How to do Gold Facial At Home


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Are you tired of the dullness on your face too? The whole effect of pollution and daily weather cannot be good for your skin in any way. And because the face is the part that draws the maximum attention, the glow of the face is extremely important. So it comes a s no surprise that the gold facial is the most sought after facial treatment amongst women these days.

And though lots of fruit facials also have many benefits, the unique properties of the gold facial is completely undeniable. The golden glow is something that very woman craves. And though a lot of parlors will offer you exactly what you need. They will do so at an exorbitant price that is sure to burn a hole in your pocket. Healthy, glowing skin should not be so expensive. So here we have collected the tips and ideas you need to create your own golden facial at home.

Gold Facial At Home

The benefits of gold facial are insurmountable. It is applicable for almost every skin type. The best part about gold facials is that it can remove all the damage done due to oxidation. It is also helpful in removing toxins. Suntans can also be removed, along with the damage cause by sun as gold facials have certain properties that make them directly effective for these.

Gold Facial At Home

Along with this it definitely improves the complexion of the skin and brings about some useful effects of anti ageing that will help make anyone look younger than they actually are. It works on the tissues to improve the elasticity of the skin too. The golden facials also rejuvenate ones skin to give that additional glow which is obviously coveted by many women.

How To Do Golden Facial at Home:

The most important step in this is to get a gold facial kit that is not too expensive but at the same time do not compromise on the quality as this your skin you are working with, do not use cheap products that will cause more harm than benefits. Depending on your skin type remember to choose products that are compatible with your skin.

An ideal golden facial kit consists essentially of gold cleanser, gold facial scrub, golden massage cream or gel, gold facial mask and a good moisturizing lotion to finish off the entire process. Point to be noted is that most of the facial kits might not have a moisturizer with them, so depending on the type of your skin you need to find a moisturizer that does the job well to complete the procedure.

Let’s start with the steps of using a gold facial kit at home:

1. Cleanse:


To detoxify and clean your skin right at the first step use the gold cleanser. This can be used on both face and neck. What the cleanser does is that it removes the dust from the skin and removes the impurities from the epidermal layer.use a cotton ball to wipe the cleanser off your face one minute after applying it. Remember to use the ball and massage your face for about five minutes to cover every inch then wash it off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

2. Steam

The next step is an essential part as you need to take steam to relax your pores and help them one up before exfoliating so that the skin becomes softer because of the steam. It loosens the blackheads and the whiteheads on your skin too. All this is important to also remove the dead skin cells. At first boil some water in a vessel.

You must remember to not over do it, as you do not want it to get too hot or your face to turn red. The key is to just use enough heat so that the dead skin cells are touched enough to get softened as the heat helps with that. Then once it starts bubbling, turn if off an take a towel to cover your head. Now put your face a little away from the vessel and take in the steam and let it gently heat your face to soften the dry skin.

3. Scrub


It is after that process that the facial actually starts. Once the skin has been cleansed and softened, use a scrub to begin the exfoliation process that effectively gets rid of the dead skin cell which is what give sit the dead and dull look. The process of scrubbing quintessentially brings about a new layer of skin that is not filled with outer pollutants and impurities.

Take the gold facial scrub and apply it over your face and neck and very gently but consistently move your finger tips over the skin in circular motion. Do this for a few minutes to get things moving and wash it off again and pat dry. You have to pay a little more attention to the area around the nose and the nose itself so as to open the blocked or clogged pores. Remember to avoid the area around eyes.

4. Massage

MassageNow comes another important and indispensable part of the process wherein you have to take a bit of the gold facial massage gel or cream and apply it on you face and wet neck. This is used to improve blood circulation and the way your move your fingertips is of pivotal importance. In circular motions, gently massage your face and neck, be gentle yet firm as this process is the one that tightens the skin and helps in removing the elasticity.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the amount of massage cream you use and how you move your fingers upwards as that is the direction one should be after. Use some water if you must to keep a well hydrated and uniform consistency of the cream. and remember to keep doing this for a long enough duration- atleast 15 minutes as this when the gold facial particles I.e the gold foil, gold powder, wheat germ oil, saffron, Aloe Vera and sandalwood- all of which are extremely great for the skin- will get absorbed and enhance the collagen production. This is what gives the skin its glow and help in improving the overall colour. Remember to wipe the excess cream off with the help of a wet cloth.

5. Gold Facial Mask

Now we come to the actual culminating part of our entire gold facial kit at home process. This is the part in the parlour where you sit and relax and wait for the face mask to dry, well you can do the same at home without having to pay a lot. After the entire process of scrubbing and moisturizing what you need to do is take the gold facial face pack and apply it evenly over your face and neck and let it sit and smooth your skin for the longest time possible.

At least let it dry off for 20 minutes and then wash it off. This is the part where you get the improved conditions in pigmentation as it contains aloe vera, gold foil and turmeric all of which have a whitening effect on your skin. Once it dries you can wash it off with the help of cold water and then pat it dry. Remember to use a toner to close the pores.

6. Moisturize


Now a moisturizer will not necessarily be included in the gold facial kit, you have to get one based on its compatibility with your skin and simply because how important moisturizing your skin is to maintain its natural oil balance. After you remove the pack, use cucumber juice on your skin to soothe it, and the use a mild moisturizer on your skin. It is a part of the process that cannot be missed because of all the activity that has happened you do not want your skin to not look hydrated.

And after such a comprehensive process, to get that dewy look won’t be so hard as the moisturizer will just be an addition to the already beautiful effects of the rest of the ingredients that occur before these steps. After this process, your facial process will be complete and you will definitely be able to see a clear difference in the complexion of your face and neck.

Things to Keep in Mind While Using the Gold Facial Kit At Home:

gold facial kit at home
  • Always remember to use a branded product as this is your skin you are handling. Just as good the benefits of a gold facial can be, if you use a product that is not great for your skin the repercussions will also be immensely dangerous.
  • There is forty per cent chance of changes in the appearance of your skin immediately after the gold facial procedure.
  • Gold facials have extremely beneficial ingredients like gold foil, aloe vera, turmeric, gold powder, honey, wheat germ oil, saffron and sandalwood, each of which have so many great effects that they can take care of very aspect that will lead to a skin that looks good and glows even better.
  • Remember to never mix and match products or use materials according to your judgement as this might lead to allergic reactions and spoil your skin. The kit in itself is self-sufficient and follow the steps just as they are in that order.
  • An extremely important thing that you need to keep in mind is that because you are doping this at home, no matter how amateurish you think you are you have to maintain the utmost level of cleanliness and hygiene. Clean your hand way before an even start and do not do anything else or get them dirty while carrying out the process as your face needs to be dealt with maximum care.
  • Because of the intense effect the procedure of gold facial can have on your skin it is advisable that you do not do this very often but only a few times a month as you do not want to end up drying your skin. Three times would be ideal and if the quality of the gold facial kit that you are using is good then you won’t even have to worry as its own shelf life will be long enough that the effects shall last for a long time.
  • Though it helps in lymphatic drainage you need to keep in mind how to use this as effectively as possible as overusing it might lead to over drying and will not show the result of improved pigmentation as there has to be some gap between the procedures.
  • Also, remember to not go out in sunlight immediately as it will damage the effects and might also cause irritation.
  • Gold facials help in making you feel that your skin is soft and supple so at to ensure this softness continues to stay, do the gold facial every few months to maintain consistency.

There is a reason why gold facial kits are the most revered procedures and the effect they have is truly incomparable. Not only dies it correct any damage that has occurred but the kind of replenished glow it gives is truly what women are after. Essentially it is the massage that provides all the delightful effects that make you feel like your skin is as good as new, but it is a combination of all the great ingredients that come together to create the effect that they do, it is what completely transforms the skin to reach its, maximum potential.