6 Signs Of People Who Aren’t Ready For Real Relationship


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Real Relationship

Let’s face it, we all want something from a relationship. Yet some just want a casual and few wants committed, which is general expectations. It is important to identify certain signs, which mean the other person is not in a committed or in a real relationship. Such clarity in relationships will help in avoiding disappointments at the end, as you might be well prepared for it.

Signs to Know If Your Guy is not in a Real Relationship

1They are not progressive about relationship


A relationship is always like a plant. It has to be nurtured for its growth. Such evolution is what that leads it to solidity and certainty. However, if an individual doesn’t seem to put the effort in progressing the relationship, then it’s obvious that the person is not ready to take the relationship further.

2They prefer taking rather than giving

They prefer taking

They are always after something, they want to take from the relationship instead of offering. They wouldn’t like to make any sacrifices that could involve them. Giving is something, which is not their policy, while taking something makes them feel that they are still in control.

3They are hard to pin down

hard to pin down

Whether in actions or talks, if they are made to signal that are willing to be a part of real relationship they will be subtle. They will give vague answers about what they want from a relationship. They don’t have clarity about what they want from relationship and being subtle keeps the commitment at bark.

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4They avoid your families and friends

avoid your families

They find your friends and families as an element that represents responsibility and commitment, which they don’t have in a relationship. They would avoid meeting people who are really close to you.

5They make unnecessary demands

make unnecessary demands

You could say that they are perfectionist or they just keep irritating to distract you from good moments that can be born from your relationship. They would expect you to be perfect in all the circumstances in a relationship.

6They never trust others

They never trust others

They don’t seem to trust others, especially when it comes to their emotions and feelings. They feel the other person in the relationship might hurt and leave them. So they try to be safe and hide behind the distrust.

-Nikisha Uddagiri