12 Interesting Collar Bone Tattoo Ideas


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Women love to be unique by looks and it takes lot of creativity. Style can be expressed in different ways and it is individual wish to express in the way they decide. Styling yourself is all of building your identity. For modern women marking an identity for themselves is possible in unlimited ways. Tattoo is not just a trend or fashion it is much of the inner nature being printed in art form. This artistic passion is being loved by modern women.

Tattoo designing is an art and wearing a tattoo has various reasons. Getting tattooed is personal to few people and is not in general for all. Collar bone tattoos got plenty if styles. Few collar bone tattoos are tiny and cute, few collar bone tattoos are wide and beautiful. So, let us go through few raising designs and of collar bone tattoos for women.

Collar Bone Tattoo Ideas

1. Colour Outside Line:

Image source: tattoo-models.net

The tattoo can be something of quote or statement or design and the color is splashed out the tattoo and the best example can be feather tattoo. Such splashed colored tattoo looks bold and colourful. In the below image you can have a look at the colour outside line, feather tattoo can also be a colour outside line.

2. Save the Date:

Image source: tattoosboygirl.com


Save the date with a tattoo means, the date is to be a memory for you for lifetime. Marking the date is a great idea and means a real day for you. This something unique from all the tattoos and this fits your collarbone perfectly.

3. Roses:

Image source: pikby.com


The broader roses on the collarbone are going in a fashionable way. Roses is extremely girlish and the red roses on your collarbone is a feminine idea of tattoos. It is not a fashion rule that roses should be coloured red only. In the below image you can look at the tattoo which is in black and still looks lovely.

4. Make a Statement:

Image source: tonobanquetes.com

You can make a statement on your collarbone with a tattoo. It can be your expression or small quote of life and experience. This doesn’t matter with the trend at all. As it is your view it will ever trend for you go with such tattoos. In the below image, it is beautifully written: “stay strong”.

5. Music Symbol:

Image source: designoftattoos.com

If you are music lover and if music is part of your life the you can make this music symbols a part of your body. The tiny music symbols would show up your passion for music. In the below image you got a sample of music symbols tattoo on collar bone.

6. Matching Tattoo:

Image source: askideas.com

These tattoos are the same kind of tattoo worn by two people. Such tattoos can be worn by sisters and friends. Shows up your lovely bond with these matching tattoos.

7. Tree of Life tattoo:

Image source: parryz.com


Tree of life tattoo is a little tree design on you collar bone. The below image is an example of tree of life tattoo. This one of the tree designs but it can in different designs as well.

8. Family Infinity Tattoo:

Image source: askideas.com


You can go with family infinity tattoo on your collar bone. It is definitely a sweet idea of tattoos and fits on your collar bone. It can be a smaller infinity symbol with the word family in different styles of font.

9. A bird Collar Tattoo:

Image source: askideas.com


A bird on collar bone means, to fly high to the sky. In simple words, it means of freedom. It is an expression or view on your collar bone to fly high or to have freedom in life. Flying tiny birds look too pretty on the collar bone. A bird on collar bone can be a apt tattoo for women and can be a tattoo idea in feminine tattoos.

10. Feather Tattoo:

Image source: tattooeasily.com


Feather tattoo is the common but very much demand full tattoo design. The feather shape and the perfect print of the feather takes the credit of the demand for this tattoo. Feather tattoo is one of the feminine tattoo ideas.

11. Little Love:

Image source: subtletattoos.com


You can get a tattoo of haert syombols. Tiny heart symbols look cute and it is the most easiest and less pain tattoo. In the below image you just have look of the two heart tattoo symbol on the collar bone.

12. Heartbeat Tattoo:

Image source: Popsugar


Heartbeat tattoo has various desgins along with statements with the heartbeat symbol. It is one of the rarest tattoo idea.

Pros and cons of Collar bone tattoo: Everything has sides termed a pros and cons. Coming to collar bone tattoos we have few pros and cons. Diverse of tastes to wear tattoo brings us to the subject of pros and cons of collar bone tattoos.

Pros of Collar Bone Tattoo:

1. Expression of message: Collar bone tattos are the best way to express you little message of life via text or an tiny illustration. You get a chance to throw your attitude without uttering a word. You can express yourself with getting tattood just apt for your nature and that is something cool to do.

2. Unique: Collar bone is small area. So get to go for smaller designs or messages and that looks beautiful on women. You can fit in sometihng really small but still visible. The darker and embossed texture of the tattoo makes the tattoo visible enough.

3. Best Tattoo area: Few people say that tattoo cab be worn any where of the body. Different people react in a different way for discomfort and uneasiness. So, the best and suggested are of the body to wear tattoo is collar bone.

Cons of Collar bone tattoos:

1. Painful: We know that getting tattood is painful and collar bone tattoo is even more painful than anyother part of the body. As it should be right decision to wear a tattoo and the part you choose to wear.

2. Too much of attention: When the tattoo is too wide, it grabs too much of attention of people. So, it suggested to be small and nice. Wider tattoos give you more pain, as you know.

3. Not a lasting trend: For time being, we find the tattoo cool and it may not be the same after a long time or it cant be ever trend tattoo. Tattoo are something keep changing with current fashion and trends. If your going for a statemnt or quote tattoo, you may not be bothering about trend and if it is a design then it may not be trendy forever.

Tips for before and post getting tattoos:

1. Take and follow your artist’s advise: Follow you tattoo artist advice and you better go with the stpes they suggest you. The healing treatement post the tattoo differs.

2. Wash the tattoo gently post few hours: Generally it will be advised to remove the covering of the tattoo after 2-5 hours. Later you can gently wash the tattoo with lukewar water.

3. Apply a moisturizing cream on the tattooo: Apply a thing layer of moisturing cream which unscented. Your tattoo artist will recommed you the best cream to use. You can then clean the cream off your tattoo and leave to open air to get dry. As per your tattoo artist advise, do the process for 3-4 times a day.

4. Maintain the tattoo clean and dry: You need to avoid soaking the tattoo atleast for minimum of one month. Keep covering it with medical tape. Keeping it clean and dry is the most important thing to follow.

5. No direct exposure to sunlight: You should avoide direct sulight. If you need to take some sunrays, then apply lot of SPF cream and cover it well. So, that it will protected from sunrays and will be safe without any .

6. Healing Time will be slow: You need patience while it is healing. Healing period is no the same for all the tattoos as it differs from designs you are going to wear. If the design is smaller, it will heal sooner and if the desing you wear is longer and complexer then the healing time will be longer as well.

7. Avoid Itching: As the tattoo will be healed slowly it may satrt with slight flake sometimes. But do not scratch it and make ti big even if it itches. It may lead to removal of the tattoo and any skin problems.

8. Approach back to studio, if required: After few days or months, ink may get erased based on the tattoo. Then, please approach your tattoo artist and get touch ups for the same original look of the tattoo.

Select the right tattoo for your collarbone and show up your expression. Request you to take all the measures as per the above advices and your tattoo artist advices. Keep rocking with your statements and lovely designs. Hope you found the collar bone tattoo ideas interesting.

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