Main reasons why your diet isn’t working right

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Ladies it is very important for you to know that if your diet is not working you’re just not doing it right. Every woman is on a diet and every woman is on board. The diet not working is more like a body rut for you. Let me tell you that yes, for the first few times, your weight decreases, but if you’re not using a healthier choice for yourself, this diet can drive you crazy. Well, if you had always been dieting and exercising, but still haven’t still lost weight, then here’s a quick check on things that you might be doing it wrong.

Also, let me tell you that no matter how much you try, you won’t be able to achieve the desired weight loss if you don’t throw in some positive attitude from your side. There are so many ways to be positively inclined to the very fact that you have to reduce or you have to pull down considerable amount of weight. So, ladies, I know it’s difficult. I know it’s hard and I definitely know it’s annoying to lose so much weight in a short span. But I also know that no matter how much you cringe, you might want to get back on the horse very soon. So, today, I am taking the liberty to push you in that direction and get the work done. Here are some reasons probably why your diet is not working very well.

Top Reasons Why Your Diet Isn’t Working at All

1Don’t think of it as diet food

Don't be super restrictive

Ladies, no matter how much you try, it wouldn’t work out great if you think of it as a diet food. The name diet in itself gives out a very negative energy and if you hear someone saying that they are on a diet, it’s probably sad and depressing. Probably you could think of it as a lifestyle change. Well, if you think of it as a lifestyle change, then there’s a positive tone to it and you would know that there are some things you need not do and there are some things that you need to do for a lifestyle change.

Nevertheless the negative energy is going to creep out anyway and bring you into the misery stage. But, don’t you wait for that at all. Just let the negative energy pass by filling it with positivity. If you change your mindset, then your diet will start working easily.

2Don’t be super restrictive

Don't be super restrictive

Being super restrictive is going to make you fatter. Yes, there’s so many number of diets that we follow nowadays. I myself had followed the no carb diet and low carb diet. Let us face the fact that carbs are very essential for your body and without carbs, you actually cannot do anything. Likewise, even sugar is an important factor that our body needs to have from time to time. So don’t got without these essential vitamins and minerals.

Eating pasta, rice, biscuits and dairy products is not wrong at all. But, then again, you have to make sure that you keep them limited and try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits alongside the main course. That way, you have focus on eating a lot of healthy food items. When you don’t restrict yourself too much, you will feel free to explore your diet. But if you start restricting yourself, that will make you lose interest in diet and eventually you will start binge eating.

3Don’t eat foods you dislike

Don't eat foods you dislike

Your diet is probably not working well because you are eating foods like you don’t like. Well ladies, understand that you need to have healthy stuff. That doesn’t mean that you have to let go of all the tasty food. Don’t eat grass and green leafy all the time. Add some spicy chicken into the mixture. Try facing the fact that you could possibly have many good healthy substitutes for the food you are consuming.

For example, don’t have a burger, instead have a sub at subway! Or, try having orange pulp juice instead of concentrated drinks, light weight cheese instead of overloaded ones. This way you are making a huge compromise on calories, but you are not giving up on your tasty food. This is sure a happy news, isn’t it ladies?

4Don’t be black and white

Don't be black and white

Women on diets think that there are just 2 colors to the diet they follow. Either it’s black, where they cut all their nutrients, their proteins and their saturated fat and go blank and week. Or, white where they just eat, eat and not care at all about calories. Well, there are other colors too, and you have got to stop here and explore these colors. Start off with fruits and vegetables, go to breads, then a little bit of rice and maybe wheat. These products do no harm when taken in appropriate quantities. Take baby steps in your diet flow and follow the grey lines. When you do that, you will immediately like your diet.

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5Don’t go round and round

Don’t go round and round

You eat more – you have to lose more. You lose more – you become week more. You become week more – you might have to start eating. You start eating more – you gain weight more which results in losing weight again. You are again at the top and it can keep going in a vicious cycle without a stop to this. Instead, why don’t you just take a back step and relax for a bit. Don’t try to grit your body with crash diets or exercises. Go vegan, maybe because that could help you with cutting many items that put on weight. Always remember that your mindset matters more than anything else.

So ladies, take care of your body and enjoy whatever you eat. Change your mind and you will be able to see the difference soon.

All the best!

-Pavithra Ravi

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