How to control your anger

How to control your anger

Controlling something that comes out without your knowledge could be a tough thing to do. Yes, anger is one thing that could be unmanageable sometimes keeping various factors in mind. Whether it is the person who is irritating you or because of an incident that happened, anger could be one way through which things that you don’t intend may look intended. Doesn’t it go out of your hands a few times? Well, the good news is that, if you are looking to control your anger there are a few ways you can successfully do that. Take a glance over how to control your anger.

Top Techniques to Control Your Anger

1Timeout works

Timeout works

Instead of feeling bad for hurting someone when you are angry, you surely can try the other ways of controlling your anger. Firstly, defuse your temper by making sure to slow down. Take a moment or two before you react. Breathe and let out big blows of sigh and just count to 10 in your head. It works best if you can step out of the situation or the person who is trying to get on your nerves. Out of sight, is out of mind. So, make sure you are at least 10 steps away from them so that your frustration reduces.

2Be cool and then express irritation

Be cool and then express irritation

While controlling anger or suppressing your anger could be highly dangerous as well, you could always try the other way. Calm yourself first and then when you are cool, express irritation. When you have a cool head, expressing disinterest or letting out emotions is wiser than blurting things you never mean when you are angry. Confrontation goes a long way than getting mad and shouting. When you think and act, you will not end up hurting anyone with words. It is always safe to be correct from your side.

3Exercise helps

Exercise helps

We are not kidding at all. When you anger builds up, lock yourself in a room and start doing plunges or lifts. Take a brisk walk, run or do an exercise you like to do. Sitting idle doesn’t make sense when you are pissed with a situation or someone, because you are only repressing your emotions. Trust us when we say this, if you exercise, you will feel much more stress free and in fact happier. This could actually change your entire mood and reverse the emotions for you since your brain chemicals start to become active.

4Think, then talk

Think then talk

Remember, how much ever you are angry, make sure you don’t blurt out things you don’t want to listen. Put yourself in the person’s shoes and think at least for a minute before you talk. If you don’t do this, you may end up dashing irrational comments and then start regretting for it. Pull yourself together, standardize your thoughts, hold on for a first few minutes and after that, start talking. It is extremely important you make sure to think before you speak, else it may get too late to do anything.

5Figure out the solutions

Figure out the solutions

Yes, we would not say you should dive right away into figuring out the possible solutions for the problem that just happened. It is not even possible to do that in anger. But, make sure to access a solution and ring a bell on her head that anger is just not the ultimate answer for everything. If you decide anything when you are angry, things go worse. So, next time you are angry with your son’s marks or your husband’s indecisive behavior, think for a minute or two as to why it’s happening again and again. This way, you could even answer if you have been going wrong somewhere.

6Stick with ‘I’ statements


Sticking with ‘I’ statements doesn’t mean that you are putting the blame on yourself. It just means that you are trying to let them know that you are personally upset for the act of theirs. Being specific about something is way better than generalizing. When you generalize, there are chances that it could be misconstrued. Instead of saying ‘You never take out the garbage’ trying saying ‘I am upset that you didn’t take out the garbage last night’. When you are specific, the act seems valid. So, stick to your ‘I’ statements

7Humor can reduce tension

Humor can reduce tension

When you are angry, try to crack a joke. Yes, you read it right! A joke to ease the situation will help you diffuse your fury or wouldn’t make the other person feel like he is at the sword-neck situation. If you are cracking a joke, let that be a joke and not take turns to being sarcastic which will make things worse.

-Pavithra Ravi