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Become a Successful Photographer

Who doesn’t love a good picture? Be it of themselves or others. People say a good picture tells, a lot of story. That is correct in all ways. When you see a good photograph, you get immersed in the picture and try to imagine what might have happened there at that point of time. Since, the advent of time, photography as a profession has developed a lot more than it was before.

Photography is one of the most challenging as well as the highly competitive career in the market today. To become a successful photographer you might have to be a little crazy to select this profession. If you are a crazy for photography, then there are many high rewarding things you will get from this profession. Hence, be prepared for really hard work in this line of profession. Many a times, photographers start with a merger or very less income, which sometimes push them to poverty. So, if you are expecting insurance, high salary, etc., in the beginning, then might be this profession is not for you. Not everybody in this profession get success, but that is not a depressing thing because there are bunch of related jobs to try like retouchers, agents, photo editors, producers, creative directors, etc. But in the end be creative and true to yourself. Don’t get discouraged with small disappointments in life and always fight for what you want in your career.

Professional photography is a field where age and degree is not required at all, the only thing you need is a quality product and a good eye with self discipline. Income is based on your creative talent. Try to start from scratch, it will give you the idea of work and the industry and always try to build a portfolio of your best work. Here are a few tips on how to become a successful photographer. As I said try and try until you get success, and never let anyone pull you down.

Tips On How To Succeed in Photography

1Motivate yourself

Motivate yourself

If you find any disappointment in following what interest you then motivate yourself. No matter what people say, motivation is the basic key to success. Your determination and motivation will decide the game result that you are playing, whether you lost or won.

Before beginning your photography business start writing your ideas for the business. For example, if you want to be a travel photographer then where are the places you have visited and where you want to work, whether you want to start a business or have future plans for working in a big travel industry. By this you can fix on what you want in life. Hard work is important in life, but without right context or determination you might be trying in the wrong path and feel lost without option.

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2Sale your work

Sale your work

Being in a photography business means being a good salesman too. You have to sale your work until you find success. Think about what do you need to do to sale your work to the producers, and get more and more client. Think about the problems you are facing or the problems you may face in promoting your work. This will give a great view in life.

3Develop your photography skills

Develop your photography skills

There is no right or wrong way to be a photographer. Some get a degree in photography, while others just gain knowledge in photography. No matter which ever category you are, always believe in developing a skill. You can teach yourself or build skills with the many photography books available in the market.

4Know your camera

Know your camera

Before you start your photography session, try to know more about your camera. Like how to change settings, or quirk your camera or error message. If you fumble with your equipment then it will make you seem unprofessional and can effect your quality product.

Try to read your camera’s manual front and back. The manual can give you a lot of details about the function and feature of your camera. Try to practice more and more at home to become really proficient. Experiment with shadows and light. Try the different settings and learn the ins and outs of taking a picture with your equipment.

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5Learn to use editing software

Learn to use editing software

Every photo needs a minor editing. Using an photo editor can improve the quality of your photos from ‘good’ to ‘great’. However try to avoid special effects. Your client may not like over editing in their picture.

6Build a complete portfolio

Build a complete portfolio

Try to build a portfolio of your complete and good work. The Portfolio is important to show, in order to get hired. Use photographs of different subjects with multiple shoots so that it highlights the range of your talent. Be sure to comprise your portfolio with more than just five or ten photos. People might want to see your great work.

7Happy client successful business

Happy client successful business

You make, take a lot of creative portraits. But try to understand what your client wants. For example, if you are doing a wedding photography and your client want not only photographic memories of the wedding, but also creative portraits of the occasion, then try to give them them the required results. If they are not happy with your work, then they might not hire you for any further occasion as well as they won’t recommend your name to anybody.

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8Intern with a professional photographer

Intern with a professional photographer

If you are just starting out or an amateur photographer then tries to intern under a professional photographer to know how the photography business works. It can happen, that you might not like whatever your is doing in his/her business but you can get a big picture on how to successfully run a photography business.

9Advertise your business

Advertise your business

Once you are in the business remember to set goals on clients and advertising simultaneously. Fix on how many clients to handle per month or if you can achieve a number of works. Later try to sell your business by advertising. For example, make a website, create business cards, network with people and talk about your photography business with everyone you meet. Sometimes if you have a budget of more amount then try to do big advertising promotions. Create watermark photos online so that you can sell them by advertising themselves.

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10Network with everyone

Network with everyone

For a successful business never forget to network with people. You should take every opportunity you get from networking. If you are, for example, interested in travel photography, then try to network with organizations who are interested and looking for travel photographers by sending them your portfolio. Give your business card to whoever you meet in this industry. Try to make contact with some tourism companies also. They may publish your work for their advertisement and people who might like your work will contact you.

11Remember your business cards

Remember your business cards

Never leave your home without your business card. Always be prepared to sell your work and yourself. If you see any person who is looking someone for their related project hand him/her down your card. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, and you went to a friend’s party and saw that one of your friends friend is looking for a photographer, immediately you can promote yourself by handing down your card. It will not only benefit you but your business as well. By being a photographer you can try to make your own designs in your business card and these cards come in really cheap. There are lots of deals available in making these cards.

12Follow up

Follow up

When you will hand out your card remember to ask for there are too or at least there phone number or contact information. Sometimes they might not remember to call you, and you can send him/her a nice remembrance message. By this you can land up with a new job or opportunity.

13Be tenacious

Be tenacious

Be aware or tenacious of what are the other projects to get to. Know what your favourite organisation or client is doing and how you can achieve their work or job. Network with anyone related to that particular organisation or client. Find a way to get yourself in front of them instead waiting for their call.

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14Carry your work everywhere

Carry your work everywhere

When people will know about your work, the first thing they will ask what type of photographer like a photo journalist, or a wedding photographer, etc. But you may find someone who is related with your work and is interested in knowing your portfolio. So always try to carry your work within yourself. Digitize your work in a pen drive or in your ipad or in your Smartphone, so that you can show them what kind of work you do. If they are related or interested they might show you an interest in get your desired work. It is basic retail concept of business you can follow.

15Try to be a specialist

Try to be a specialist

Try on what you like to do. Some people like to do street photography. Some are interested in travel photography, whereas some prefer wedding photography, etc. Decide on your interest and try to be a specialist in that. This might help you in building a great portfolio of your work.

16Find inspiration

Find inspiration

Try to find your own inspiration to follow up your work. Look at photography books or magazines at the bookstore or library or online and try to find inspiration from different types of photographers. Take note of small elements here and there to improve your work. The basic factor is never stop looking at art. It is amazing to know how different people have different creative views and ideas and can inspire you for more.

17Be adaptable

Be adaptable

Be adaptable to whatever situations you face. Try to depend less on the script. Sometimes extraordinary images are created when you go out of your comfort zones. Sometimes in the beginning you might feel uncomfortable in crossing a line. But with experience comes lots of confidence in adapting in figuring out how to work with equipment that might have got broken. Experience can also guide you in many shooting situations when light is not right, or when weather threatens.

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