Fashionable And Trendy Script Or Text Tattoos


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Script Or Text Tattoos

Are you afraid of getting tattoos? Or do you want to try something different this time? Then how about trying on for something like script or text tattoo? Well they are quite very unique, and are also very meaningful. They are great way to express feelings for both the beginners as well as for people who already have done many tattoos. Tattoos are always the best part to express feeling and desires. So why not try out these some famous fashionable and trendy script or text tattoos, which you can decorate with different type of font shapes and sizes in different parts of your body.

Trendy Script Or Text Tattoos

1‘Inhale The Future’ Tattoo

‘Inhale The Future’ Tattoo

As the name indicates, this one motivates you to look at the bright side of the future and never to get disappointed because of the past. Your mind must be free and wild, and there mustn’t be anybody who can stop you. This tattoo is also beautifully decorated on your shoulders and also make your shoulders look more beautiful and sexy.

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2‘I Am An Architect’ Tattoo

‘I Am An Architect’ Tattoo

In this tattoo, it talks about controlling your life and how you must leave your past behind and instead of holding on to it, you must plan to move on. It is a perfect back tattoo that can really make you remind that everyday you need to do something worthwhile. Now you can make you back sexy and full of beautiful messages.

3‘Never Give Up’ Tattoo

‘Never Give Up’ Tattoo

This is what we have learned everyday, in every moment of our life. Giving up is for losers, and the one who stands up even after falling is the bravest one around. To remind yourself everyday that you are the bravest one, and you never give up, then what can be best than this? You can do it in your wrist, hands or any places you like.

4‘Beautiful’ Tattoo

‘Beautiful’ Tattoo

Now who is not beautiful, now remember everyday no matter how you look you are beautiful in every way. No, never ever get disappointed and get this minimalist tattoo on your hands as soon as possible as it can really help to motivate you. It is even best tattoo for the beginners.

5‘Believe In Yourself’ Tattoo

‘Believe In Yourself’ Tattoo

If you are feelling low, and want some kind of motivation, then this ‘Believe In Yourself’ tattoo is the best for you. Even if you are a first timer in the world of tattooing or if you are a minimalist then this one is the best. It is simple yet very artistic with beautifully designed calligraphy done on your shoulder.

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6‘This Too Shall Pass’ Tattoo

‘This Too Shall Pass’ Tattoo

Having a bad day or had a bad, it doesn’t matter, when you have this tattoo to inspire you from. It will make you remember that nothing in life is permanent and ‘This Too Shall Pass’. It is another amazing tattoo for people who love minimalism. Let this constant reminder of life help you pass all the hurdles.

7‘Fate Fell Short’ Tattoo

‘Fate Fell Short’ Tattoo

Another minimalistic tattoo on the luck and life is here, and you will love the calligrapghy as well as its style. Not only in the shoulders, you can even try it on your tummy, or neck. They look amazing on anybody, and also make you look more stylish.

8Script Tattoo

Script Tattoo

When talking about script or text tattoo then how can we miss on this beautiful rhyming quote tattoo. It is for those, who love to take the risk and do not fear of the consequences as they know it all worth it in the end. You can write the quote down on your back as it will look beautiful and with all the amazing calligraphy, you can decorate as much as you want.

9‘Warrior’ Tattoo

‘Warrior’ Tattoo

Warriior tattoos are one of the most common text tattoos. It represents the warrior on you, and how you have fought all your way up and living a life. You can write this in a small, beautiful calligraphy or you can make it a huge text on your back. In both ways they look amazing and can also add up to your style.

10‘No Regrets’ Tattoo

‘No Regrets’ Tattoo

No regrets tattoo, is another minimalist tattoo that can really decorate your shoulder with an awesome calligraphy. Make yourself remember that you have no regrets on whatever you have done in life, and you are very happy as well as satisfied with what you have got.

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