Trendy Simple Dotwork Tattoos


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Dotwork Tattoos

Dotwork tattoos are considered as one of the most intricate designs. The complicated geometric images are being created with nothing but the dots. The artist must be patient and talented person because, they has to place every single dot in its right place. Many dotwork tattoo artists have abandoned the tattoo machine and are now performing the handpoked way of tattooing. Dotwork tattoos have style of their own, and the shading that you get through the dots looks almost like a 3D. You can never get that way of shading with any other tattoos. The dotwork tattooing technique is used especially for the geometric tattoos, religious as well as spiritual tattoos.

These dot tattoos are mostly done with the black ink, or even grey ink. But sometimes even red is used, but only because the red creates beautiful contrast effects on the geometric tattoos. There are many talented tattoo artists, who can really decorate the way you want your design to be.

Dotwork Tattoos

1Mandala Arm Sleeve

Mandala Arm Sleeve

Who doesn’t love mandala art form. Mandala is basically a spiritual symbol of some religion, that represents the universe. This mandala arm sleeve tattoo, is special for every women, and if you are more bold and believe in expressing your thinking then this form of art work is for you.

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2Moon Tattoos

Moon Tattoos

Want to tell a story? Then what can be better than this amazing moon tattoo! You can ink the part of your favourite story in a circle. Just like it is in the image above. It will appear as if in a small round frame and help you to remember the story forever in your mind. If you are more into minmalistic or like something that is more simple then this is the best for you.

3Geometric Rose Dotwork Tattoo

Geometric Rose Dotwork Tattoo

Thigh tattoos are the most beautiful as well as attractive design to do on your very attractive body part. As you have read earlier, with the geometric patterns and the rose work done on the thighs can really make your look more sexier. This one is done very intricately and also you have to be more patient along with the artist to get the desired result.

4Rose Dotwork tattoo

Rose Dotwork tattoo

Another beautiful thigh dotwork tattoo that can boost up your sexiness is the amazing floral artwork beautifully embracing your legs. Floral tattoos are one of the most common tattoo designs among women, and when into it then why not look for something that is more stylish like the image above.

5Whale Tail Maori Tattoo

Whale Tail Maori Tattoo

As I have already discussed about Maori tribal tattoo, who lives near New Zealand and how sacred their tattoos are and the way they consider curves and spiral pattern to be the most composed tattoo art. Just like that, the tail of the whale in the way of Maori traditional spiral design is also one of the best way to decorate your feet and give your body a spiritual beginning.

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6Back Dotwork Tattoo

Back Dotwork Tattoo

When talking about floral tattoo then how can I even forget about back tattoos! They are one of the most gorgeous way to have a minimalist tattoo on the back. With the leaves and the decorated flowers it is one of the best simple design to decorate the back of your neck.

7Arm bracelet tattoo

Arm bracelet tattoo

Arm bracelet tattoo is becoming the trend now-a-days. Not only in the above tattoo image, there are number of arm tattoos that can be done in different shapes as well as size. They look exactly like a bracelet, and can add charm to your whole look and the plus point is any of your dresses, or ethnic or traditional wear can easily fit in with an arm bracelet tattoo.

8Mandala dotwork tattoo

Mandala dotwork tattoo

Mandala tattoos are quite very famous and when it is done on your sexiest body part, that is, on the thighs then it looks more glamorous as well as beautiful. Just like in the image, your thighs can be decorated with the spellbounding designs of mandala.

9Palm Rose Tattoo

Palm Rose Tattoo

Now, this is one of the most unique ideas to get a tattoo. That is right in the palm of your hands. Under the thumb finger. A single dotwork rose tattoo can give an amazing touch to your look, and best for the simple and minimalist people who love to stay simple and beautiful.

10Inner Arm Floral Tattoo

Inner Arm Floral Tattoo

Your inner arm can be another unique idea, for your tattoo. This floral design looks best for your free soul and also for the love of your floral entity and not many people will know about your secret too.

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