Benefits Of Chamomile Oil For Hair Shine And Softness


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Chamomile Oil For Hair

Chamomile oil is basically extracted from flowers of Chamomile plant, which is a popular flowering plant. There are two different types of Chamomile, the Roman Chamomile, scientifically known as Anthemis Nobilis as well as German Chamomile, whose scientific name is Matricaria Chamomilla. Although the essential oil that is being extracted from both of the varieties are similar in some of the medicinal properties, their composition is different and they do have certain specific qualities that are worth noting.

The Roman Chamomile oil is made of Beta Pinene, Alpha Pinene, Caryophyllene, Camphene, Sabinene, Gamma Terpinene, Myrcene, Pinocarvone, Cineole, Farsenol, Propyl Angelate and Butyl Angelate. German chamomile oil, on other hand, is mainly composed of Azulene, Alpha Bisabolol, and Bisabolol Oxide-A & B.

While the Roman Chamomile oil is calming and work much better emenagogue, German chamomile oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent because of its presence of a compound called Azulene.

It is also a nitrogenous compound and is responsible to give the oil its characteristic. However, it is not only the medicinal property of Chamomile Oil. So here, are some benefits of chamomile oil for hair and health that you must know about.

Health Benefits Of chamomile Oil

a. Antiseptic, Disinfectant, Antibiotic, Bactericidal & Vermifuge:

Both the varieties of chamomile oil have a very good antiseptic as well as antibiotic properties which don’t let the biotic infection to develop. They can help to eliminate the infections that are already being present. These are also a good vermifuge agents, which can kill all sorts of intestinal worms. When applied to hair, it can help to kill the lice and mites, keeping the hair and scalp free from all the infections and damage.

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b. Stimulant & Antidepressant:

Both the varieties of chamomile oil have been very effective in fighting off the depression and for raising the spirits. They can also eliminate the feelings of sadness, disappointment, depression, and sluggishness while inducing happy as well as charged feelings. Even sometimes smelling these oils can help to overcome depression and bring good mood.

Stimulant & Antidepressantc. Anti-inflammatory & Sedative:

While Roman chamomile oil is considered effective in calming down the annoyance, anger as well as irritation; on the other hand, the German variety, is found to be one of the more effective oil on adults to cure inflammation, particularly when it is being located in the digestive or the urinary system. They can help to reduce blood pressure as well as curb the swelling of the blood vessels.

d. Stomachic, Hepatic, Digestive, and Cholagogue:

The oil being a stomachic, can help to tone up the stomach as well as ensure its proper functioning. They can promote the secretion of all the digestive juices in the stomach and facilitate proper digestion. Being Hepatic, means being good for the liver, they can ensure a good health of liver and proper flow of the bile from it. They are also considered as a Cholagogues, meaning that they can help to increase the secretion of Hydrochloric Acid, bile as well as enzymes in the stomach, thereby promoting the digestion.

Stomachice. Antirheumatic & Antiphlogistic:

They help to cure the dysfunctions of circulatory system, stimulate the blood circulation and detoxify the blood from the toxins like uric acid, by helping to cure the ailments like rheumatism as well as arthritis, which are caused because of the improper circulation and accumulation of the uric acid. These abilities also classify it as a good antiphlogistics, any type of agent which can reduce the swelling and edema.

f. Carminative:

They are also very good on expelling any kind of gas from the intestines as well as stomach while curbing the additional gas formation. This helps to relax the body and lower the blood pressure. What is even more important is of the effect of the oil that eliminates a more serious risks of excess gas, such as trapping of gas in the wind pipe, which can sometimes even be fatal.

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Carminativeg. Antispasmodic, Relaxant & Nervine:

chamomile oil can help to calm down almost all the nervous disturbances or even hyper-reactions which can result in the convulsions, nervousness, spasms, and loss of control over the limbs. It is mostly Nervine, that is, they can keep the nerves and the nervous system in the state of a good health and proper functioning.

h. Good For Acne And Eczema:

You can put an end to your painful conditions of acne with a dab of this amazing oil. Your inflammation as well as redness will immediately vanish, plus you can also enjoy a scar-free skin. Try to mix it with an Evening Primrose oil to handle the inflammations. It is also a most sought after natural antidote for the eczema type of skin conditions.

Acne And Eczemai. Eases Skin Rashes And Scarring:

First mix three to four drops of some Roman chamomile oil with the coconut oil and dab it properly on the skin. This can help to calm any type of skin irritation that you might be experiencing. Along with the hydration and moisturizing the skin, it can add radiance. It is also known to be an effective healer for the sun burns. You can also add few drops to the bath or to a cold compress with this oil being infused with water for a quick healing.

j. Other Benefits

chamomile oils are anti-allergenic, and they can help to cure the acne by removing all the toxins and cleaning the sebaceous as well as eccrine glands through sweating. As a diuretic, they help to clean up the urinary system as well as the kidneys by stimulating in the increased urination, they can also detoxify the blood and even increase its strength. They can also help to cure all the viral infections like the mumps or measles and can be used even as a mouth wash.

German chamomile oil, is considered as a vasoconstrictor, as it can reduce the blood pressure by relaxing the constriction of the vessels, thereby protecting the heart health and reducing the chances of developing a condition like atherosclerosis.

Chamomile Oil For Hair

1. Enriches Your Hair Color And Radiance:

Enriches Your Hair Color And RadianceRinse your hair with a dab of chamomile oil to brighten up the hair instantly. First add few drops of chamomile oil to your henna mixture and apply it to accentuate those natural highlights.

A few drops can also be applied to towel and apply on the dry hair to give your hair a lovely shine.

2. Natural Anti-dandruff Agent:

Natural Anti-dandruff AgentChamomile is considered as an effective natural solution for the hair lice as well as dandruff. In addition, it can also soothe the irritating scalp. It can hydrate the scalp, thus ease out the associated irritation as well as itching.

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3. Moisturizes And Softens Hair:

Moisturizes And Softens HairIt is mostly known for its nerve soothing properties, chamomile oil can easily qualify as a wonderful oil that can nourish the hair as well as scalp. It is effective on the dry and brittle hair. It can retain the moisture level and strengthen the hair from within, leaving behind a soft and strong tresses of hair.


There is no such type of specific risk of using either of the oils which has been widely displayed, except that it must be avoided if someone has direct allergy to the chamomile or to any other members of Ragweed family, to which chamomile belong.