6 Ways to Decorate a Small Bedroom


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Small Bedroom

Have you bought an apartment or penthouse which is too small? Is your room too simple with plain colors? Are you planning to decorate your a small bedroom but don’t know how to go about? Then here is an answer for all your questions. Arranging a small bedroom can sometimes be a challenge, but it isn’t hard. You just need some accessories accompanied by some bright colors. Depending on the space available, one has to plan accordingly as to how you can decorate a small bedroom. Here are some decorating ideas which will help your room look bigger. Remember, don’t go out of a budget. The budget is a very important thing when comes to designing a room. Choose cheap, but elegant stuff for your bedroom.

Tips to Decorate Small Bedroom

1Clean and Remove Unwanted Stuff:

Clean Unwanted Stuff

You definitely don’t want your room to be messy. First of all take a vacuum cleaner and clean up all the dirt in your room. Remove all unnecessary stuff like if you don’t need a carpet or an extra chair, discard them. As you is a small room you should only have those things which you use daily like the mirror or a study table. Organizing everything in your room is very important. All objects should have the equal amount of space so that you can start to decorate your a small bedroom.

2Use Your Bed to Hiding:

Use Your Bed to Hiding

You have lots of accessories like shoes, woolen clothes, extra pillows, etc. You have a small bedroom so, the little space won’t be sufficient. Be smart and use your storage space available in your bed or under your bed or shelves above. By doing this you can have more space. It is summer and you don’t need blankets so, then you can fold them and keep in your bed. Buy a multi-utility bed which can be used as the bed for sleeping and when need to sit you can transform it as the sofa. Sofa Cum Bed is one of a good idea for small bedrooms.

3Brighten Your Room:

Brighten Your Room

Always choose those colors for your bedroom which are bright and attractive. You can always play with colors by doing mix and match like bright Cream Color for Wall and Brown color for your bed sheet, pillows, and blankets. You should choose colors wisely. Purple and white color is a great combination for a small bedroom.

One should always choose colors which make your small room look bigger. Always avoid too dark colors. The room ceiling should be the light color, and the curtains should be the contrast of it. Different shades of colors like white and black or yellow and white can be the best combination.

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4Give a Classy Look to Walls:

Classy Look to Walls

Decorate your a small bedroom with artwork or frames or wall hangings. By doing this your room will get a new look. You can also have the different shape of shelves decorated with books, cutlery, stationery, etc. A flower vase beside your bed is a must. Flowers will give good fragrance to your room.

Arrange all objects based on your room color patterns. You can also have a big wall clock on your wall. Always opt for those furniture and items which can be placed like TV or head lamps. By doing this your floor space will increase. Having shelves high on walls is defiantly the best idea for the small room. Space below shelves can be used for placing wall hangers.

Beautiful And Easy Decorating Ideas

5Mirror.. Mirror..on the Wall:

Mirror on the Wall

By adding a big mirror in your room above your dressing table or back of your door or above your bed can be a good decorating option. The mirror is definitely important in a room. Don’t get the simple plain mirror. Try for a funky shaped or a fancy mirror. This will give your room a fabulous look. The mirror creates an illusion space which makes you thing you have a big room.

6Dine in Small Space:

Dine in Small Space

You have a small room, so definitely you cannot have the place in the kitchen. It is said that if you have dining table you sit and eat more. So, it is good you don’t save it. You should have a folding style cabinet for your small bedroom for saving space. After you cook, then you can fold it and either use it for hanging mirrors or clothes. You can use the same foldable cabinet for even ironing clothes or work on it by placing your laptop. A foldable wall table can be used as a dining table as well as a wall picture.