8 Ways To Decorate Your Children’s Room

Great ideas to decorate your children’s room

Whether or not you make your bedroom, fancy and dreamy, you should always make sure you have a great idea and plan to decorate your children’s room. It is a fantasy for every kid to design her/his room according to their way. Kids generally desire to have bright colors, fancy décor, a lot of crazy and creative ideas. You can customize your children’s room according to your wish or also by taking inputs from them. Here are some ideas as to how to keep your children’s room attractive, happening and colorful

Great ideas to decorate your children’s room

1Bright colors

Bright colors

You have to understand that children firstly don’t understand the intricate details of color symbolism. Whether or not you like it, go with bright colors because why make it boring and dull? Children are fun, bright and attractive and so should their rooms be too. Adding combinations is very important. Make it colorful by using more than two colors. Also, you can try to involve your children’s favorite cartoon characters on one side of the wall and make it interesting like a story. More colors bring happiness and positive energy! So, always choose bright colors like red, purple, orange, white, green, yellow and avoid black as much as possible.

2Dual-purpose cots

Dual-purpose cots

As your young ones start growing, they would need a lot of space to move around, play and run. To achieve this, you can always go for dual purpose beds where the bed acts as a sofa during the daytime and as and when the children want to sleep, they can pull it and it becomes their bed. This will save a lot of space and will make your way to decorate your children’s room with added fancy features. Also, if that is not affordable or out of your budget, try the two in one rack bed system, where one child can climb and sleep on the top and the other one sleeps on the bottom. This will save space, but make sure your children don’t fight for who wants to take the upper berth!

3Make an office space

Make an office space

Making an office space  for your children in their bedrooms is one of the best ways to kick start their interest towards doing homework’s etc. To start off, try a table and a chair with lamp and then go on to write and pasting quotes on their wall that focuses on work and homework etiquette. This will bring some enthusiasm and they will feel like their own office, every time they enter the office area. You can make it colorful with a lot of stationary and put in some useful wordings for them to read and get motivated.

4Create a theme

Create a theme

Making a themed setup will give more attraction to your children’s rooms. Always ask for their preference. If they are unable to decide, help them and take them through the process of selecting their favorite theme. Things you can team up for themes are their beds, mattress, look and feel like the wall color, door mats, ceiling, fans and obviously their restrooms as well. You can club this with their sport interest or their favorite actor or singer. Creating a theme is definitely creative and you need to put your thinking caps on for this.

5Custom lofts

Custom lofts

Pushing two children in one room could be a lot more difficult than you think. So when you have more than one, it is better to actually make custom made lofts for your kid’s rooms. You can either buy wardrobes that have lofts or make openings in their beds. Mix – match your ideas and make a grand loft area for your children so they can enjoy the free space in their room instead of staying in between a dungent.

6Picture time

Picture time

A creative room can have everything that holds both imagination and memories. You can very much use beautiful pictures of your children to decorate the wall and cabinet space. This will look very classy and will make memories beautiful.

7Pattern it

Pattern it

Sophisticated patterns can work great for children who are over 12 years. You can make a one wall wallpaper kind of a concept and make the bold print and give it a funky yet serious look. This will make your children feel that they are grown up, they got to be serious in life. You might wonder how a wall color or pattern can change your children’s thoughts, but hey! What you see is what you will feel in due course of time.

8Growth chart

Growth chart

On one side of the room, you can have a growth chart which can be made creative. Instead of a boring and mundane growth chart, you can purchase an eye catching framing growth chart that will make it very interesting. You can mark your child’s height and compare every time you check for her/his growth.

You can very easily make things beautiful when you have an idea. Firstly, plan what you want your children’s room to look like. Always consider their options and suggestions to plan it the way they want. You cannot just make it look like how you want and flop the whole idea. Make it creative, bright because it is the kid’s room! If they don’t enjoy now, when will they!

-Pavithra Ravi