Best Yoga For Weight Loss And Toning


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Best Yoga For Weight Loss And Toning

When you start exercising, then one of the fact that comes to the mind is how to lose weight as well as tone the body. There are many types as well as forms of exercises that can perform this to your body. So here, are some best yoga for weight loss and toning poses that you must start working on as soon as possible.

Best Yoga For Weight Loss And Toning

1Bharadvajasana or Seated Twist Pose

Bharadvajasana or Seated Twist Pose
  • First, sit on the floor or on the yoga mat with your legs straight out. Then shift your weight on right buttock, bending the knees, as well as swinging the legs to the left. Lay on the feet on the floor outside of the left hip, with the ankle resting in the right arch.
  • While inhaling, lift the top of the sternum to the front torso. Then exhale and twist the torso to your right, keeping the left butt on the floor. Lengthen the tailbone toward the floor and keep the lower back long.
  • Then tuck the left hand under the right knee and bring the right hand to the floor just by the side of your right buttock. Now pull the left shoulder back slightly, pressing the shoulder blades firmly against the back even as you are continuing the twist to the chest to the right.
  • Now you can turn the head in one of two directions and continue twisting the torso by turning to the right; or countering the twist by the torso by turning to the left and looking over to the left shoulder at the feet.
  • Try to stay on the pose for at least thirty seconds to a minute, releasing with exhalation, returning to the starting pose, and repeating to the left.


  • This yoga weight loss and toning can help to stretch the spine, shoulders, as well as the hips
  • It can massage the abdominal organs
  • Give relief from the lower backache, neck pain, and sciatica
  • Can help to relieve stress
  • Can improve digestion
  • It can be therapeutic for carpal tunnel syndrome

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2Matsyasana or Fish Pose

Matsyasana or Fish Pose
  • Try to lie on the back first. Keep the feet together and the hands relaxed alongside the body.
  • Now place your hands underneath the hips, and palms must be facing down. Try to bring the elbows closer, that is, toward each other.
  • While breathing in, lift your head as well as the chest upward.
  • Try to keep the chest elevated, lowering the head back and also touching the top of the head on the floor.
  • With the head touching the floor, press the elbows firmly in the ground, placing the weight on the elbow and not on the head. Lift the chest up from the shoulder blades. Pressing the thighs and the legs to the floor.
  • Try to hold the pose for as long as you can, taking gentle long breaths in and out. Relax the posture with every exhalation.
  • Now lift your head up, lowering the chest and head from the floor. Bring the hands back along with the sides of the body.


  • This asana t can help stretch the chest as well as the neck
  • Can help to give relief from the tension in the neck as well as the shoulders
  • This yoga weight loss and toning can provide relief from the respiratory disorders by encouraging into deep breathing
  • Can tone the parathyroid, pituitary as well as the pineal glands

3Anantasana or Vishnu’s Couch Pose

Anantasana or Vishnu’s Couch Pose
  • First lie on the floor to the right. Now press actively through the right heel, flex your ankle, and use the outside of your foot that can help to stabilize the position.
  • Try to stretch the right arm straight, along the floor parallel to the torso so that you can create one long line from the heels to the finger tips. Slowly bend the right elbow and support the head in the palm. Sliding the elbow away from the torso and stretch the armpit.
  • Now try to externally rotate the left leg so that the toes can point toward the ceiling, as well as bending and then slowly draw the knee toward the torso. Now reach inside of the leg and take hold of your left big toe with the index and the middle fingers. Secure your grip by wrapping your thumbs around the two fingers. While inhaling, extend the leg upwards to the ceiling.
  • Now raise the leg angled slightly forward, while the top buttock will drop back. Try to firm the sacrum against the pelvis; creating a type of fulcrum that can help to move the leg slightly back to the perpendicular position.
  • Then press actively through both the heels. Try to stay in this pose for 30 seconds to a minute, releasing the leg, taking a few breaths, and rolling over the left side. Try to repeat the same with the other leg.


  • It can help to stretch the back of the legs
  • Can stretch the sides of the torso
  • It can tone the belly

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