Beauty Tips That Can Make You Gorgeous


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Beauty Tips

For every woman, maintaining the glowing beauty can be difficult. Beauty treatment can be time consuming and needs a lot of patience. But, when you are in a hurry, all you can think about is how to get rid of dandruff for now, or tame that frizzy of hair for a party, or manage oily skin just for the moment. So here, are some beauty tips, that can make you gorgeous in a few minutes.

Beauty Tips For Gorgeous Skin

1For dull, oily and combination skin

oily and combination skin

Try to massage your skin with some iced yogurt and then sprinkle some sugar along. Now take the orange halves and scrub until the granules get melt properly. Wash your face with some iced water and see the changes it can make to your face and this is one of the best beauty tips you can practice.

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2For tired and dry skin

For tired and dry skin

First massage your skin with a papaya piece. Then try to make a scrub by mixing the oats as well as the honey along with some cold milk and scrub your skin. Wash it off with some ice cold milk and water, later pat dry.

3Dealing with under eye bags and dark circles

under eye bags and dark circles

Take two used chamomile tea bag and store them in the freezer. Then, grate half of a cucumber and massage it around the eye area. Lie down with the tea bags on the eyes for at least ten minutes. These beauty tips can make you see an instant difference in your eyes as well as how they look or feel.

4For a smooth back

For a smooth back

Are you planning to wear a backless blouse, dress or even choli, but don’t have any time to go for a body scrub to show a smooth back? Then here is a quick home remedy tip: take at least one cup of sea salt and then mix it with half cup of olive oil. In it add five drops of sandalwood oil and then mix them well. Store it in a jar and then scrub the areas of the body you want to flaunt. Later wipe it off with a wet towel.

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5For tired eyes

For tired eyes

When having long hours at work, then getting things organized for the festivals can be a little tiring. To feel refreshed instantly, you can make this wonderful eye wash. First take some iced water in a bowl, in it add some drops of rose water, two to three drops of honey and immerse one side of your face and ensure that your eye is inside the water. Try to open your eye a little, immediately closing it.

Throw away the water after use and then prepare same water for your other eye and repeat this process. After this, try to splash your eyes with some cold mineral water. There can be slight redness for some time, but it will go away soon and the eyes will feel refreshed in a few minutes.

6Instant face lift

Instant face lift

Try to wash your face with ice water or you can even rub some ice cube dipped in a tsp of honey on your face. Then beat the egg white, until it peaks and then brush on the skin, later let it dry. You can also feel the stretch in your skin. Then wash your face with icy cold water.

7Quick Hair Care

Quick Hair Care

If you don’t have any time to shampoo or blow dry your hair, and most of the time you find your hair oily? Well, then sweat not! You can sprinkle some talcum or amla powder on your hair brush. Then comb your hair with that brush, again overturn your hair over the head and then brush from the nape of your neck to the hair tips. Just throw your hair back and voila you get a bouncy oil free hair in just minutes.

8Tip for frizzy hair

Tip for frizzy hair

You can try this simple, quick as well as easy-to-make spray on your hair to tame your frizzy hair. First, take two lemon slices and simmer them in two cups of water until it can reduce to half the amount. Then pour the liquid in a spritz bottle and spray on the hair. It can create not only a wonderful natural sheen, but static will fly away from the hair.

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