Tips to Plan an Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are just not celebration of love between two people, but the celebration of love among family and friends. Without any expectations, you can probably say, that the wedding will be definitely filled with fun, friends, family and on the whole festivity. Planning a wedding can take both time and energy. If you want your wedding to be best, then plan ahead. Here are a few helpful tips to start and organize your wedding.

Indian Wedding Planning Tips

1Pick a date

Pick a date

Congratulations on getting engaged! Having a date set in mind soon after getting engaged makes things easier. As you will have lots of time to plan, choose and shop for your wedding. Remember, that there will never be enough of time, if you are planning for a wedding. Even if you have a year of time, you will still be same on the last week. So better than messing up, start arranging now!

2Determine your guests

Determine your guests

Indian weddings are family oriented, so decide what kind of wedding you want. Regardless of that, keep a track on guests, so that you will know the right quantity of food to order.

3Get your invitations out

Get your invitations out

Once the date and guest lists are finalized, then it’s the time to select an invitation card. Determine your budget, and choose a card that goes according to your theme and tradition. If you cannot invest more on cards, and have time for the wedding. Then you can customize your own wedding invitation cards with classy looks.

4Determine your budget

Determine your budget

Weddings can be pricey, but if you know that you are working out on a budget, then you can probably make a detailed budget list. It would be easier, as you can work with it for the rest of your wedding plan. Even if you are not on a strict budget, create a list, as it helps you in narrowing down your choices and buy unnecessary things.

5Book a venue

Book a venue

The venue, is the one that you have to book in advance, as there are always more number of people to get married, than the venues in the city. So, make sure you book the desired venue in advance.

6Decide on catering

Decide on catering

Food, is an important component in any Indian wedding. There are few traditions, where family members accompany caterers in deciding and guiding the caterers in cooking their regional traditional food.

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7Pick out what to wear

Pick out what to wear

Decide what you want to wear on the big day, the traditional saree or bridal western Lehenga or the combination of both Indian and western wedding attire. Buy your dress prior to your wedding, as you can try and alternate it, if any required.

8Hire a good photographer

Hire a good photographer

Capturing the moments on your big day is most crucial element of any wedding. If you are trying to lock whole event, then never choose an inexperienced photographer. As, these will be cherished throughout life and well make them great, whenever you throw back your memories.

9Thank you Gifts

Thank you Gifts

End the event with thank you gifts, as in this busy scheduled life people take the effort and time to participate in your big day event. So, thank them with small, affordable gifts, which also give them the pleasure of being noticed.

-Nikisha Uddagiri