Top 6 Ways To Stop Obsessing Over Things

Top 6 Ways To Stop Obsessing Over Things

Obsession is something that comes when you are extremely focused on one thing and you have the need to check on the same thing again and again. You can learn to get back on track if you follow certain things which will help you curb the obsession you have. You are prone to becoming obsessed with a lot of things that are not related to you also like a hobby, you family, work, a need for something, money etc. Obsessions are a dangerous area to touch upon because the over concentration on something can bring a lot of trouble to you and your personal life. You need to learn some ways which you can stop obsessing and here are some ways to overcome your obsessions over things.

Things You Need to Know to Stop Obsessing

1Go slow

Go slow

You need to control your mind in such a way that you understand that you are going into an obsession. Knowing that you are under obsession is the first step. Now, think of all the ways in which you can slow down your obsession. You need to take a step back and think for a minute about what you want to do and how you want to approach. Do you want to really spend time on obsessing about something that is trivial? Do you have to be really worried? Stopping for a while to think about the subject matter will help you figure out on how to slowly stop. Your mind needs to be aware of the fact that you are obsessing. So, ponder upon that rather than thinking or obsessing on the thing you want to do.

2Strike a balance

Strike a balance

You should strike a balance in your life in order to stop thinking or obsessing over things. Firstly, if you have a company or people who can keep you distracted, you can very much think about everything else other than being fixated on one thing. That is where people and balance comes into play. If you have other things to do by your side, you will not focus just on one thing. Keep yourself busy and take time off from doing just one thing. If you are working obsessive, take the time and meet your friends or spend time with your family. If you are going to not have any game in life, it is going to make you a dull person.

3Seek help

Seek help

There is nothing wrong to ask for help when you want one. To stop obsessing, you need to realize and trust a person with whom you can share and pour out your heart. That way they will let you know and keep a check on you when you go overboard. If you have a trustworthy friend with whom you have shared long years and she/he knows everything about you, that person will be perfect to control your obsession. If not, you always have family to help you with all of this. Even if you don’t want to over share or make them listen to you all the time, you can feel secure that they are just there if you need help. It is very important to know that you have people who will help you in no matter what condition you are.

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4Find a hobby/change

Find a hobby change

If you think that you are drifting away into the obsession world, you have to take the concept of change seriously. Yes, you need to think of ways in which you can keep your mind away from obsessing for which you have to develop a hobby. Focus all your obsession energy into something that you have always wanted to do or learn. Learn a new sport or how to play the guitar, violin or sing your heart out. Or think about what you want to do next in life. It could be short or long term thinking. You can even think of the outfit you want to wear for your friend’s party or what color you want to paint your wall. It is always good to avert your mind to something else immediately so that all your attention will be focused elsewhere instead of concentrating on your obsession.

5Take a break

Take a break

The easiest way to help you from obsessing is to take a break which is very effective. Quick and easy breaks will help you cut the obsession you have and it will let you focus on something else. If you are a workaholic and are obsessing over work, take a quick break and go hit the coffee place, if you are obsessing over cleaning, go and play with the water for a while, you are obsessing over diet, eat something that is fat filled. This way you will protect yourself from obsessing over the trivial things that can easily be changed by you.

6Realize you are hurting yourself

Realize you are hurting yourself

It is very very important for you to realize that you are perhaps hurting your own self by obsessing over something. When you understand the fact that you are being hurt in the process of obsession, you will also understand that, you are being your worst enemy. It may be easier to stop obsessing when you come to terms with the realization factor. Of course, nobody would wish to hurt themselves. Hence, the obsession will slow down.

-Pavithra Ravi