Various Dreams and their interpretations


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Dreams are everybody’s friend and foe. You may sometimes have the best dream possible and sometimes, the blades turn and make it look reckless. Dreams are every person’s interpretation and conscious efforts which happens subconsciously. You may not remember dreams fully everyday but there are some dreams that make the most impression and leave a mark in your life.

Dreams could be because of many things. It could be because of some sub conscious memory that you have or something you saw on TV, a movie or even a chat with your friend. Anything that hits you hard on your head and goes deep to your heart can have an effect on you as dreams. You may have lack of memory whenever you dream and you may be left clueless too. But do you know that every dream has a meaning? There are some dreams that give you a full rounded meaning about you and what you have in your subconscious mind. So, here we are going to give you a list of various dreams and their interpretations.

Top Dreams and Their Interpretations

1A dream like you are falling

A dream like you are falling

All of us have had the scary fall from the cliff or building and it is really freaky. But do you know what it means? It means that you have been hanging on to something or some situation so tightly that you are unable to let go. This is the interpretation that was made by many famous psychologists. If you keep holding on something and you are scared to let go, the dream is just an indication that you are falling deeper and deeper into the pit by not letting go. Don’t be so uptight in life. Loosen yourself and enjoy the moment that you are living in. If you let go, these kind of dreams will never occur.

2An unused room dream

An unused room dream

This is a dream that will tell you that you have a hidden talent in your mind that you haven’t shown the public at all. Sometimes you get dreams where you are alone in an unused room or a neat tidy apartment. These dreams signify the literal meaning that there is some part of creative thinking in your mind or in yourself that you haven’t revealed it to others or rather not revealed it to you also. It might sound funny but if you have had such dreams, think deep as to what you have been not trying in life.

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3Flying in the air

Flying in the air

A lot of people may not get this dream, but flying in the air or being open in the air means that you have just become independent or you have taken a decision in life that is solely yours. These kind of dreams may come to teenagers or young people who might have decided something for themselves or take a huge decision in life or risen above a heavy responsibility. It is deep and thoughtful, but if you have been getting some dreams of the same, it just focuses on how beautiful your decisions have been.

4Not being prepared for an examination

prepared for an examination

Every child or young adult would have this dream at least once in lifetime. It doesn’t matter how much you study or how prepared you are, the night of the examination is always scary and deep. You may know certain answers, you may not. But, physiologists say that you are over analyzing your ability and you are just digging deep into something that needn’t be dug too much into. You just have to face the world with confidence and you can back your ability to success easily. These kinds of dreams will keep coming back to you if you aren’t confident enough about yourself.

5Out of control while bike riding

Out of control while bike riding

When you dream about you being out of control while driving or you driving your vehicle extremely fast, it means that you are trying to get out of control on life as well. You are trying to get out of someone’s hands and you just are trying too hard to do that. You are evaluating all your roads to success and you want to play your game and take risks. You want to fall down and then rise above, but all by yourself. This is why you are dreaming a lot about out of control dreams.

6Naked appearance in public

Naked appearance in public

This is easily the worst nightmare that you can ever have. Being naked in public can happen when you are feeling exposed to people or in your workplace. It suggests that you are not confident about anything that concerns you. Your dressing, yourself, your speaking ability and much more to add on to! It just reflects the fact that you are scared and you don’t want to feel exposed but all you are doing is getting exposed without a choice. This just suggests that you have to believe a lot more in yourself than you believe now. That will give you the strength and will remove the nightmare from occurring.

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7Not able to find a toilet

Not able to find a toilet

In your daily life, if you don’t find a toilet to pee or poop, it is a dangerous mishap. But dream-wise, it is just suggesting that you are desperately not able to make the world know you better. You are not able and don’t want to express yourself which is not a great thing at all. You need to be on your own but you also need to express how you feel to people. That way it will make you feel more outward and less introvert.

You may end up spending a lot of time interpreting what certain weird dreams are, but what you should actually do is to interpret yourself. It is important that you showcase the things you haven’t. So, be confident and if such dreams occur, it just means you are lacking in something and not that you are crazy and having random dreams. If you are in a good place, you have nothing to worry at all and you will have nice dreams, eventually!

Happy dreaming!

-Pavithra Ravi

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