15 guidelines for every Boutique owner


Possessing and successfully running a boutique is no small feat. The responsibility and the ownership fall on you. Starting from every aspect of handling the place for business activities, being the janitor or even the sales rep, everything has to be monitored by you. Life can be easier if you learn certain ways to handle how to run a boutique all by your own. There may be some tips that look minor, obvious and you may already know it, but just knowing it won’t help. You have to put them into action for you to run a successful boutique. Whether you are just a fresher in the business or a tough old bird looking to change the way you run the place, here are some guidelines you should try and follow as boutique owners.

1Define your look

Define your look

It is important that you identify the look of your boutique. Find out the vibe your place gives out and what is your style. Every boutique has its own style and look. Try to figure out what your boutique speaks about itself. It is good if you can identify it all by yourself because waiting for the public to find out would never work out.

2All your customers are the same

customers are the same

Remember to by heart this like a poem. Each person who walks into your glass door, is an equal and should be treated the same. Regardless of their age, appearance, social or economic status, customers should be treated equally.

3Speak up

Speak up

It is always good to acknowledge your customer’s questions. Whether you are in the industry for a long time or just started-off, a pleasant and a warm smile would go a long way when your customers enter.

4Timing is important

Timing is important

Remember that you have to have consistent working hours. You should always stick to a particular working hour. Yes, we know that some days may be slow and dull, but that doesn’t mean you can pack up and close the doors. If you have inconsistent timings, you will lose your credibility, customers and the store’s status.

5Stay professional

Stay professional

Minding your own business comes as a priority. Never gossip or speak any unprofessional matters to your customers. It is strictly advisable to stay in your limits because if your customer finds out that you are a gossip sport, they are never going to respect or see you in the same old way.

6Be creative

Be creative

Thinking outside the box should be your key to bring customers into the store. Whether it is about the looks, the feel or the way you treat your customers, if you try to be different, they are definitely going to come back. Try to come up with creative marketing strategies, put off good fashion shows or contests, give the customers credits and offers. This is one way you can start-off. So, be smart and get inventive.

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7Learn the hat dance

Learn the hat dance

As a business owner, you would have to wear a number of hats in order to run the show. So, be good at what you do. Some of you may like doing everything by yourself and some of you may have people to help. Whatever be the case, try to stand by yourself and do the hat dance well. Managing a number of things will give you the self confidence in doing things by yourself.

8Be a role model

Be a role model

Teach and impart your knowledge to your employees. If you have started off new, you are also equally fresh to the entire concept. But don’t let that break you. Your employees should follow you in order to run the place when you are not around. So be a lead, teach them what to do and what not to. Be the one you would want to learn from.

9Be a social butterfly

Be a social butterfly

As everyone knows, social media is free advertising. It is always good to have a group of people, a community where you belong to so you can understand and embrace on the happenings. Socially active people tend to gel well with their employees, customers and their co-business partners.

10Comprehend your customer

Comprehend your customer

Knowing your customer, comes as another important step in running a boutique business. Learn about the customer importance from their stay. Learn about where they stay, which area, what they would like to wear, etc. This way, you will know what she is looking at. It gets easier if you know their background a little bit for personal touch.

11Re-think your sale strategy

Re-think your sale strategy

No matter what, every woman is a big fan of sales. Make sure you offer your customers now and then, but be careful to not under the category of ‘always sale’ store. Come up with themed sales, pre-post season sales and make it interesting for them.

12Neighbor love

Neighbor love

Running a great business depends half on the neighborhood you have. Fortunately or unfortunately, that’s the truth. Having a lovely neighborhood can help you with promoting your business and coming up with new ideas. Supportive neighbors can get your work easier and it actually works wonders if they like you and your store. Word of mouth plays a huge role when you have good neighbors.

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13Stay cool

Stay cool

There are some times where you are attacked by all the customers at the same time where handling them might get difficult. The flip side could be where there is no one for 3 days in a row. In both cases, remember to stay cool. No one likes slow sales person or a person who keeps talking. So try to be balanced. Let them choose and you enjoy the perks of showing your store around if asked for.

14Learn to say No

Learn to say No

Sometimes you will be flooded with donations and meeting requests. Try to say no. You never know if they are fake or real. You can definitely help in other ways like being a sponsor or by promotional partnership.

15Learn from yourself

Learn from yourself

It is always best to learn from yourself. Whether it is your mistakes or anything else, make sure you learn from it. Look for effective signs since they are imperative. Consider all your possibilities from every angle and direction on where you have lost or gained your customers. End of the day, be your own judge.

-Pavithra Ravi

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