Ways to get your curls right

Ways to get your curls right

Have you wondered how annoying it is to go to a party looking chic, stylish with your curled hair and then after 30 minutes, all you discover is a dried dead looking half-curly or rather wavy hair that cannot hold up your curls? If you have been cribbing about this to yourself or your friends, you should know that it is time to take things up your own hands. It is quite easy to keep your good looking hair curly, silky and locked up all night/day. Using the right technique always is an essential aspect of keeping your hair curled up. Always find a suitable method for yourself which will give way to getting your curls perfectly right. It is more than important to use both the combinations of technique and suitability for oneself. Here are some great curling tips and guidelines to get the correct kind of curls hassle free.

Top Ways For Perfect Curls

1It starts with your hair product

It starts with your hair product

If your hair is stick straight and doesn’t cooperate to curl, the key to making it do so is by using the right product that makes all the difference just like that. Some products you might want to skip due to its rate or may be because your friends told you not to use are the main ones that make your hair stronger and curly. Products like Tressemmeor Boing cream are products that are for naturally curly hair, but it does a great work on stick straight hair. Styling mousse, hair curling sprays, spray wax are also pampering products to go with the above products.

2Flat ironer works better

Flat ironer works better

Did you know that curling your hair with a flat ironer makes a better curling appeal than your normal curler? At first, it may be a challenge to get your curls right with a flat ironer since you are used to straightening your hair with the specific machine. But when you know the trick to do it, you will be more than amazed! Always use a flat ironer which has rounded edges and are smooth on the sides because most of the times one tends to do it in excitement and cuts the hair tip leaving spilt ends. Make sure your ironer is on a medium heat and then try the curling and make sure there are no kinks. If there are extra kinks, then you are holding the ironer too tight! Brush your hair before you curl and then start the process.

3Start from the top always

Start from the top always

Do you think it is extremely right to start curling from the bottom? Most of the times, women tend to think it is the exact process as how it is done with the straightener. But that is wrong. You never curl your hair from the bottom. It always starts from the top and slides to the bottom to give better looking and locked up curls.

4Protect your locks

Protect your locks

Make sure you spray your hair with an anti damage curling product which will spread like a safety blanket on your hair, protecting it from getting damaged. It gives your hair a shiny appearance once curled up and protects it from getting rough or dry. Remember, whether you are using a curling machine or a flat ironer, spraying the hair spray is a protective layer.

5Crack the Bobby pins

Crack the Bobby pins

There is a hassle free and easy piece of advice on getting your hair curls right. Roll and curl! It is best to always roll your curls with your finger. Roll your hair up to your head and fix it using a bobby pin and then when your hair has been all curled up and pinned, slowly spray the hair spew and leave it for less than 15 minutes. Now you can slowly remove your curls one by one. This method is one of the easiest ways to get the right curls and those that stays all day long without any cracks!

6Get a trim once in a while

Get a trim once in a while

Once in a while it is good to get your hair trimmed since split ends never let your hair curl up or even grow. SO it is advisable to get a good trim or even a sexy hair cut, which will show a hair changing experience.

7Talk to your hairdresser

Talk to your hairdresser

Your hairdresser is the best person to get advice from. He / She will know what the exact problem is and get advice on the various products that are available in the market for your hair. It is always advisable to stick to what you think is more right than asking your friends since you and your hairdresser know your hair better than anyone else.

8Invest in good products

Invest in good products

Your hair is as important as any other part of your body. Your hair is one part that grows, gets damaged or looks good that is easily noticeable so you have to be even more concerned about getting the right product. It is fine to invest in good products and get costlier ones if necessary. Not all products are costly. You can do a ground check on what are the products that give you special discounts or that are on sale. Remember, buying the right product matters that too hair products!

9Investing in good tools

Investing in good tools

If your curler or ironing machine is rusted or has some electrical damage, the first thing you should do is to throw it out! Yes, hair machines need proper care since they tend to burn your hair, if misused. Use good irons that work with ease. Do not buy complicated ones that are difficult to handle. Having a nice curling iron will not only speed up your process, but will focus on less damaging and makes your hair bouncier!

Remember that usage of anything too much will only spoil the texture of your hair. Don’t use too much hair spray. It will dry out your hair and it will be too hard to comb out. It will also make your curls very hard and crunch-like. Try, be creative and test your hair, protect them and get your curls right with ease!

-Pavithra Ravi