Naturally Get Rid Of Body Odor With These Simple Tricks

Body Odor
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Worried about body odor? Do you constantly feel worried that you might start smelling by the end of the day at work, or you feel embarrassed with those wet underarms sweat patches and the associated odor? We all go through that stage at least once in our lives, and no matter what perfume you apply it just doesn’t seem to work. For such reasons itself, we thought of giving you these natural remedies for body odor you can do at home and drive the problem away. Follow these simple hacks to remove body odor and keep smelling fresh all through the day.

What causes body odor?

causes body odorA very interesting fact about sweat is that it is practically odorless. Yes, hard to believe, right? When we sweat it is the body’s way of cooling down the excess heat. The sweat released contains fats too. This sweat acts as a breeding ground for a lot of bacteria that feasts on the fat and also excrete their wastes in the sweat. The increased number of such bacteria released waste is what makes the sweat stink. This body odor can be a result of so many things. Have you ever wondered what causes body odor? Well, here are some reasons you might be having body odor problems.

  1. Poor standards of hygiene, like wearing same clothes and under garments again and again and not washing them for days together.
  2. Spicy food can find way into your sweat and make it smell more.
  3. Excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks is also known to make you sweat.
  4. Tight and harsh fabrics that don’t let your skin breathe or air to pass. It can accumulate sweat for a long time and smell really bad.
  5. Medical conditions like Diabetes, thyroid etc. can make you hyper sweat.
  6. Some medicines have the power to make you contract body odor, but it is not permanent. It will go off when you stop consuming those medications.
  7. Weather conditions. Hot humid and sunny days will make you sweat more and as a result have body odor.

How to prevent body odor?

To prevent any occurrences of body odor from becoming a nuisance for not just you but also those around you try some of these ways to prevent body odor and keep smelling fresh.

1. Always stay clean:

 Take a nice warm shower and try not to skip taking a bath. Regularly taking a shower will wash off any bacterial growth and prevent body odor from emanating. Although for people who sweat a lot, the excess sweat will naturally keep washing away the bacteria so they won’t smell too much. It’s the people who sweat moderately who are more prone to body odor.

Always stay clean2. Antibacterial soap:

If you use an anti bacterial soap it will keep your skin more prepared to fight off the bacterial built up on the sweat. It will reduce your chances of body odor.

3. Apply deodorant:

After taking a shower wipe off yourself completely and apply a good quality anti-perspirant deodorant. The work of deodorant is to prevent the smell by masking away the bad odor with the fragrance. It is not a way to prevent the sweat from smelling. It cannot be used as a treatment for body odor but as a prevention instead.

Apply deodorant4. Keep spicy food and alcohol in check-

Spicy food has a co-relation to bad body odor. Spicy food tends to make you have bad body odor. Try to restrict your spicy food intake to certain occasions and avoid it during office hours or important places. Also consuming drinks with more caffeine or alcohol has a dehydrating effect on your body, It can hence, make you sweat more. Eventually leading to body odor. To remove body odor problems from your life maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Natural remedies to treat body odor

Natural remedies to treat body odor
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How to stop body odor even after doing your bit to stay clean? if you still face problems with body odor after trying some preventive measure here are some super effective body odor cures to keep the bad smell away and keep going fresh and confident while you concentrate more on your work and worry less about body odor.

1. Baking soda

aking sodaBaking soda id hypo-allergic. It has great absorbing qualities and it can keep your sweat glands clean and dry. Just use a mixture of baking soda and cornstarch to dust off the sweaty areas of your body after taking a bath. This will keep the pores dry and clean for a really long time. This will prevent sweating and eventually bad body odor.

You can optionally mix a tsp lemon juice with baking soda and apply it to your underarms for 2 mins. Remove it after that and take a shower. You will forget you ever had a body odor problem.

2. Lemon juice

This effective citrus fruit remedy is a perfect cure for body odor since it contains acid that on applying to the skin, lowers the pH of your underarms. This acidic medium will keep the bacteria from surviving. It is antibacterial as well as it also helps in skin lightening of underarms.

Cut a small slice of lemon and rub it over your underarms, leave it for 5 to 10 mins and then wash it off with water. Do not leave it on for the day, as it can dry your skin out. DO this everyday for amazing underarms and fresh body odor.

3. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegarApple cider vinegar is a natural anti bacterial agent. It kills any bacteria present on your skin and keep you smelling fresh and nice. To reduce body odor soak a cotton pad in apple cider vinegar and apply it all over sweaty area. Keep it for 10 mins and take a bath post that.It will keep body odor away and prevent any embarrassment. You may also optionally put a cup of apple cider vinegar in a bucket of warm water and use it for bathing. It will keep you completely odor free. Seems like a perfect solution to body odor.

4. Witch hazel

Witch hazel acts as an astringent for your skin and keeps the pH of the skin very low. This will prevent the bacteria from growing on your sweaty skin and reduce body odor to a really great extent. This is one of the best natural remedies for body odor since it is super easy to use and apply.

Just add a bit of witch hazel in a small travel size spray bottle and fill it up with water. Just use this as a home made deodorant spray right after bath. You should also use it on whenever you think that you are smelling. Optionally you can even soak a cotton pad to apply it on sweaty areas if you don’t like the homemade deodorant idea much.

5. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oilFor ladies who have sensitive skin, Tea tree oil is the perfect home remedy for treating body odor. This essential oil has antiseptic properties and is also great to be used on freshly shaved armpits. It is hypo-allergic so everyone can use it. Tea tree oil is anti bacterial and also acts as astringent. It will not just prevent any bacteria building up but also kill the ones present on your skin. Use it as a homemade deodorant for body odor problems, by adding a few drops in a spray water bottle and using it every day after you shower.

6. Wheat grass

Wheat grass is a way to fight body odor from within. Wheat grass contains chlorophyll that fights body odor and keeps the bad smell away. Just pluck out fresh wheat grass from a pot and blend it to form wheat grass juice. Add this to a cup of warm water and consume on an empty stomach. It will completely eliminate your body odor problem and you feel never be nervous about smelling bad.

7. Tomato

TomatoTomato helps in shrinking your body pres. If you add a cup of fresh tomato juice to a bucket of warm bathing water and regularly use it for bathing, it will tighten your pores and reduce the perspiration. This will make you sweat less and hence prevent body odor issues. Tomato juice can also kill bacteria and its built up.

8. Essential oils

Of the various good effects of essential oils one of the most useful one is to prevent body odor. Essential oils are safe to use on every type of skin and it has a natural fragrance that can prevent any occurrence of body odor. Use it by apply  few drops with cotton, directly on to the sweaty regions of your body and the sweat will not smell bad at all. The added advantage is, it will leave behind a soothing effect and a lingering smell you will love.

9. Cornstarch

CornstarchCornstarch is an excellent absorbent ingredient and it can help in keeping your skin pores dry for a longer time. All you have to do is apply this powder on to the areas where you sweat the maximum, the powder will pullout the sweat and keep them squeaky clean for a very long time. No sweat means, no odor. Although a great remedy for body odor, cornstarch can pull out even your essential moisture if you over use it. So, make sure to apply it and then wash it off after sometime.

10. Mouth wash

Mouth wash
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We know this may sound weird but mouth wash on your armpits works like wonders. When it can keep your mouth free on bad breath just imagine how well it will work for your underarms. Apply some amount of mouthwash like blue listerine on your under arms and leave it on for 10 mins. Use a wet wipe or towel to clean it off. The mouthwash has immensely great anti bacterial properties that will keep your skin free from bad smelling bacteria. Use listerine on your body and say bye bye to any body odor issues for life.

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