Tips to Remove Upper Lip Hair Naturally


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tips to Remove Upper Lip Hair

Upper lip hair may be quite the embarrassment for women, as it may be for an adolescent male. We although wish to be of assistance to the fairer sex.

You might have tried expensive products as a mean to the way. The beautician only adds to the woes of your favourite purse. Besides, you just may not need to hit the parlour for something as petty as hair removal. Ask the men, they do it the same way they do dishes. Read on about these simple tips to remove upper lip hair naturally.

Ways for Upper Lip Removal Naturally



Turmeric is naturally antiseptic in nature, and a common ingredient in a number of beauty product. It exfoliates the skin and imparts a natural glow to it.

It may be made into a paste using milk or water, and applied to the upper lip, to be left for the time until it dries. You may subsequently rub it off your skin, with your dry fingers, or a piece of dry and soft cloth. Watch the hair gently wither away, as you may later choose to wash off the region with cold water.

2Egg Whites

Egg Whites

The white of eggs soothe your skin, as well as removes your upper lip hair. You may mix the white from one whole egg, and mix it with corn flour and sugar. Whisk the mix until it turns sticky. Apply the paste on the upper lip region and leave it on for about half an hour until it goes dry. The dried residue peels off as a mask.

For optimal results, you may repeat the remedy twice every week, for one month, and you may notice that the hair growth has considerably lessened.

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3Gram Flour

Gram Flour

Gram flour may be mixed into a thick paste along with some water and turmeric powder. Apply the paste on your upper lip and leave it on until it dries. You may then scrub it off against the direction of the hair growth.



Sugar is known for the role it plays in painless waxing. It not only removes unwanted hair, but also prevents further hair growth.

You may heat a spoonful of sugar on a pan and heat it until it starts to melts. Add a dash of lemon juice, and whisk the mixture until it forms a uniform concentrate.

Once the concoction has cooled down, you may apply it on the upper lip region and let it dry, after which you may wipe away the residue using a dry cloth.



Yogurt may be mixed with gram flour and turmeric to form into a smooth concoction that may be applied to the upper lip region. When dried, it may be easily removed by simply rubbing action.

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You may as well go all professional in your attempt at upper lip hair removal. It is a skill which you may perfect only with practice. You would need to loop a piece of thread around the hair and get it from the root.



Probably the most convenient way to get rid of any unwanted hair is with the help of a pair of scissors. Although it may not be a permanent remedy, but it sure as well works.

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