15 Things You Must Know When Dating Someone With Anxiety


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Is it all perfect managing stress and anxiety? Then what if you get to know you are dating someone with anxiety. Ain’t your responsibility to make your partner feel comfortable and good?

Anxiety is an obstacle that you just push away. You must be smooth and deal it with care. We would only know when we feel or experience something. So, know the things that make your partner feel better with your company.

We are ready with the things that matter loads when you are dating a person with anxiety. Unknowingly, you may commit some mistakes or talk, treat your partner wrong. It is something you must understand and mind.

People with anxiety go through confusion and discomfort easily. There is a need of eliminating these signs from your relationship to develop and be bound with love. You need to make sure you and partner enjoy the friendly space, time with these things. Never miss out on these basics when you are dating a person with anxiety.

Things To Know When Dating Someone With Anxiety

1. Chew the Fat-Open Up


Yes! This is the first and right step that you must act when dating someone with anxiety. We generally take it wrong and do it wrong. So, just set it right by talking about your partner’s anxiety issues. Covering is awkward not talking about it.

If you are opening up and discussing the anxiety issues of your partner, that would help him. When you identify and talk about it, this makes your partner reveal his emotions and feelings. Again, you must keep this in mind- be polite, a bit witty and friendly. Talking is not everything but the way you start and lead the talk is everything.

Make sure to be polite when you are discussing it. This lets you have a good conversation with your partner with anxiety.

2. Comfy and Secure – Go Along With


When you notice that your partner is anxious when you are around, then make him feel comfortable. If you are in a serious relationship, then you must try to work on it this way.

When you make your partner feel comfortable and secured, then there are easy chances of developing a strong bond.

Your partner with anxiety could also be shy. Then another important thing to remember while dating a shy man is- make him feel comfortable. This can give him a chance to open up or come up with the real him.

In a relationship, confession and clearance is very important. Here, you must note a point. Until your partner feels comfortable with you, you can’t expect him to confess or clarify things for you. So, making him feel comfortable is more important than you imagine.

3. Don’t Make Fun Of It – Its a Low Blow


Did you already do this with your partner? Then just don’t repeat it!

Your partner knows that they have anxiety issues. So, instead of making him feel comfortable and secure, making fun is never an option. Being funny and making him laugh is an excellent idea. But the humor doesn’t work on the problem itself.

And you have thousands of things that you can generate fun from. Do something interesting but not fun on his anxiety problem. After all, your partner would expect you to understand rather than cracking jokes over it. Ain’t it sensible?

4. Stay Calm – Simmer Down


Are you hurrying up things? But you are doing it totally in reverse from what you are supposed to do. You must stay calm and go with the pace of your partner. If your partner is hurrying, then ask him to take his time.

If your partner is lost or confused with the thoughts, then let him come out of it. This is how you must react when you are dating a person with anxiety.

Hurrying or chasing your partner with anxiety, can’t help him in any way. And remember that your partner’s anxiety increases when you chase or hurry him up.

5. No Unnoticed Introductions – Keep Informed


If you are planning to introduce your family and friends to your partner, then keep him informed about it. People with social anxiety can’t handle unknown faces or third persons.

Obviously, you want your family and friends to develop a beautiful connection with your partner. But this totally goes wrong if you are not giving your partner a prior notice.

It is better to keep your partner prepared if you have any plans to introduce a new person. Nothing but you are making it awkward and totally uneasy for your partner with these unplanned moments.

6. Develop Trust – First and Foremost


One of the reasons for anxiety is a lack of trust in people. This is crucial for couples in a new relationship. The trust issues always stop a person from opening up or being the real self.

How better is your relationship going to be when your partner trusts you? I can bet you, everything becomes smooth when trust exists and takes a strong place. It eliminates anxiety and lets you both go over the moon.

This is all when your partner trusts you. But you may pause to know “how to develop the trust”. All other points are a must to implement in your relationship to develop trust.

7. Listen to Him – Be All Ears


The people with anxiety either talk less or talk more than you expect. So, listen to them every time they talk. When sharing with you means a lot to your partner, you must value it.

It is common to take someone for granted. But you must not take your partner for granted when he wants you to listen to him. I would like to give you some kind of advice which helps you- don’t interrupt him when talking. Though you have the urge to interrupt, don’t overdo it as it can trigger anxiety.

If you are trying to skip or whisk away without listening, then you must not expect them to share anything further. It is not only for anxious people but it is with everyone. But it is better to be more patient and listen to people with anxiety.

8. No Mind Games – Don’t Flip


It is not a point to include when it is love. But still, it is better to have it in your mind. People with anxiety can’t take mind games or manipulations at any cost. This can make them feel extremely disturbed when they get to know about anything.

Be it a small or big thing, it is never to do for people with anxiety. Moreover, in love and friendship, it is like you are breaking their trust forever. And it is impossible to bring back.

9. Bear His Silence – Just Hold Up


Do you see your partner staying calm or upset for no reason? It seems like there is no reason but they would be something inside. When you see your partner silent, just bear the silence.

He just needs space from everyone and everything. Don’t disturb the running thoughts or raise any questions. After a few minutes, you can check what’s wrong. But please be a little polite then too. Patience, patience, and patience!

10. Acknowledge Things – Pat On The Back


What I have to acknowledge? If this is your question, then our answer is simple- acknowledge everything that matters. You know what matters for you both in a relationship or at that moment.

Admit your mistakes, acknowledge your partner’s efforts. Don’t you think it’s important to acknowledge things?

When you are acknowledging the efforts and admitting the mistakes, this brings you both closer. You will understand your partner more compared to not doing it at all. Anyways, you don’t have to simply keep appreciating. But when something is noticeable to your eyes, then don’t go blind. This makes your partner more anxious and there is a chance of losing trust or connection with you.

If you have already done so, then you are not too late to apologize for your mistake. You can go back and discuss it. Just remember to acknowledge the efforts and appreciate the best. Learn how to appreciate your boyfriend.

11. Don’t Assume Things – Why Complicate?

Dont-assume-thingsWhen someone is not so outspoken, we end up with assumptions. The assumptions are enough to mess it up. If your partner is facing anxiety and not sharing it with you, don’t assume the condition, situation, or feelings.

For example, your partner is experiencing some other difficulty and keeps expectations. Then don’t assume it as his fault. You better know the actual reason behind it.

You need to realize that your assumptions don’t come in use. So, better ask your partner not just yourself.

12. Initiate Conversations – Make It Easy


You must be the starter of your short or deep conversations. It is that people with anxiety kill the wish to express their feelings. Even if they want to confess or express something, anxiety comes in between. Don’t think, it is simple to overcome the anxiety and talk to you.

Here you have another thing to remember- when you are having a conversation with your partner, don’t leave anything incomplete. Complete the topic or answer that you have started. Otherwise, this can also trigger anxiety. I don’t think it is so difficult to complete the conversation that you have started. It is all about patience and interest in discussing things.

Though you both are a couple in love, it is not easy to be expressive. So, don’t expect your partner to start the conversation. Be the starter of your loving, fun, and meaningful conversations.

13. Change Your Thought – Its A Need

Change-your-thoughtIt is common to think that anxiety is not a big deal at all. But it is hard to deal and not so easy to overcome. When you understand this point, everything falls into place.

As you notice that you are dating a person with anxiety, you must try to change your thoughts. You must proactively ask your partner and take initiatives sometimes. If something is not working in between you, you should stop expecting too much. You must accept a few things and explain what is important. A little change in thoughts can make you both connect by eliminating the anxiety.

14. Give Space – Understand Better

Give-spaceHow do you feel when you don’t get your space as much as needed? Suffocated is the answer I guess. A person with anxiety feels it double times what you feel.

When you make an effort of understanding your partner, it becomes easy for you to understand and give the space before him raising the point. Don’t let it go to the level of frustration which may also lead to wild decisions that are not at all right at the moment.

Giving space for someone is a very basic thing that you understand. You will know it with your partner’s behaviour. Observe the signs and actions of discomfort to create a peaceful space for both of you. You still don’t think space is sometimes that we all need at some of the other points?

15. Don’t Force For Anything – Let Live

Dont-force-for-anythingThe closest people force you to do something in particular. It could be a fun moment together or for your good. But this seems very much different with people with anxiety. It is not that they take it wrong but they can’t explain to you how uncomfortable it is for them to live up to your expectations or those little wishes.

So, if you are ever facing this with your partner, then you must not try to impose or force over. That is not to happen so easily. Ask for once or twice and better let it go. Anything with will and wish is what easy to enjoy for the people with anxiety. Agree that love is not all about lovely moments but at least don’t mess it up.

These simple things are easy to keep in mind but tough act on. So, you must learn to be what your partner needs.

Don’t let the anxiety be a part of your relationship. It doesn’t mean that you must deal with it. You need to work on it and eliminate it for your relationship to live long. Hope knowing these things when dating someone with anxiety will help you.

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