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Did you know that researches actually say that taking yourself on a date alone is a very healthy thing to do. Yes, going to date is actually giving self satisfaction and improves your sense of independence that you have in yourself. But, going out every weekend alone or spending the night alone with yourself might also come with a cost. How do you actually stay on budget, what all the things to do on a budget night and still have a lot of fun just by yourself? That is, how you can satisfy your Independence, your needs and has a healthy night out alone with the budget that you have in mind?

On budget dates, the whole idea is to focus and energize yourself and your mind. It helps you to concentrate just on your body, your individual self and it lets you be in peace. Entertainment and Leisure are definitely on the higher cost which I accept. Even if its a movie or dinner alone or even a spa night, things could be pretty expensive considering the inflation in the world. So what happens when you actually crave for alone time and still want to spend in budget?

Here is where I come into the scene. I will help you find out what all you can do with a little budget that you have in your hands.

With these ideas you can definitely get creative and utilize all your money by spending it appropriately. So let’s dive in and find out the different amazing things to do on a budget night alone.

Top Things to do on Budget Night

1Spa night at home

Spa night at home

Who doesn’t like to go to the parlor and get spa and pedicure done? But if it costs easily 500-1000rs, why would you spend so much! You might as well sit at home right? But, instead of just sitting at home, you can make a spa day right at your house. Yes, all you need is to draw yourself a bubble bath, light beautiful candles, but scented salts and most importantly, have some wine with you.

When you play some music, relax yourself and enjoy the bath, it will definitely take you to a whole new world. There is no doubt in that at all. Try to do different things like – purchasing a face mask or trying some home made packs, buy manicure and pedicure kits and treat your body well. Feel like a queen and make your budget night really worth.

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2Coffee shop + writing+ free Wi-Fi

Coffee shop

Don’t you think the combination of free Wi-Fi, some coffee and penning down whatever you want makes a perfect date for yourself? In fact, they say that coffee brings out the best creative writing within a person. It is also lovely because you are doing something you like and having something to sip on. The combination is exquisite and you will definitely enjoy.

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The whole purpose of asking you to write is because, you will be able to concentrate more in a coffee shop. Not everyone writes, but when you make the efforts to take your laptop to the coffee shop, you tend to also observe people. People watching is also a great pass time in coffee shops. Notice their quirks, their behavior, how they talk and that can also make a great short novel. They say most of the writers spend their time sipping on coffee and by people watching in a coffee shop.

3Yoga night is a relaxed option

Yoga night

You don’t have to check out on a costly yoga class or you don’t have to pay too much to be a part of intense yoga. You just have to make sure you bring out the yoga interest in you and everything else will fall in place. Yoga is a great way to have a long sleep, a relaxed body and a peaceful mind.

If you want to feel calm and if you are looking for a silent night, buy a DVD and put on some yoga positions that you can try from home itself. Otherwise, even better if you can Google it or find videos on YouTube. There are many professionals who upload their videos on YouTube. So, that can make an interesting turn of events.

4Go watch a movie

Go watch a movie

Don’t take your friends, boyfriend, kids or parents when you want to be alone and you need space. If you want a budget night, cut all these people for the night and drive to the nearest theatre and watch a movie alone. You don’t have to think about your movie genre decisions because it’s just you and no one else is there to add their preferences. So, go ahead and watch whatever you want. Pick up a popcorn bucket, a coke and sit and watch a calm, soothing, fun movie. Trust me, you will feel so much better later.

5Go to the library

Go to the library

Sometimes we think that the library is only for the intelligent kids. Who says that? There are so many things you can actually do in a library. There are so many genres or books, like love, romance, sex, intellects, fiction, novels, etc. You can choose whatever you want and start reading them in silence. The best thing about a library is that no one will ask you to leave soon. You can spend as much time as you want and read some interesting real life stories too. You can easily get inspired and it will perfectly fit your budget night. There is no money that you might have to shell out in a library. So it’s all the easier for you.

You can do a lot over a night alone. Just enjoy and sit back to relax a free and amazing night.

-Pavithra Ravi

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