13 Wonderful Wall Decor Ideas For Your Sweet Home


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Wall Decor Ideas

A beautiful space that you live in and create memories must be well decorated. When you organize your house well, that is enough to give you positive vibes. It is also like this- some of the additions of beauty that you add to your home make it a better place for you to live. Don’t you think so?

The modern ways of decorating ideas are letting the things hang and fall. The bells that make sound makes it pleasant. The art which is part of your house welcomes you home. When the decor of the home is this important how can you leave the walls plain.

You don’t need to be super creative or a professional to do wall decorations. The simplest wall decoration ideas can be the coolest. These wall decoration ideas can make your home a sweet home.

Living Wall Decor

Living room is a beautiful part of house. The living room brings the family members to chill and have fun together. It is also a place which grabs the guests attention. Decorating the walls of living room is a awesome idea. So, look for the ideas to decorate the walls of living room-

1. Wall Sticker


Decorating the walls with a beautiful painting or a theme is easy. You can shop for wall stickers and decorate the walls. The classy designs that come in form of stickers are easy to decorate your walls of living room. This idea can make your living room your favourite part of the house too.


2. 3D Wall Mural


3D wall mural is a breathtaking idea for the wall decor of living room. If you feel the simple wall stickers is not a great idea, then go for 3D wall painting. This looks traditional and classy.

If the walls of living room are wide and spacious, this is a good idea to decorate. You cannot leave the spacious walls plain and boring. So. Give it a try with 3D wall mural.


3. Houseplants on wall


Houseplants is something that adds the natural beauty to your living room. You will love the hung and flowing greenery. Adding houseplants to your walls is also good scientifically as it purifies the air.

You can pick the tiny houseplants which are easy to hang on the walls. You can also let the creeping plants flow on the walls. This is like garden inside the home and you will love maintaining it as part your inner space. Try this beautiful and easy idea to decorate the walls of living room.


4. Add shelves


The shelves were to carry the belongings and some things to keep handy. But now, the shelves can be part of wall decor. The lightweight and fixable shelves can decorate your living room. It is more like a rack that can be fixed to wall.

You can place the photos, keep your things in organized way. The wall shelves come in different size and shapes. To a light coloured wall, you can attach dark wooden shelves. With dark wall background, you can add the light coloured shelves like white, peach.

You can simply play with colour contrasts and shapes when you pick shelves to decorate your walls.


Wall Decor Ideas for Bedroom

Wall decor idea for bedroom is something that excites everyone.You want to feel the pleasant and happiness of resting on your bed. Lying on the bed and looking at the wall decor is also a feel good moment. You are just loving the creative ideas and art. So, check out these classy ideas to decorate the walls of your bedroom-

5. A Collage

Collage Wall Decor Ideas

What you are passionate about? Your relationship in life, art or music? Show your passion and interest on wall of your bedroom. Dedicate a wall for your passion. You can make a creative collage with the photo frames or handmade paintings. You can also make a collage with quotes.

You will love this mess of collage on your walls. This is a creative and brilliant idea that beautifully works on the walls of your bedroom. Shop for a photo display organizer which makes this idea simple to execute. Why don’t your try it soon!


6. The Night Theme Sticker


The night theme stickers are something that makes your bedroom decor beautiful. You can pick the creative and pleasant looking night theme sticker for wall decor.

Birds back to nest or moon theme are perfect for bedroom walls. You will love falling asleep with these wall decors.


7. Fairy Lights


Fairy lights are something easy and classy to decorate your bedroom walls. If you want add some more beauty to your photo gallery, just fence the fairy light around it. This makes the photo gallery lovely in night time.

This cool idea is loved by many and trending as bedroom wall decor. The fairy lights can be shopped online as well.


8. Wall Lantern

Wall Lantern for Wall Decor Ideas

Wall lantern is a traditional way of decorating your bedroom. This is a classy wall decor idea. The lamps and lanterns are real beauty of a bedroom. You will love to light up the lantern everyday before going to bed.

You can shop for a wall lantern which lightens up your room a little. The beautifully designed lanterns are perfect to hang as wall decor for bedroom.


9. Night Glow Wall Clock


The dark bedroom that let you fall asleep is all good with little night glow. The cloth that you are hanging up just for the time is a routine idea. Let the night glow wall clock make your bedroom walls look decorative in dark.

You have the night clocks online and you can pick one of them to add the little glow. You can call it a multi purpose clock that shows time and also makes your bedroom wall look classy.


Wall Decor For Kitchen

The classy bowl sets and plates are part of your kitchen decor? Then, you need to replace this routine kitchen decor with some lovely ideas. Kitchen is the most happiest place for many women. Your cooking and baking time can be more enjoyable with some of the kitchen wall decor ideas. Look at the below kitchen wall decor ideas-

10. Basket Wall Art


Basket wall art makes the walls looks naturally decorated. This is one of the creative and traditional ideas for kitchen. Baskets are part of every kitchen and this is much related idea for wall decor.

This is an eye catching idea for kitchen wall decor. You can simply choose the lightweight baskets and hang them up on your kitchen walls.

11. Ceramic Plates


The ceramic plates are can be another wall decor idea. This idea makes the kitchen walls look attractive. The classy idea can make your kitchen look well designed and stylish.

The designs on the ceramic plates make it look classy and nicest on your walls. This is a simple to try idea for your kitchen wall decor.


12. Cutting Boards


Cutting boards are super cool as the kitchen decor. You will love this idea as it is simple and stylish. The modern kitchen are to kept simple but nicest.

You can shop for a cutting board which is designed for kitchen wall decor. You also have the cutting boards with meaningful and funny quotes. You will love this idea as it is ready made and decorates your walls well.

13. Kitchen Theme Stickers


Kitchens theme stickers are widely popular for kitchen decor. When you want to decorate your kitchen walls easily, you can get the ready made stickers.

The wall stickers make your kitchen look colourful and classy. You can also choose the stickers from the wide variety designs.


These wall decor ideas will make your home look well designed. Most of the ideas are ready made and easy to fix. You will love every part of your home with these wonderful wall decor ideas.

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