5 Things girls fear while meeting the boy’s parents


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Meeting boy parents

You both have been dating for quite a while now and everyone wants to know when you two are going to get hitched. Well, to start off with, you need to meet the parents of the guy. Your guy has already gelled well with your family and it is your time now to gel with his. It doesn’t matter whether they know you through photos or if you have been talking for a while now, meeting them the first time is always scary and a nervous time for you. You may have the fears in your head about what they will think about you. What if things go wrong? Here are some things girls fear while meeting boy’s parents.

PS – If you are a guy reading this, these following things are the stuff your girlfriend is scared about. So, read this and make her feel better by understanding her fears.

Things every girl is afraid off while meeting the boy’s parents for the first time.

1What if my dress is inappropriate?

What if my dress

Every girl is afraid about the dress part. Should they come dressed in the way they think they look good? Or should it be a formal attire? A casual one? Or stick to a Salwar Kameez to look decent? If it is a Salwar, what kind of? Too many options can actually make your head spin. Your guy may just leave you with a clue saying – Wear something comfortable and simple!

Hergamut (HG) Tip – When you go and meet your future parents-in-law, remember that no matter what you wear, they are going to notice you from top to bottom. So, wear something that covers your body, decent both looks and color wise. Stick to a simple earring which gives out a classy feel, a pretty footwear and wear very light makeup. That should do!

2Casual or Formal greeting?

When it comes to greeting, you might be confused on how to greet them. With a hello, Hi or hugs? Well, greeting the guy’s father with a simple –‘Hello uncle’ would do. But what about the mother-in-law?

Hergamut (HG) Tip – If you act too formal, you may give out the feel that you are awkward to be in their presence. If you are too casual, they may think otherwise. It is best to greet them with a hello, maybe a wide smile, and a Namaste gesture. That should do the trick of liking you.

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3Sitting position issues

Sitting position

You may want your guy to sit next to you, but most of the guys who respect their parents a lot, don’t do that! Where to sit and how to sit could be your major questions. Can you cross one leg on the other or not? Should you sit next to your mother-in-law or separately in the guest seat?

Hergamut (HG) Tip – Remember that your boyfriend might not always sit next to you. So, adjust yourself and sit in a place where you can feel comfortable. If they insist on sitting in one particular place, abide by that. Sit next to your mother-in-law if possible. If they are very orthodox about all that, try and sit in the guest chair.

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4Question terror

Question terror

What if they ask inappropriate questions about like, what you are going to do after marriage? Or what if they ask where you both met? May questions like these can pop up in your head. You may also be scared of what to answer and probably wondering what if the answers don’t match with your guy’s answers.

Hergamut (HG) Tip – Be prepared! That is majorly important before you meet the parents. If you are prepared with the kind of questions your parents-in-law may ask, you can be chilled out. Figure out probable answers with your guy before the day. It makes things easier. Also, being true is easier for both of you. So, consider telling the truth.

5Tripping moments

Tripping moments

Many times, you may want to help your mom-in-law with the pleasantries or with the meal for the four of you. But what if you trip and by mistake breaks something? What if your mother-in-law is keenly watching the way you work so she knows how you are? What if your guy does all the bringing to the table and you are just sitting there, not knowing what to do? Should you help or not?

Hergamut (HG) Tip – It might easily be one way to help your mother-in-law with utmost care in bringing everything to the table or just be a guest and act like one. Meeting the boy’s parents for the first time can involve a lot of tricks like this. You may suggest to help, but don’t do everything. She may reinforce the fact that you helped her before marriage and not after marriage if you end up doing a lot than expected. Be careful when you carry something. Don’t let your slippery hands to break anything. That will have a wrong impression on you.

Many things may pop up in your head when you meet the boy’s parents. Things like – How much should you talk to your guy? What if you love the food and they are serving less? Should you eat more or less? How soon should you appreciate your guy’s behavior to his parents? Etc etc etc

All of this is normal! You don’t have to be scared of them. They are human beings too. So, just be you and rock the meet!

-Pavithra Ravi