13 Best Musk Perfumes For Women in India- Dive In Musk Aroma


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The classic aromas tie you up to choose them again and again. You never feel the need to switch your body fragrance. But don’t you want to explore the fragrances with same class. This is wide with musk perfumes as it has many variations and components.

It is brilliant idea for women to own at least one musk perfume. All over a classy perfume collection.

If you are a perfume lover, then these musk perfumes are waiting for you to try. You have kinds of perfumes that you look to match different occasions. Check if you have a perfume that suits your taste. Am sure, you will find at least one out of this best big list.

Musk Perfumes For All Classy Women

1. Vanilla Musk Cologne Spray by Vanilla Musk


A combination of fragrances makes the perfume beautifully mysterious. By thew time recognize and feel one aroma, you will fall in love with it all over again. Here is one such brilliantly mixed perfume with- raw vanilla, musk, sandalwood and cedar wood.

It is lasting perfume that you will need for everyday to start off your day. It is a classy perfume for office wear and day time.A few sprays can soak you in fragrances and it is lasting with quantity. So, you must give it a try if you are looking for simple, lasting perfume.

Available here

2. Trescho Perfumes Woody Musk Perfume


If your senses feel better with woody fragrance, then you must own this perfume. It is one of the best pocket perfumes. You have the pleasant mixture of amber and vanilla.

The top note musky floral and powdery musk fragrances remind ou those vintage perfumes. It is wonderful to use for everyday. This is an affordable product and still make you feel luxurious and complete.

Available here

3. St. Louis Inc Exotic Original Musk Perfume


An elegant and unique fragrance can make you feel outstanding. When it is a special day for you, you must keep everything best. If you are looking for a best perfume that works magic for you and here is what you are exactly looking for.

But what makes this perfume so special? It is about the lasting power which is around 7-8 hours. This perfume makes you long day also feel fresh.

Available here

4. CPC Musk Perfume


If you are looking for a perfume that stays on like its your own fragrance, then this must be befitting for you. This perfume is lasts through out the day. It doesnt gets washed along with air like regular perfumes.

The blend of citrus and lavender let you float in pleasant fragrances. The lavender fragrance calms your mood once you spray it on. Whenever you are wanting a romantic fragrance, you mind reminds of this perfume as it is made for romantic wear.

Available here

5. HP Musk Perfume


If you love the fragrance of you musk perfume but not the staying power, then just change it. This perfume stays on for longer hours with the same fresh feeling. It also keeps the body odor away.

You can wear it for both casual and special occasions. The perfume is very much affordable. Along with all these the quality and formula are genuine which makes you feel safe wearing it every time.

Available here

6. Jovan Musk Eau de Cologne for Women


Few women want the perfume makes them feel complete. Just like a complementary for their graceful appearance. So, the complementing perfume must be light, classy and not too strong. You have all such qualities in this lovely fragrances infused perfume.

It is a fusion of delicate floral aromas and musk. When you want the touch of fragrance that makes you feel romantic, you will auto switch to this perfume. The perfume is recommended for romantic wear.

Available here

7. Delhiwalas White Musk Perfume


After you are all ready to step, you want to finish your appearance with a delicate fragrance. A fragrance that gives you a feminine feel. When it is feminine what comes to your mind floral magic. But with this perfume its different. The blend of soft amber, woods and spices make you feel feminine.

This musk perfume is infused with aromas that are seductive. You feel warm and styled with this perfume. A beautiful outfit, hairstyle and a seductive perfume is what you need for a romantic evening. So, just keep it if you are looking for all of that.

Available here

8. Ramco Green Musk Unisex Eau de Parfum


When you fragrant yourself, you want it to keep your fresh without sweat odor. The musk perfume keeps your the body odor away. The product promises to stay for 7-8 hours which is great for any day.

Available here

9. Lucky You By Liz Claiborne Liz-8989 For Women


Women can even set their identity with perfume.This is a perfume that makes women feel refreshed and endlessly feminine. You will love wearing it everyday and never bored.

The notes of grapefruit and floral notes of jasmine are the highlights of this perfume. Other fragrance notes sandalwood, amber and musk contribute for a pleasant aroma. You will love it for pleasant girly smell. Most of the users love it for its youthful fragrance!

Available here

10. Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker


I call it a unique perfume as it got both the modern and vintage fragrances. The charming women feel a little glamorous with this perfume. As the name says lovely perfume, it deserves the name .

When you are choosing a light perfume, the concern is about its lasting power. This mild fragrance yet stays on. This is of light fragrance that suits for everyday. If you are choosing it for party wear, it doesn’t disappoint you. Definitely a perfume that suits for multiple occasions. What you are going to love the most is its right feminine feel and also suits women of all ages.

Available here

11. Kiehl’s Original Musk


Do you want to smell like a bouquet of floral fragrances? We know there are such women who fall fall for simple floral fragrances. Kiehl’s original musk is filled flower aromas. Imagine the blend of rose, lily and neroli. If you have imagined it and you feel wow, then you will also go wow over this perfume.

The top notes of this perfume are citrus, orange blossom. The finest combinations of fragrance make a best perfume.

The base notes are another highlighting feature that the perfume got. It includes musk and white patchouli.

Available here

12. The Body Shop White Musk Eau De Toilette


Do you want a partial musk perfume? Then why don’t go for this?

This perfume has a touch of musk with velvety fragrance. The perfume adds a kind of aroma which is alluring. The lasting power is great which is around 4-5 hours.

With this perfume, you can feel a bit girly and also womanly. As we said it is partially musk, but it keeps on lingering through out the stay.

If you are looking for the notes included- the top notes are velvety musk, lily, ylang ylang and basil. The middle notes are fusion of velvety musk again, jasmine, lily and rose. The base notes of this perfume is quite impressive velvety musk, oriental jasmine, floral lily, iris, rose, sweet vanilla, fresh amber, patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver, and fruity peach.

Available here

13. Jovan White Musk Eau de Cologne for Women


If you are looking for a perfume that suits for office wear, then nothing can beat this one. It is subtle, decently perfumed for everyday use.

It gives you a perfect feminine scent as it is a mixture of- spicy, woody and warm flowers. As it is a light perfume you can prefer it in any season. The perfume never makes you feel uneasy.

It is also an affordable classy perfume. If you are a woman who love the floral fragrances, then don’t wait to give it a shot.

Available here

When perfume is an integral part of your appearance, you go choosy when you need one. Falling for musk fragrances and sticking to them is only possible when you find a resembling must perfumes. All these must perfumes resemble the musk notes and so listed as the best products.

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