How To Create The Best Relationship Of Your Life

Create The Best Relationship Of Life

When you are in a relationship, all you think about is how making the relationship last forever. How to make the other person happy as well as provide him with more love and affection. You mostly focus on creating the best relationship, not only for yourself, but also for him. But sometimes, maybe when some problems cross the out path, we become furious and become unable to focus on our love, which also make us to constantly fight with him. So here, are some ways on how to create the best relationship of life, with our partner.

Tips To Create Best Relationship Of Your Life

1Look at the relationship with clear eyes

Look at the relationship with clear eyes

It is important to look at your relationship with more clear eyes. Because remember that not all the romantic relationships are blissful. So, start looking at it in an objective way. Do you think that he is disrespectful? Or overly jealous? Or codependent? Or even abusive? Or can you be an authentic self with him? Does both of you bring best in each other?

So, it is best in a relationship to consult each other, or even you can even take some time off from the relationship to work on yourself, and know more about on what you are looking in a relationship, then tell him what you desire.

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2Make yourself happy

Make yourself happy

Some people also believe that, they will instantly be happy once they meet their Mr. Right. But in reality, people become happier, when they decide to be satisfied with their relationships.

So, try to do things that can bring you joy, it can be anything from writing a journal to a scheduled night out with the friends. Doing this can allow you to bring the best self on the relationship.

3Do thrilling things with your partner

Do thrilling things with your partner

Some research has shown that, those couples who are more engaged in activities described their relationship as “exciting”, where those who shared experiences described “pleasant”. So in reward, try to create experiences, which can bring both of you the pleasure in your relationship. So, if planning on giving the relationship a boost, then try something new.

4Learn your partner’s love language

Learn your partner's love language

Remember that all of us are different from our partner in many terms, especially in preference of receiving love. So, find out what is his preference, like does he prefer physical touch, or like to spend quality time, or acts of service, or words of affirmation. You too can try to be intentional on showing the love in the way he prefers. Also, don’t forget to tell him about your love preferences, so that he can return the favor.

5When in fight, see the situation as an outsider

When in fight

If you had a fight, then try to view the conflict as an outsider, as then only you can objectify more clearly. This method can de-personalize, the situation and can also help you to see through your partner’s point of view. Many a times, people have a “me vs you” attitude, while fighting. This attitude can also lead to a view of the battle against the enemy. This can be very destructive. Instead, try to have a “we” or a team mentality. Remember that, you are in a relationship together, which also means that you have to come up with the solution together. So, sometimes stepping back and looking it as an objective perspective can help tremendously.

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6Practice mindfulness

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness, or sometimes being intentional about staying or living the present moment, is always associated with some great relationship satisfaction. It also allows to savor the positive as well as being attentive to him. It has also shown that mindful people, also experience less stress, during their romantic conflicts and engage in more better communication overall.

7Be your partner’s #1 cheerleader

Be your partner's

Some research, also says that the way you respond on your partner’s good news can also help as well as hurt the intimacy. Try to resolve to show that you are very active interested, supportive as well as encouraging, when your partner is sharing something with you. It helps in deepening the connection and bring happiness to us.

8Tune into emotions and share what needed most

share what needed most

Maybe this process might not help in repressing the emotion. But, it can make the relationship to be more peaceful. But, remember that emotions, are bound to come out, so it can come up in an explosive manner. So, try to keep the emotions in check. As well share them, with your partner. In this way, nothing can be much of a surprise or get buried for a long time.

9Cherish and honor the connection

Cherish and honor the connection

The first rule in a relationship is never takes the relationship for granted. It is always sacred, so try to treat it in that way. Many a times we try to be comfortable, and then stop trying to to make him happy. Always try to honor what you have, as well as cherish it. Try to communicate with him, on the value of his presence.

10Doing little things for each other

Doing little things for each other

Doing some things like, rubbing his shoulders, or helping while he is working, saying I love you, or bringing small gifts in appreciation can help in building relationship a lot. These simple things, don’t cost much, but it can be valued, it shows that the attention as well as the desire to help and nurture.

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