What all you can do when you are alone?


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Sometimes we are so swamped with work and personal life that we have forgotten the art of giving ourselves some space and time. Spending time alone is a way to recharge your mental self and helps you overcome those mind blocks you might have. If you are alone and you are thinking what to do, we have a list of things you can do to feel recharged and regroup yourself with the world out there. Children, husband, boyfriend, friends and family have their own time on you. You give them importance, but what about what you want? What about those small things you always craved to do alone? Is everybody leaving you alone today and going for a weekend trip? Then here are some things you can explore alone.

Best Activities To Do When You’re Alone

1Go for a bad movie

Best Activities

Just for the heck of it, go for a movie. It doesn’t have to be a classic or a good movie for that matter. Just go because you can sometime in life say you watched a pathetic movie to just for the heck of it. There is no embarrassment in this. You want to cry? Cry! Who cares? There is anyway no one to see you there!

2Travel alone


When you travel with your family, you are bound to think from their perspective and compromise on what you want to see or do. But when you travel alone, that is not the case. You can always go wherever you want to and explore new things at your cost. Traveling alone, even if it’s just to the next town over, gives you the luxury of going at your own pace so that you’re able to soak up everything about the trip that you want to.

3Go alone for dinner


Going alone for dinneris the best thing you can give yourself. Read a book, listen to music and just splurge. Try to resist yourself from looking into your phone because that is a major distraction. So, order, eat and just read your book alone. You don’t have to worry about children, boyfriend or anyone around you because this is the time you are absolutely free to do what you want to do!

4Tour a museum


Let’s just face it! You have always wanted to explore the corridors of a museum, but all the time you were either accompanied by a teacher or your children who keep touching everything and never let you see things in peace. Set out to see every piece of art or history a local museum has, and spend time interpreting them exactly how you want to not how the little paper pamphlet tells you to.

5Go tor a spa or get a massage


Pamper yourself! It is probably the best thing for you to take the tension out of your system and lets you keep cool.

6Get lost

Get lost

Spend hours exploring city lanes and places you have always wanted to visit. Just take te local modeof transport and get lost in the beautiful city. When you know you want to come back, just pick up your phone,call and cab and head home.

7Binge on a TV show

TV show

While this goes without saying, just watch the series you always wanted to watch, order pizzas for just you, a couple of beers, pillows, bed and your laptop. Immerse yourself and go into the series. It will help you laugh, cry, smile, frown all by yourself.

8Book a ticket for a free concert

free concert

Spend more time in finding out what local band is playing in your area and just take a walk to the place to hear some nice soothing songs. Try and get a little wild and sing with them. When you are alone, most of the times you do not care! So let go and be free.

9Sing loud and drive

Sing loud

Drive drive drive! Drive wherever you want to, far to the fields and roads and turn on the music. Just let go of yourself and sing aloud. This is the best feeling and sometimes you need to let go of certain things and stop feeling shy about doing it.

10People watch

People watch

Go to a place you always wanted to go alone, and just watch people around you. Parks, malls, beaches, gardens, lakes or anywhere! People watching is quite interesting and sometimes very hilarious when you know some of the things people do without their knowledge.

11Click selfies

Click selfies

Get dressed at home in the dress that you always wanted to wear. Click click click! Just click pictures of yourself and shamelessly keeping taking until you get it right. OK, as a general rule selfies should probably be taken sparingly, but every once in a while, it’s healthy completely indulge when people are not around you.

12Clean your house

Clean your house

Some people are so obsessed with cleaning. Now that you are alone and no one is around you, think of the broom as your dancing partner, dance and sing while cleaning. It is a great way to exercise also.

13Complete a project you’ve been putting off


Make yourself go to a coffee shop, buckle down, and work. Update your resume, put together a portfolio, finish your great American novel, apply to a new job or grad school or just play games, whatever. Just do it!



Learn new recipes and just cook. This could be a great way to start your day. Cook a proper English breakfast and start off your day. You don’t have to cook always for others. Sometimes, it is fine to feel worth and cook for yourself. You can work on perfecting the dish until it’s just right — then serve up a flawless result the next time you’re with friends, and act like it was your first try.



Just dance. Put on rock numbers and just dance. It is rather embarrassing to dance in front of people. But when they aren’t home, you can afford to wear your shorts and tees and do a lot more than dancing. Practice zumba, aerobics or just let loose and dance like a crazy lady! You will sweat and then take a shower to feel fresh!

16Go shopping

Go shopping

Sometimes when you are shopping with others, too many opinions, contradictions and suggestions flow and cut you off the shopping mood. When you are alone, try and go to those places you have always avoided complaining of the crowd. Now is the time to go and hang around and explore in the place. It is the best time to go and find out different deals and sale that every store offers you.

17Take the longest, hottest bath of your life

Take the longest

Turn on really great music, listen to at least 5 songs and take the longest and hottest bath and go hit the bed straight. It will not only give you the mood to sleep, but you will feel refreshed and new once you are back from your bath.

AW- Pavithra Ravi