Water rich foods that you must consume to stay hydrated


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vegetables for summer

The summer season is round the corner and you have to stock up your fridge with water rich foods that are good for your hydration process. The problem with summer season is that, it takes out all your energy and leaves you with nothing at all. How much ever water you drink, that isn’t going to be enough for you at all. You would need all the water rich contents in your body that can give you vitamins and minerals to keep you active through the entire summer season.

Holidays in India are during the summer season so that children and young adults could take good rest and be at home enjoying the home time + the home food. A lot of people go for vacations to cold places during the summer season which is fine. But, parents or adults don’t understand that if anything can keep you up and running, it could only be the food that you take.

A lot of vegetables and fruits come in very handy during this season. Also, always remember to drink one glass of buttermilk every afternoon to feel cool inside your body. Instead of drinking aerated drinks, children can drink good drinks like buttermilk, lassi, fresh juices and lemon juice. It is healthy and keeps you body entirely cool and hydrated. It is very important to stay hydrated this summer season. So, we have come up with a number of foods or rich content vegetables for summerthat you can consume to be chilled out!

Top Water Rich Foods One Must Have



First in the list is a vegetable that can had just like that. Cucumber is very rich in water content and gives a lot of strength when consumed during hot summer season. It is perfect for eating it just like that or you can add cucumber slices in the salad, slice it with your chapathi, or just eat it the old way with salt and red chilli powder.

You know how else to increase more water rich content in cucumber? Just add curd, salt and cucumber in the mixer and grind it well. Serve it with ice cubes. It is healthy, tasty and your children/young adults will love having this buttermilk. It can also be used as paste where you can use it in your face to rub and then wash it after sometime. This is one of the easiest masks to make at home during the summer season.

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Nutrition wise, lettuce is not preferred as much as spinach and other dark green vegetables. But, when it comes to hydration and water rich contents, lettuce is definitely one of the most amazing vegetable that can be had to increase the water content in your body. Since lettuce can’t be held just like that, you can add lettuce in burgers, sandwiches and definitely in your salads too.

The best thing is to pile up these lettuce pieces in your sandwiches and make a cold sandwich. That way, you will love your sandwich and you will be having a healthy food too.

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White radish is something not many have because of its smell. But radish has a lot of water content that is not presented in your other root vegetables. It might be very difficult to have radish without boiling. So, until the smell goes, boil the radish well and then toss it in one of your foods. You can make radish sambaror just add some spices and make a radish side dish. Since radish is crunchy and easy to consume, you can eat it in large quantities and add it to your sandwich too.

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Tomatoes contain high vitamins and minerals in them that helps it to keep the vegetable juicy and tasty all the time.

Most of our Indian dishes doesn’t work fine if not for tomato. Consume tomato in portions for better results. Since there is a lot of juice inside the vegetable, add it in your daily food. Make a tomato + potato salad, tomato chutney, tomato juice and even tomato rasam. If you do any of these, make sure that you remove the seeds inside the tomatoes that makes it easier for you to cut it in cubes or dice it even smaller.

5Green/Yellow/Red Capsicums

Green/Yellow/Red Capsicums

Capsicum has 64% of water content in it. Do you know that green capsicum has 96% of rich water content while the other two colors have about 64%? They contain heavy antioxidants that keep your body away from dehydration.

You cannot eat capsicum just like that, so either fry it, toss it or toast it for better smell and taste. This vegetable is tasty, healthy and definitely gives you all the power to go out and run under the hot sun. So, add capsicum as much as you can to increase the water content in your body. It acts as a shield and helps your body to stay cool.

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-Pavithra Ravi

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