Protect Your Hair From The Nasty Hair Color Damage

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So, after watching numerous celebrity pictures and scrolling through tonnes of magazines for hair color inspiration, you have finally narrowed down the color you want to dye your hair into. You probably have every detail like the shade number, the salon and the style figured. But, have you contemplated the damage it can cause to your hair? No? Well, it might not come as a surprise but coloring your hair can sometimes inflict a lot of stress on your tresses, causing it to be damaged and lifeless. To protect hair from color damage keep in mind these few things and you will never see a bad hair day ever again.

What Happens While Coloring Hair?

Hair coloring is not a simple process of coating your hair into a required colour. The colouring of hair is more complex. When you apply a hair colour, the color opens up the shaft of your hair and deposits the colour into your hair strand. This amounts to changing the color of your hair. Bleach, on the other hand, strips off the colour of your shaft leaving it pale and bleached.

This process should not be overdone as repeating to replace the pigments in shafts can lead the hair to lose its natural moisture and oils and cause some severe damage which can turn it into the dull and dry state.

How to Minimise Damage And Protect Hair While Coloring?

1. Choose A Proper Colour

Choose a Proper colour
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Although once or twice you may opt a blonde look or a colour too light from your natural hair colour but, if you are someone who colours hair to hide grey hair regularly, choose a colour that is not too light from your own hair. Extremely intrusive bleach and dyes can ruin your hair shaft completely. This damage cannot be reverted back completely. The only way would be to chop the length and grown new hair.

2. Retouch Only The Roots

For regular colouring folks, always take a touch of colour on the new roots rather than colouring the entire hair from roots to tips everytime. Colour the gray or discolored roots only and let the colour settle for a few days before using shampoo.

3. Deep Conditioning

Deep Conditioning
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More often than not, coloring your hair strips off your hair natural essential oil component and it leaves the hair prone to damage and vulnerable. Always follow up your hair colouring with a deep hair conditioning that nourishes your hair. Keep conditioning your hair normally once or twice a week and use a natural conditioner devoid of many chemicals.

4. Avoid Chemicals

Avoid using chemical rich hair products on coloured hair as it can lead to damage on the already fragile hair shafts. Your hair becomes more prone to moisture loss and so these chemicals can easily build up along the roots and hair and dry out the hair of all its moisture and nourishment. Always use shampoos and hair products with minimum chemical ingredients like sulfates esp. For a few weeks after hair color use a herbal mild shampoo that can reduce hair stress.

5. Washing Hair

Washing Hair
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After colouring your hair, do not wash your hair with shampoo for at least 2 days. This gives the hair colour more time to settle and hence increases the life of your colour. Also washing your hair too often can strip off the hair moisture and increase dryness. This induced dryness can cause the hair to get rough and coarse and also develop split ends.

6. Hair Oil And Masks

Use natural conditioning agents like coconut oil and olive oil for a warm head massage every now and then to replenish the natural oils and moisture of dry hair. Coloured hair tend to be very fragile, oiling your hair regularly can prevent the hair from being weak. Rather than using chemical masks and packs use banana and milk pack to condition your hair. It will go a long way in improving the health of your hair and make it more strong over time.

7. Stay Away From Heat

Stay away from Heat
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Using to many heat styling equipments on your hair can literally kill them. If you have coloured hair you must definitely stay away from heat stylers and keep them as natural as possible. The heat can lengthen out your hair causing it to weaken and break. The heat from these styles will cause hair fall and hence reduce your hair volume. If you still have to style them, Just use a heat protectant spray or mouse to protect the damage from getting worse.

8. Haircut

We know this may not seem to be a very wise option at first, We understand why would you want to cut your hair when you got them colored in the first place? But, this option is for people who have severely damaged hair and they are unable to manage the dry frizzy hair. Just let go off a little length from the bottom and make sure to cover all your ends. The fresh ends will instantly make your hair look more healthy and nice. Cutting a small part of your ends will keep it from damaging the entire hair further and reduce the overall hair damage.

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