Ways to prevent your hair from getting tangled

Ways to prevent your hair from getting tangled

Often every girl complains about her hair getting tangled or knotted even when at home. Hair knotting is a serious and major issue every girl wants to get rid of. Are you regularly trimming your hair thinking that the knots may disappear once you trim? Then that is a big NO! The length of your hair has to do nothing with the way your hair tangles. In my previous article about “How to get your curls right”, I had suggested that curling does make your hair look good, but when you curl your hair, one has to be aware that hair damage or knotting is on a higher side.

Tangled hair is never fun. In fact, it’s quite painful when you can’t get them out right. It often leads to flaky, dry, itchy hair that becomes dead and gives an unnatural look. Are you looking for a solution in this area? Want to look for a permanent solution to this? Then here are some ways to prevent your hair from getting tangled.

Tips For Untangled Hair

1Make conditioner your pal

Make conditioner your pal

Condition condition condition! When you are figuring out what to do when you have a hair that just does not stop getting tangled, you will then know how important is it to get your hair pampered. This is the most effective method of getting your hair from falling into danger. There are several ways to get it right and you can try them all, if your hair reacts perfectly well to that. Conditioning your hair is always a good option since you get a smooth, silkier hair when you start styling it. However, this is not the only option and definitely not enough! If you need a better and healthier hair, you will need to do much more than hair conditioning. A more powerful method is leave-in treatmentevery day or at least thrice in a week. If you have an oily hair, condition only your hair tips and not the scalp!

2Heat style-less

Heat style-less

Heat styling causes major damage to your hair, making it fragile and brittle. The obvious reason of styling your hair without a curling or flat iron machine is easy to avoid tangles. When you do anything unnaturally, the results are also unnatural. When you flat iron your hair, you are going against your natural hair, which will take less time to get back to its original texture. One of the easy ways to get your hair untangled is to heat your hair, less and to use a spray that not only protects your hair, but also gives it a shiny look. Usage of limited spray helps in getting natural, bouncy untangled hair.

3Avoid coloring or dyeing your hair

Avoid coloring or dyeing your hair

It is very important to know that hair coloring is again a major issue for knotting hair. It gives it blistering, feel and makes it rough, hard and difficult to comb. All the styling or hair beauty products are harmful and your hair has to go through a lot of replenishing and transformation to get back the originality. Avoiding dyes will make your hair smooth and keep it happy. Remember, the damage is permanent and it does not change unless you plan to shave it off completely!

4Say bye to brushing

Say bye to brushing

While it is okay to brush your hair, it is ideally better to comb it when your hair is wet. When you have a wet hair, always use a big mouthed comb that can make it easier to slide through the knots and break it making it less painful. Once you have tried taking out the knots, go with brushing your hair. It is even better if your hair is dry when you comb it. Also, work from the bottom up, so you can level the worst knots first.

5Do not bunch it

Do not bunch it

When you take a head bath, remember to always start from the middle part of your hair. Using the right techniques to wash and dry your hair will also help you avoid tangles. It is obvious that most of you might try shampooing your hair at the roots and the tips. Avoid shampooing your roots which will reduce tangles. Also, when you dry your hair, do not bunch it up or try to get over with it sooner. Slowly squeeze out the excess over and handle it smooth to avoid tangling of hair.

6Say no to Alcohol

Say no to Alcohol

No, this doesn’t mean you should stop drinking or quit having your occasional parties. What this means is, quit using alcohol products. It is hard on your hair when you use alcohol products generally and even worse when your hair is the tangling type. Always go with gentle herbal, natural hair care products that get your hair out of chemically prone products.

7Give a good hair sleep

Give a good hair sleep

Always remember, it all starts and ends on your bed! Do you have experience in getting up with tangled, snarled dirty looking nested hair? Then sympathize yourself. There are various ways to get out of the bed not looking like a zombie. Try sleeping on a silk or a satin cloth, make your pillow case a satin friendly one.Try to braid your hair on top or come up with ways to keep your hair unopened. Ponytail or plating your hair will help. It is even better if you can plate it till the end, keeps the tangles locked and won’t disturb your hair. Remember to not sleep with un-combed wet hair. That is when the zombie crops up!

8Throw the elastic scrunchies

Throw the elastic scrunchies

If you are a person who ties up your hair most of the times, then try to use clothe based scrunchies than the elastic ones. Try not to wear your ponytail too tight or regularly, because pressing your hair hard for long hours causes damage and gives you a head ache!

So ladies, here are your 8 ways to prevent your hair from getting tangled! If you have more tips or ways to get your hair straight and smooth without knotting, do share your views with us!

-Pavithra Ravi