Why sex is very important in your relationship

Why is sex important in your relationship?

A lot of people think sex is overrated in a relationship. Well, firstly, sex is not just the physical relationship, but a lot more to do with emotional relationship when it’s with your partner. In every relationship, sex plays a vital role. Emotions are important and have to be given utmost importance. Apart from emotional and physical pleasure, sex has a lot of other benefits to us, medically. Here are some reasons why sex is very important in your relationship.

Reasons Why Sex Is Important

1Sex connects you

Sex connects you

Every relationship works best by the way two people take it. But, there are some hidden relationship secrets that not many are aware of. Did you know that if you are physically connected and if your love is serious, the chances of breakup is much lesser than not having sex? Isn’t that just a cherry on the cake reason for you to have sex now? Well, this is because, there is a great connect when you see your partner naked. Also, being in love and hanging out always and saying love you’s are not just signs of having a great chemistry. There is more to it. If both of you have found a groove in the bedroom, that is when you can actually achieve a perfect chemistry. To build the chemistry, sex is very important in a relationship

2Stress reliever

Stress reliever

Wouldn’t you want to actually come back home after a long day and feel fresh and happy rather than feeling grumpy? Ummm… Well, then sex can help you. It is a proven fact that sex can actually release stress from a person. It is also touted that sex produces happy hormones in women just like shopping and chocolate. So, if you want a stress free life, make it a practice to leave your worries aside and get down to business right away. Plan a romantic evening, wear an inviting dress, and let the fire begin. Having sex can make your day or night exciting and very rejuvenating for you to face the next day happily.

3More of an emotional process

More of an emotional process

Most will accept with this. Sex not just connects you, it is also a process that takes you through an emotional process. Making up after a fight or having happy sex produces more emotions than you can expect. Did you know that couples who have more sex are generally very expressive and feel the need to be lovey-dovey even in public. They don’t have the feel to hide anything and are not depressed most of the times. They are happy people who have a smile on their faces, almost always. Sex has to do with more mind and less physical.

4Lady hormones are balanced

Lady hormones are balanced

A night of passionate sex will boost your woman hormones. Being sexually inclined and active means producing more estrogen. Practicing lovemaking skills once a week will push your menopause symptoms by months and gives way to healthy period cycle. That is one awesome reason to actually make love. Isn’t it ladies?

5Reduces cancer risks

Reduces cancer risks

Everything these day cause cancer. From active smoking, passive smoking, too much alcohol, some dressing style and whatnot! But, there is one way you can avoid cancer. Indulge in some old fashioned sexual intercourse, enjoy and don’t worry about prostate or breast cancer.

6Lets you live longer

Lets you live longer

This could crack you up and make you laugh, but hey! This is true and you are going to love it. Having an orgasm once in two days helps you extend one day of your life. You see that? Isn’t that the most easiest ways to live longer. Not only is it easy, it is even enjoyable, fun and amazing way to live longer. So, help your partner live longer by having more sex.

7Burns calories

Burns calories

Make you exercise, sexercise now! Having sex burns 144 calories per half an hour. Who doesn’t like burning calories? The key for high calorie burning sex is making it hot and making it last for quite a while. Giving sensual massages, playing with each other, long hours of make out sessions, helps burning 18 to 30 calories.

8Sex reduces headaches

Sex reduces headaches

Did you know that sex is not the reason for sex? It actually is the reason why you should have sex. Headaches reduce when you have a good session of love-making. It also gives great threshold when it comes to pain. So, the next time your partner complains about paining head or body, go give him some awesome time which will make him forget his pains.

9Glowing skin

Glowing skin

Who doesn’t love looking flawless when you look at the mirror? Having a clear and bright skin is every girl’s wish and to add to that list, having sex can improve your skin tone and texture. Having frequent sex can help your skin glow and turn it more beautiful for you. The theory is simple. The more frequent you have sex, the happier person you turn out to be and hence the glow.

We all know that sex is important but, did you know it also comes with such added advantage. Sex is emotional, physical, mental well-being and having it makes you a happier person! So, go ahead, feel happy and look happy by having sex!

-Pavithra Ravi