Brilliant Style Tips For the Curvy Indian Bride


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Curvy bride
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Wearing the beautiful bridal lehenga on your wedding day is every bride’s dream. She wants to look just nothing short of perfect and for that she is willing to put in all sorts of efforts. But if you are a bride to be and you are having nightmares about donning your lehenga on the D day you are probably worried about styling it right. Especially for Curvy Indian Brides, this can be tough task since a lot of them do not want to show off their problem areas and ruin the wedding pictures. Well in that case we are here to help. We have come up with some superb styling tips for the curvy bride that helps you look absolutely gorgeous and worry less about going wrong with the Lehenga style. Here is everything you should know to about styles your lehenga according to your curves.

Styling Tips For The Curvy Bride

1. Wear the skirt high

Wear the skirt high
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A lot of curvy brides are worried about showing off the tummy fat while wearing the bridal lehenga choli. Since this dress shows off your body’s midriff the concern is genuine but what if we told you a simple bridal styling hack can hide the tummy fat? Don’t be surprised, it is very easy.

Just wear your skirt high, that’s all! When you wear the skirt high your tummy gets extra support from the rim of the skirt and it acts as a tummy tucker. It makes your stomach look flat and also is super comfortable. You can pair it with a blouse that touches the rim of the lehenga or a crop top that flares from below. It will give an illusion of narrowness. A great tip to wear bridal lehenga and look slimmer.

2. Ditch the choker

Ditch the choker
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Chokers are a good option for bridal jewelry but did you know that it can make you look even broader? For curvy brides, the best deal is to wear longer neck pieces that start from about 2 inches below your neck to what ever length you feel comfortable wearing. We suggest wearing Rani Haar instead. It looks much more classy and regal. Best for curvy brides since it does not botch up around your neck.

You can also layer a few pieces of jewelry together. Choose intricate work and delicate jewelry, it will suit your body type better.

3. Choose a fabric that flows

Choose a fabric that flows
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One of the most opted for fabric in bridal lehengas is silk. It looks really rich and royal. But in a lot of cases the fabric used is raw silk that is inherently stiff and it stands hard. For curvy brides if the the lehenga is made up of silk fabric that is stiff is will create an illusion of weight. In pictures too it will make you look really weighty. So in order to avoid that choose a fabric that is flowy and soft. Other silk fabrics like pure silk, Crepe silk, net or even Chiffon can be great options for styling curvy brides lehenga.

4. Keep a plunging neckline

Keep a plunging neckline
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For women who are heavier on the upper part, esp. The chin area or the neck. Wearing the perfect bridal blouse becomes extremely important. If you wear smaller necklines you can end up looking like you do not have a neck. Nobody wants that right? So to avoid ant such disasters make cure you go for a slightly low neckline. Do not worry about showing off cleavage, You can wear a nice Rani Haar and feel more secure in that respect. Say no to boat necks, Collared blouses and square necks. Opt for a V neck or round this can never go wrong.

5. Say no to sleeveless blouse.

Say no to sleeveless blouse
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This style tip is great for not just curvy brides but also for every other bride. Sleeveless blouse is one of the classiest types of blouses and we are an absolute fan of these, but they are somehow not very bridal types blouse and we think it just makes an outfit look less bridal. But if you are a curvy bride with heavier upper arms, do not every try sleeveless blouses on sarees or lehenga. They tend to divert all the attention to the wrong place. Your bulky arms. If you like wearing sleeveless clothes western wear is a great option. But for bridal blouse say a strict no to them. Instead choose 3/4th length of sleeves or full sleeves in thin or sheer fabric. It will make your blouse look very elegant and graceful.

6. Smaller motifs

Smaller motifs
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This is one style tip we always give curvy brides. Bigger motifs attract a lot of unwanted attention in problem areas. If you choose smaller motifs it will make your body look dainty and delicate. It is the perfect way to hide any excess fat and look absolutely perfect. Smaller motifs also create a sense of looking long. It is perfect for ladies who are slightly short. Choose smaller size of motifs, but if you want your lehenga to look heavy go for over all motifs.

7. Not may colors

Not may colors
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Do not choose a bridal lehenga with with too many bright and contrasting colors. For petite frames it can be a great idea to add width but not for curvy brides, We are looking forward to adding an illusion of narrowness. So stick to one colour in the entire dress. The same coloured choli and skirt of the lehenga will add to the long appearance of the dress hence giving you an illusion of height and narrow frame. You do not necessarily have to choose just one colour, you can add different colours of the same family or shades of a single colour too. Just stay away for too many contrasts.

8. Try out hairstyle

Try out hairstyles
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Sometimes all the lehenga styling and makeup can be right on point but a bad hairstyle can ruin everything. The best styling tips fr curvy brides for a perfect hairstyle on the bridal lehenga is to determine her face type and accordingly decide what suits your face as well as the lehenga. Do not get your hair cut without knowing what cut suits your face right before your wedding. If you have a broader face shape opt for open hair hairstyles. For ladies you have narrow face shapes choose to make a bun with flowers. It will look really pretty in the bridal portrait pictures.

9. Decide on lingerie

Decide on lingerie
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While every girl is busy deciding what to wear as jewelry and dresses and other stuff, lingerie is often neglected and never well though of. Because of this you may end up wearing what ever you can pullout of your drawer on the wedding day. Do not commit this mistake. Lingerie is very important. If you are wearing a blouse without any lingerie support make sure you try your blouse before hand and decide what bra to wear under it on the wedding day. To prevent a tight fit know what is your exact size. If the neckline is deep, buy a transparent strap or a stick on bra in advance so that you don’t have to rush at the last minute. You can also wear shape wear if your lehenga permits.

10. Heels are a must

Heels are a must
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This goes without saying, heels are a must. Definitely one of the most important styling tips for curvy brides, heel can make or break a deal. A pair of heels gives you an instant increase in height and makes you look slimmer. This trick is great for shorter curvy brides too. Just make sure the heels are comfortable and you can stand in them for long. Opt for wedges, they are simple amazing.

Follow these simple styling tips for the curvy bride and you can absolutely not go wrong on your wedding day. Just try everything on before hand and know exactly what you are going to wear.With help from these style tips we are sure you will make an absolutely pretty bride. Hope you find this helpful.

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