Ways to Make a Strapless Bra More Comfortable

Ways to Make a Strapless Bra More Comfortable

Do you think beauty is just a pain? Yes, it is! The skinny jeans, tight stockings, high heels, waxing and everything we do to put ourselves look pretty. But at times, it’s all worth it! Who wouldn’t like to wear a beautiful strapless dress without having your bra straps showing. There could be a nightmare of finding a strapless bra that will in fact support your breast and won’t fall down, which can of course be a nightmare. There’s nothing like the happiness of finding a good one.

Fashion Tips to Show Up the Strapless Bra

1Play Around With Sizes

Play Around With Sizes

It’s a rule of thumb to measure each time you buy a new bra, as your usual size might differ from the strapless size. While buying a strapless bra, make sure you size down in the up, in the cup and the band, as the band is the only source of support to the bra to stick in place. So, do not play around with the sizes, as it has to fit comfortably to keep the bra and girls up.

2Stick It

Stick It

To reduce the risk of your strapless heading down, help out the bra to stick to your skin to the extent that is possible. For instance, keep your skin clean and skip applying the beauty products around your breasts like moisturizers or any other body creams. As well, try to look for the styles which have sticky features like a rubber grippy band or a silicone on the inside ridge. Silicone within the cups of a strapless bra gives extra stay-up hold. Simply skip moisturizer and powders in and around the area of bra for the silicone bra to work its magic.

3Try and Then Buy

Try and Then Buy

Most people do not like trying on clothes in stores. Nevertheless, taking a trip to the dressing room would not be a bad idea on a few occasions. While buying a strapless bra, the size and fit of the bra may differ immensely from one brand to the other brand. So instead of taking a trip again to the store, get into the changing room for a trial.

4Look For Well-Structured Garments

Well-Structured Garments

Women who are well-endowed gets a great soothe from a strapless and a slight extra band support. If you are busted, you will require a strapless bra from those brands, which specializes in ‘C’, cups and ups, structure should feature a wider band, extra support through the cups and three hooks in the back.

According to the size, bras change, for smaller busts, you get a double row of hooks; for mid-sized busts you get three hooks and for larger busts you get four rows of hooks for an extra support.

5Consider the Longline

Consider the Longline

Wide bands do not do the job, so try a longline style. These styles give you some strengthening from below your breast. As a longline bra has a bodice that helps in supporting your bust. With a longline bra, the band lengthens all the way to the waist for a maximum lift. So make sure you know, that band is the only source of support. This just not offers the support, but also works as a push-up.

6Proper Care of Bra

Proper Care of Bra

When you invest on a good bra, it is your responsibility that you take good care of it. When it comes to more sturdy bras’s or underwired you have to hand wash them, instead of throwing them in the washing machine. Let them dry by cups facing up, and gently smooth out if any dents to maintain the original shape of the bra. In case of machine wash, wash your bras with delicate series in a lingerie bag with cold water.

-Nikisha Uddagiri

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