Why Should Single Elders Date?

Single Elders Date

Times have changed a lot. We all are living now in the age of fitter, healthier and wisdom years, than decades ago. Well, everybody needs love. After a certain time, some people go through a lot of problems in their personal life, like divorce, or death of the husband. Do you remember that moment of love between Richard and Monica in FRIENDS? Just like that here are some reasons, on why should single elders date?

Single Elders Dating Tips

1Age does not matter

Age does not matter

When you are young, age matters most for you. Most of the time you might think about age, and give it most of the preference after picture. But, when you get older, you start caring less about age, when looking for companion. Adults are more flexible, in their approach to companionship. You can also call it as a wisdom that comes with age. When once you start getting into the 40s or even beyond the number becomes less and less significant for you. The important factor becomes, what shape you are in, or how healthy you are, or what kind of activities you can do.

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2Nor even looks matter

Nor even looks matter

Another factor, on dating elder man is on how much the looks matter. Any dating app you take is filled with edited or photo shopped pictures. Elder people are more wise enough, that they know looks have very little to do with someone to be kind, loving or even caring companion. It can because they know that physical attraction changes when you get older. Whatever be the reason, someone’s look doesn’t matter much in a search to find companionship.

3Not everybody is looking to get married

Not everybody is looking to get married

Well, it can be a positive as well as a negative factor. Many elders mostly look for companionship, and nothing more. Some are even looking for someone to talk with or someone they can travel with or share favorite activities. They know about the responsibilities, and are not much marriage oriented people. They know that they don’t have to settle down, or have kids as they have passed those stages.

4They want to talk

They want to talk

Unlike the younger generations, who are more into texting or messaging, they love to talk. They are more comfortable in a world just like this. They believe that calling or talking to someone can help in building more trust in the other person.

5Online dating stinks

Online dating stinks

Most older adults, can describe that, online dating is not at all a positive experience for them. Online dating is basically built around for the needs of younger generations, who care a lot about their age, their appearances, filtering the potential matches based on the arbitrary criteria, who are also happy to spend inordinate amounts of time online, browsing as well as scrutinizing the potential matches.

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