6 Reasons to have a baby at young age

young age

While most of your friends are planning about their marriages, are you worried thinking you are pregnant? Well, don’t be! There are more than 1000 reasons why you should be pregnant at your young age itself. Ideal age to get pregnant is when you hit your 23-24 years, but of course it changes according to each couple. This article is only for those who are carrying a child already and worried if they are in the right age to carry a child. Of course, this is also not to tell the other women who are having late children to not have. This is just to tell all the young to-be-moms to chill and not worry about the age. Let’s celebrate your pregnancy and tell you the why having a baby at young age is probably the best choice.

Reasons for Why You Should Have a Baby at Young Age

1You have more time

You have more time

You might be there to see your kids retire. You will get to be a part of your children’s life, their crises and their achievements. Your odds of loving your grand children will likely be a hundred percent more rather than waiting for another 10 years or so to have a baby. You will get more time for almost everything. You will spend time with your family, go on vacations with your granddaughter or grandson and enjoy your life with them. Ultimately, family is everything.

2You will be back soon

You will be back soon

You will be back soon on your feet up and running. That will be a quick bounce back since it is the biological fact. Younger bodies will definitely come back earlier since you will have the fitness and flexibility. If you are in your early twenties, don’t worry at all because you will get back on your feet very soon. It will be easy to fit in your jeans very soon. Yes, you will suffer from stretch marks, but who cares! You just had a baby and that will keep you going. Every minute will be enjoyed and cherished. So, don’t worry about getting back on your feet.

Also knowBaby making mistakes you are probably making

3Skipping the Heartbreak

Skipping the Heartbreak

You don’t have to worry what you should wear on dates, what clothes fit you or what doesn’t. You don’t have to constantly be looking at the mirror to know how you look or reassuring yourself by clicking pictures. Parties, bikinis, waxing, dresses, breakups and patch ups are never going to be your priority. Your priorities will change drastically that you will not have the time to feel bad about the lost boyfriend or the heartbreak that you would be going through if you didn’t have a baby. There would be friends of yours who will still crib about their life and whine about their boyfriends, while you can raise your kid and have a happy life. This is definitely a sign of you growing up!

4Finance back up

Finance back up

You don’t have to be one of those who has to save every penny of your retirement money for your kids. You will be able to save more than needed by the time your daughter or son gits 20. Your focus as soon as you plan on getting a baby will change from how you spent to how to save. So, automatically you will be put in a situation to save all of the money that you have earned. The responsibility increases and so does your savings. You will start thinking about your baby’s future and start saving whatever is necessary. That way, you are kicking everyone else’s ass and would have an early retirement. After you get your children married, you and your husband can blow off your retirement money happily at each other or take a world trip and enjoy there.

5More energy

More energy

You will have a greater reservoir of energy and this is definitely a biological plus when you conceive one at your young age. Having a baby is exhausting and there are no surprises in that. They are awake almost always and you need to have extra energy to tackle their cries, pee, potty and so many other things added to it. You need to constantly be aware of the baby’s sounds and react accordingly. If you are young, you will have all the energy to take care of your baby, feed, change and do the diapers too. You of course have to take your husband’s help too but it becomes easier in the long run. You will have a lot of memories that you can tell your grandkids when they grow up.

6Start a Family

Start a Family

You will have people of your own on whom you can fall back to. Yes, this happens even if you get a baby a little later, but the sooner, the better! The feeling of happiness is amazing and you will love everything about starting a family. Having their presence in your life will mean everything to you. Babies will patch up the broken bond between families, they will bring a new reel of life to you and make you a happier and a better person. You will have your precious little thing much earlier than the other and that is your prize!

-Pavithra Ravi