Winter Nail Care Tips

Winter Nail Care Tips

Keep your pointers attractive and in shape this winter season with winter nail care tips. Everybody feels a difference in nails when it is the winter time. Yes, you can blame it on the drying heaters, cold air and on the whole loss of moisture which makes your nails dry and weak. There are many ways to fight the harmful damages of this season on your nails with these easy winter nail care tips.

Essential Nail Care Tips to Know

1Cover up

Cover up

Keep your hands covered, is one of the best seasonal nail care tips that anyone can give you. However, your fingers are not freezing, protect them from the chilled weather, that can help to reduce damage. You can even take a step forward to slather some hand lotion on hands and wear a cotton gloves when you sleep. You will wake up with clearly smoother and softer hands the next morning. Make sure you wear gloves when you are working with household cleaners and dish washers.

2Keep Lotion Handy

Keep Lotion Handy

You may not necessarily connect lotion with nail care, as these two are correlated. Creams help to keep your nails and hands moisturized, where you are likely to have nails, cuticles, gnarly and fragile nails. So make an attempt to humidify your nails after every time you wash your hands, so that they stay hydrated.

3Lose the Scented Lotions

Lose the Scented Lotions

Though you may be in love with the scented lotions, most lotions can have chemicals and additives that can make your nails dry. Lotion can be substituted with something called Aquaphor that acts as an ointment. It is important that you keep your skin hydrated always, which will create a barrier between the environment and your bare skin. Fragrance free lotions or creams can be used most of the times. This doesn’t mean you should not use the scented ones. You can use that once in a while.

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4Be Gentle

Be Gentle

You certainly hear that nail care tilt a lot, but undoubtedly, it is worth repeating on your fingernails! Get the habit of not using them as tools as well as avoid biting your nails and picking at your cuticles. Doing so will only further damage your nails in addition to the abuse they get from the weather!

5Use Nail Polish Remover Sparingly

Use Nail Polish Remover Sparingly

During winter, over usage of nail polish remover can be dreading to your nails and make it totally dry. Most women don’t see that this coming and use the remover every single time they want to remove their polish. Using a non-acetone nail polish remover once in a week or two would be best for your nails. Acetone removers are extremely harmful for your nails, they do the much avoidable damage. Acetone damages your cuticles, nails and even the skin, making the natural moisture wear off. Peeling of your polish with hands or using sharp edges to remove polish will only kill your nail texture more and more. Remember that your nails have a life too.

6Eat Well

Eat Well

This is another general nail care tip, which bears saying again, ‘eat a balanced diet’. You can help to reinforce the health of your nails from inside by consuming a well-formed diet that contains foods, which are rich in protein and Vitamin B. Reach for fish, spinach, bananas as well as fat free meat. You can even pop a biotin addition that supports healthy hair, skin, nails and metabolism.

-Nikisha Uddagiri