Do Not Worry About Your Skin Problems, Post Diwali


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Tips On Protecting Skin Post Diwali

Diwali is one of the most brightest as well as the most lightest festival in India. We get new gifts, sweets, and lots of love from our elders, which makes our celebration the most special. As this festival comes, at the peak of the winter season, which is the most harsh season for the skin, makes even the normal skin appear dry and flaky. The pollution that Diwali makes with the crackers, or the diya’s can leave the skin polluted and dry. So, it is compulsory to take an extra care during and after the Diwali celebration, as these winter months as well as the pollution can harm on your skin internally as well as externally. So, here are a few tips on protecting your skin post Diwali, and look gorgeous without any skin problem after Diwali.

Tips To Take Care Of Skin After Diwali

1Never sleep with makeup on

Never sleep with makeup on

No matter whatever the occasion is, and how much ever tired you are. You must not skip the routine of toning moisturizing or in other words, removing makeup before going to bed. This process is an absolute must. Why do you ask? It is because, sleeping with your makeup on can suffocate your skin. As well as it can make your age faster 10 times more than the normal times. Over the night staying of makeup,can cause, your skin may absorb the chemicals from the makeup, then clog the pores and may cause breakouts.

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2Clean your skin

Clean your skin

Remember to clean all the traces of makeup, with a gentle skin cleanser before you go to bed. A cleanser with proper pH balancecan clean, protect as well as moisturizes the skin, and is also considered a party girls best friend. These cleansers can gently clean away the impurities and makeup, which leaves the skin feeling more soft and hydrated. Also, remember to use a slight damp cotton wipe, so that it doesn’t drag your skin.

3Moisturize and hydrate the skin

Moisturize and hydrate the skin

With all the extra pollution and chemicals, it is needed to provide your skin with more love and attention. In winters you need deep moisturizing emollient, in comparison to normal moisturizer in the summer. Try to treat your skin with vitamin C rich moisturizers. This can help you in slowing down the signs of aging. Try to drink plenty of water, as well make restrain from the sugary drinks. Other drinks which you can have other than water are Buttermilk, Coconut water, and many more.

Avoid: Caffeine, commercial drinks, Sugary sodas

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4Scrub properly

Scrub properly

Exfoliation is must for skin. But, remember to do it not more than once in a week during winters. Exfoliation can take care of the dry and flaky skin, but be sure to be gentle and you must not over do it. Try using a gentle scrub with tiny-grains. Mostly, prefer the natural,man-made scrubs.

Post Diwali Skincare Tips:

  • Always remember to wash the face and the hands with very mild soap, to scrub the dirt away, and then use a good moisturizer.
  • In case, if you have any minor burns, then you can use good antibiotic cream, after cleaning the wounds.
  • Remember to use the moisturizer as regularly as possible. Mostly, use oil based moisturizer, as it can protect the skin moisture. When you use the moisturizer, then try to keep it on the hands and the face, overnight.
  • Try to keep the moisturizer handy, so that whenever you feel that your skin is dry, you can use it
  • You can also consult your skin specialist, for more medicated facials that can cleanse and moisture the face.
  • Drink adequate water, that is, at least of eight to ten glasses of water a day, to get the glowing and clear skin.

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  • During Diwali, sweets and chocolates are unable to resist completely. So, you can try to limit them, to a great extent. Fried foods, or sweets can result in breakouts as well as dull skin.
  • Don’t forget to eat plenty of fresh fruits and raw vegetables.
  • Try to do workout to burn all the accumulated calories, as well as fat, which happened due to the extra dosage of sweets. Workout can bring a glow to your face as well as keep you fit.
  • You can add some drops of almond oil or any type of essential bath oil to your bath every day. As this can help in nourishing the skin.
  • If you have a sensitive skin, then all the smoke and the pollution can irritate your skin. So, try to cover your face with a cotton cloth while watching or even burning the crackers. Don’t forget to wash your face after you are done.
  • You can also try some homemade face packs or even masks, as they are the natural and effective way to get smooth, glowing and supple skin.

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