10 Best Holographic Nail Polishes In India- Intensify Your Nails


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Most of the women are happy with matte or glossy nail art and polishes. This is until you try the dazzling holographic nail polishes. With holographic nail polish, your nails look like you touched some hologram sky.

The holographic effects is something interesting. The colour visual changes when you look from different directions. In simple words- it is like multi colour with single nail polish. If you want to try something new on your nails, then it is great to choose holographic nail polishes.

The amusing creation of holographic nail polishes is available in India. You have catalogue of holographic nail polishes that you can try your hands on.

Holographic Nail Polishes To Style Your Nails

1. Idol holographic rainbow color nail polish


Monochromatic always is monotonous! Isn’t it?

If you feel the same then, you must try painting your nails with rainbow colour nail polish. The multi colour in the polish look eccentric on your nails. The sheer effect gives you nails a bright makeover.

Your nails look like they got some major fashion transformation with this rainbow colour nail polish. When your nails are under sun light or any other light, transforms into magical effects.

The quality of the nail polish is great and it also doesn’t chip. You can wear this polish for evening parties.

Available here

2. ILNP Diablo – Vampy Oxblood Holographic Nail Polish


The nail polish has the intense sparkling effect. The polish lasts for longer time without chipping off. You will love to apply this nail polish as it will dry very quickly.

It gives your nails an opaque finish with 2-3 coats. Your nails look stunning with the burgundy mixed brick red and from other side, it throws plum colour.

The shade will mesmerize with first coat gliding smoothly on nails. The shade differs from light exposure and non light exposure. You can also try other shades of holographic polishes from the same brand.

Available here

3. Beromt Holographic Nail Polish Chocolate Infant

The nail polish is a blend of colour to dash the nails with rainbow effect. When you apply this nail polish on your nails, you will wonder at the sheen.

The polish lasts at least for 6 days on the nails which is great staying power according to me. While the stay it doesn’t chip or fade. It just stays true with colour and brightness.

The colour is dark and bright with burgundy mixed wit multi chromatic colours. You don’t have to apply a base coat as it gives an opaque effect on your nails.You can use this nail polish for both professional and personal nail beautifying.

It is a cruelty free nail polish and it is also purely a vegan product. It is not tested on animals. It is an affordable product and you will get it with one click.

Available here

4. Meow Nail Polish Holographic 3


The gel based nail polish gives you salon finished nails. Your nails go bright with rich shade and sheen. The shine that brightens your nails stays on.

When you are going for night parties, you can just smooth your nails with this nail polish. Your nails look poppy and peppy with the shades of this holographic nail polish.

You have wide shades which are trend setting and you will fall in love with every shade that comes on to your nails. Check out all the shades and pick the one which steals your heart!

Available here

5. Color Club Halographic Hues Nail Polish Multicolored Harp On It


The nail polish looks like a simple and no shimmer shade when in general. When you take your nails under the light, it shine out. The play with holographic nails is safe with this product as it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

The nail polish is the most favourite for many professional nail artists and fashionable women. It is great for both personal and professional nail styling. You can explore the shades that are available from same brand.

It is a vegan product and cruelty free product which is not tested on animals. It is an expensive product but worth the price in all the ways.

Available here

6. Mumustar Chrome Mumustar Mirror Effect Lacquer Holographic Gel Nail Polish


Metallic nail polish is the new shade that is trending all over. You can also finish your nails with the smooth coat. The nail polish is made with the ingredients that can give glossy finish on nails. The formula also lets the nail polish lasts for longer time.

You don’t need a UV drying method to dry this nail polish. As the nail polish gets dry quickly, you will enjoy styling your nails with it.

Your nails will look nail with mirror effect which is outstanding. When it is a special day, you can alone wear this easy to do nail makeup. It also costs if you are considering quality and the style it does to your nails.

Available here

7. Revlon Transforming Effect Nail Enamel Top Coat, Holographic Pearls


The top coat is a must for styled nails. As it also secures the nail polish and the nail art, the top coat became mandatory. Instead of the plain top coat try this unique coat. It is glittered to style your nails with glossy and shimmery effect.

It has the shimmery flakes that appears dazzling on the nails. You can just apply a single coat to set your nails glittery and flawless.

The nail polish is free from DBP, toluene and formaldehyde chemicals. As it is non toxic nail polish, you can happily style your nails.

Available here



The nail polish is filled with multi colour glitters, When you apply it on nails, your nails get the rainbow effect.

After applying this nail polish, it doesn’t chip or fade easily. This works great for professional and personal use.

Using this product is also easy and mess free. You don’t need to use UV or LED light dry it. The normal application and 2 minutes of wait is enough to style your nails with it. You also need not apply any base coat which any additional step. You can apply it alone and leave. It gives a flawless opaque finish to your nails.

The product is free from harm causing chemicals. Some nail polishes weaken your nails. This nail polish is all safe to use.

Available here

9. Kleancolor Nail Polish HOLO SET!


The holo effect nail polish is available in trend setting nail colours. The formula of the product makes it a long lasting wear. The polish glides on your nails without any lumps, clumps and other disturbances.

You need to apply a few coats to get the desired perfect finishing and bright colour. Note that It gives a glossy finishing to your nails.

The applicator of the product let you apply easily without any mess. The colour appears normal without light. When you exposure your nails to light, then shines on.

The colours cover all the basic and major shades. I would say it is a reasonable deal for the quality and quantity.

Available here

10. Cityscape – True Black Holographic Jelly Nail Polish


Do you love black colour? If you do, then you will double love this holographic black nail polish. The shimmer flakes in each layer make your nails look outstanding.

If we have to describe about this nail polish in simple words- it gives galaxy nails. This black holographic nail polish is great for night parties. When you want to decorate your nails uniquely, you must get this polish.

Available here

Nails become the new charmers of your whole appearance. The glittery polishes glide on your nails and make you feel well styled. Every fashionable women finds these products interesting. As your fashion interest can live with the right choices. We made it easy to make a perfect choice for your pretty nails.

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