Incredible Simhasana Yoga Pose For Slimmer Beautiful Face


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Simhasana Yoga Pose

The Simhasana or the lion roar pose is named so because it mostly resembles, a roaring lion in the final pose. The asana requires the body as well as the face to work invoking lion’s intense roar. This asana is quite comfortable asana that anybody can perform. Although simhasana yoga pose is not a very familiar pose, benefits in it are very different from other asanas.

In this type of asana, the body as well as the face is manipulated, which can invoke the force and the intensity of a lion’s roar. This posture, in fact, is thought to be the best face exercises. There are another benefit of Lion Pose, is that it can stimulate the platysma, which is basically a thin, and a rectangular-shaped muscle in the front of your throat. This exercise can keep the platysma strong as you age.

The posture also believed to resemble a seated lion, hence the name Simhasana. In this Simhasana, the facial expressions of the practitioner are changed which can resemble the lion and it is known as Simha Mudra.

Benefits Of Simhasana Yoga Pose

The benefits of Simhasana of the face as well as the throat, is not benefited in any other yoga posture.

  • It is the best exercise for your eyes, face, tongue as well as throat.
  • It can help in clearing the vocal chords.
  • It can properly open the respiratory tract.
  • It can help in strengthening the fingers and the hands.
  • It can prevent from the soreness of throat.
  • It is useful for the tonsils, thyroid and many other problems that is related with the throat.

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  • It is beneficial for unclear pronunciation and any ear problem.
  • It is the best pose for the children who lisp.
  • It can cure bad breath.
  • Help to improve the tone of your voice.
  • It can give relief from back pain.

How To Do The Simhasana or Lion Pose

  • To begin this asana, first kneel down on your floor. Cross the ankles such as the front of your right ankle, that is crossing over your back of the left ankle. The feet must be pointing out both the sides. The perineum must be pressed down on top of your heels
  • Then place the palms on your knees. Spread out the palms, such as your fingers look like they are splayed out. Press it firmly against each of your knee.

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  • Remember to inhale through your nose, and when you do it, open the mouth and stretch the tongue out. Curl the tip toward your chin. Your eyes must always be wide open, and the front muscles of the throat basically contracted. Exhale through the mouth as you try to produce the distinct ‘ha’ sound. You must ensure the breath to pass over the back of your throat.
  • Try to roar for a few times. Then change the cross the leg and repeat the simhasana.

Precautions And Contraindications

  • This asana is generally very safe to practice as well as have not much real preventive measures. But if you are having a knee injury, you can sit on the chair and perform the pose.

Beginner’s Tip

  • In the beginning, you might not know that the shoulder blades as well as the hands are inter-connected sympathetically. So, while placing the palms on the knees, feel your shoulder blades as well as spread it across your back. Try to increase your push as you are feeling it can set deep into the back. This can also help you to lift up your heart.

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