin beautiful as well as refreshing. Sun rays during summer can take off the moisture from your skin which can cause skin problems like acne and wrinkles. During summer the secretion of sweat and oil increase. The skin tends to lose its glow and also look greasy as well as dull. This can also attract the dust and many other pollutants. So here, are few natural beauty tips for this summer that you can use to take proper care of your skin.

Natural Beauty Tips



One of the first as well as most important tip for a beautiful skin during summer is cleaning your face. Cleaning is utmost important part for your skin this summer. Always wash the face with water several times in a day. It can help to remove the sweat as well as the dirt from your skin. After that you can use cleansing milk or cleansing lotion to clean your skin properly.

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2Pamper Your Face With Packs

Pamper Your Face With Packs

Always try to stick with homemade packs, because they are one of the best, and that is not just in summers. You can use a mix of yogurt, tomato juice, sandalwood powder, as well as aloe vera gel. This mix can not only clean the skin, but can also add glow to the face.

3Stepping Out

Stepping Out

Always be sure that you carry facial blotting paper with you that can help to soak up the excess oil, with a sunscreen lotion, wet wipes as well as a lip balm when you are stepping out. Always try to apply the lip balm frequently so that it can help the lips to be hydrated. Apply sunscreen if you are going to be outdoors and do reapply at least once in four hours, if the work demands to be outdoors.

4Be Hydrated

Be Hydrated

Try to drink a lot of water, or fresh juices or even consume loads of vegetable salads as well as fruit salads. By consuming fresh fruits, juices as well as veggies it can help to clear the body from all the toxins and can also help to keep you hydrated. It is also best to avoid oily, or deep fried or spicy food during summer because they tend to accumulate the oil more on the skin.

5Protect Your Eyes And Hair

Protect Your Eyes And Hair

If you are going to be or planning to be out for a long time in the sun, then ensure that you are wearing your shades to protect the eyes as well as a scarf or even a hat to protect the hair, face and eyes. Also remember to carry a hair spritz so that you can tame the untidy mane as well as nourish the hair instantly.

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Toning is a necessary part for your skin after scrubbing, especially during summer season. In summer, you can also use flower based skin tonic like rose, lavender etc. You can use rose water as a skin toner that can help to refresh the normal to dry skin. For oily skin you must use an astringent toner. You can mix the astringent toner with rose water and then refrigerate it. Try to use this toner several times in a day to get a beautiful skin.

7Sun protection

Sun protection

To keep your skin protected as well as beautiful from all the sun exposure this summer, try to always use an umbrella and wear the sunglasses while you are going out. Also try to avoid going out from 11 am to 3 pm. Also always apply a sunscreen (at least of SPF 30), 30 minutes before you go out.



During summer your skin always needs to be moisturised often. Hot sun rays can take away the moisture from the skin. You can also use a water based or vitamin-E moisturiser to get a natural beautiful skin in summer.

9Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet

Try consuming a lot of fruits as well as vegetables during summer. As your skin is the mirror of your health, whatever you eat always show on the skin. Also try to eat diet that is rich in calcium, that is, dairy products. As calcium can be lost while sweating. Also try to consume diet that is rich in vitamin E, that is, nuts as almonds, they are great for skin. During summer season, spicy or even oily foods must be avoided.

10Make up

Make up

In summer try to go for a mineral make up. As it can help to last long during sweating conditions. Also always use lighter tones in summer. Try to wear a lip balm that have at least of 15 SPF before going out.

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