Ways to wake your skin up after a tiring sleepless night

Ways to wake your skin up after a tiring sleepless night

If you are a person who is burning the midnight oil every now and then, you have landed on the right page. Aren’t you often worried how you look like a living dead after getting up from a pretty poor sleeping schedule? Often you might come across questions like ‘Why do you look dull’?’ Why is your face so oily’ or ‘why are your eyes so red? Give yourself a break!

These questions are not only irritating, but also test your patience and start to get you worried about what is so wrong with your face! Well, confusions on one side and helplessness on the other, every girl needs to go through these easy ways to wake your skin up every morning, if you are spending the night without sleeping.

Tips For Glowing Skin

1Take a shower

Take a shower

Taking a shower is dead obvious, but when you feel utterly exhausted, un-fresh and totally tired, it is difficult to take a warm bath. But, it is always better to take a fresh hot bubble bath or just head bath that will wake you up. If you have any of the exfoliating scrubs or face washes, it is even better. Your skin is dead for the number of hours you are awake making you look pale, dull and dry.

Applying a good dose of scrubs will help your face brighten up. Use a brush if possible to clean off the dark circle areas. When you get out of the shower, apply a good moisturizer which will awaken your skin and make it look bright and fresh. Now that you have taken a bath and applied some cream, try to take a towel and give a tight press to your face. Apart from your puffy eyes, you have a perfectly fresh face.

2Combat the signs of lack of sleep

Combat the signs of lack of sleep

Puffy eyes can be easily handled with a few tricks. A cold compress is the tried-and-true remedy for puffy eyes. Cool one of these items in your fridge and apply to your eyes for about 10 minutes.

1. Spoon- Yes, spoons can do the magic. Keep the spoon in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes and take it out. You can now place the back of the spoon on your eyelid and press it. Keep it intact until the spoon comes back to its normal temperature. This trick works like wonders when you have puffy eyes or when your eyes are surrounded by dark circles.

2. Tea bags- Shocked again? Yes, tea bags can do the trick too. Take few used tea bags and have a slightly astringent quality, so they can tighten the under-eye area. Keep it for 10-15 minutes. You can also refrigerate the tea bags for effective results.

3. Cucumbers or potatoes- Cucumbers are proven, tested and tried. Most often, parlors keep this to cool your eyes when you are getting a face bleach done. Cucumber has almost 90% of water, which again takes off most of the dark circles and puffiness from your eyes.

3Home remedies for puffy eyes

If you have puffy and red eye, it is because of blood clots in your eye veins. It is very normal and can be removed using few home remedies

1. Use a warm compressor instead of a cold one if you have red eyes. That will release your clots and clear up the blood veins.

2. Make up can also do the trick. Use a camouflage makeup to cover your reddishness or an eyeliner is enough to do the necessary. Use a blue eyeliner on the upper lid and use a white or silver color kohl. This will take off the attention from the inner part of your eye. A dark, distracting lipstick also works.

4Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure

It is a basic thing every girl should know. It is always better to prevent than to search for options to cure it. So if you are looking to prevent a dead look on your skin, you can always try to keep it away from becoming dead.

Using extra pillows will help your face from not losing its charm. RealAge claims that this will help from reducing puffiness and sleep lines on your face.

Drinking less alcohol or caffeine products before bedtime can prevent the dark circles or skin dullness. Since both the products have dehydrating enzymes, it increases Bulge and fleshy look.

Drinking a lot of water can help. Though you may not enhance the mood exactly, but you can always drink water little by little while working late hours. This will keep your body from dehydrating and increase blood vessels count.

Finally, consider what’s keeping you awake. Whether you have sleep problems like insomnia that need to be worked on or work-life balance issues, the need for beauty sleep isn’t a myth. At least one study found that sleep deprivation really does make people appear less healthy and less attractive compared to when they get a normal eight hour’s of rest. You don’t need to feel too self-conscious about it, though-most people will understand if you just say “had a rough night.”

-Pavithra Ravi