How To Take Care Of Goldfish?


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How To Take Care Of Goldfish?

A better care of your pet will lead a happy and long life. The same goes with your goldfish. If you really understand the basics of taking care of your fish, then your goldfish will live a longer life. In this article, we will be enlightening you with a common question of How To Take Care Of Goldfish.

How To Take Care Of Goldfish?

1Select A Healthy Goldfish

Select A Healthy Goldfish

If you want your goldfish to stay happy, try to choose one which is healthy. While inspecting the pet owner, try to dig deeper. Simple reasons that suggest not to buy a goldfish from a dirty aquarium, which means an aquarium which is filled with dirty water and dead marine life. The water should be fresh and the mates of your goldfish should be healthy too. There are chances that sick mates might have a bad effect on your goldfish too. Choose an interactive and social goldfish.

2A Friendly Environment

A Friendly Environment

If you really want to give your goldfish a proper treatment, then you should keep it in a friendly environment. You need to keep its tank clean, for its better survival. The size of the tank in which you are keeping your pet also matters.

3A Tank or A Bowl

A Tank or A Bowl

Many goldfish owners choose a small bowl for their first pet which turns out to be a very big mistake. Choose a tank which gives enough space to your fish, space where the goldfish can swim. Bowl doesn’t have enough space for aeration system and the filter. This is very unhealthy for a goldfish. These fishes do produce a lot of waste and to breathe in that waste is very toxic. You should follow the thumb rule of one goldfish for every 6 gallons of water.

4Why Pebbles and Gravels?

Why Pebbles and Gravels

Having pebbles and gravels at the bottom of your tank increases the attractiveness of the tank. It is also helpful in holding filter firm in its place. Gravel can be a home for the beneficial bacteria which helps in breaking the waste produced by your goldfish. So, having pebbles and gravels in the water tank of your goldfish is a good idea.



With proper filtration technique, the water tank of the goldfish also needs a few accessories to be equipped with.

* A thermometer: You never know when the temperature of the water will change. It is good to have a thermometer equipped with the water tank so as to keep your lovable goldfish in a safe and convenient environment.

A thermometer* Tank Lid With Light: If your fish is afraid of the dark then this is the best way to keep your fish happy. The light on the lid will be helpful for your fish to roam around easily and also, it will be helpful for you to keep an eye on its activity.

Tank Lid With Light* Tank Cleaning Equipment: You will be needing a soft and clean scrubber and siphon tube to clean your tank.

Tank Cleaning Equipment* Water Cleaner: You will be needing a water conditioner (or a water cleaner) to remove the toxic elements like chlorine and chloramines.

chlorine and chloraminesTank Maintenance

Tank MaintenanceIf you own a goldfish then you should understand that you need to partially change the water once in a week for the healthy living pet. This factor is directly dependent on the number of fishes living in the water tank. Keep in mind that if you choose to avoid changing water, then there is a chance of your fish dying soon.

* Firstly, rinse off the walls of your fish’s bowl or water tank.

* Replace 15% to 20% of the water of your water tank once in a week. Ensure that the water tank is equipped with a water conditioner.

* Sometimes go for a deep cleansing with the use of a soft siphon tube.

6Feeding Nutrients

Feeding Nutrients

You should feed your goldfish with high-quality flakes and pellets twice in a day. Keep a mental note of goldfish being notorious of its kind, they can stuff themselves to death. Pour a sufficient amount of food for your fish, the amount which it can consume in 5 minutes only. If there are any leftovers, then remove it from the tank as quickly as you can.

7Learning Is A Long Process

Learning Is A Long Process

This is a long process so be patient with your pet and nourish them with proper attention and care.

Tiru Dehariya