Things You Should Warn Your Guy If You Are A Dancer

Warn Your guy

There are a few things every dancer does in common and doesn’t even realize it is awkward for people around them. Yes, stretching, automatically tapping your feet to the tunes, being outgoing and expressive are a few to say so. You may be dating a guy who has no idea about dance, but likes you for who you are outside your profession. But, there are a few things that come even without being prepared for it. So, you need to warn your non dancer guy about certain moves and actions of yours. Not that you are scaring him, it is a heads up that you will be giving him so that these tiny issues don’t turn up to be irritating fights later in the future. So, if you are thinking what you should reveal about yourself to your date in the fifth or sixth date, then these are what you should warn your guy with.

Things You Should Warn Your Guy About

1Make up junkie

Make up junkie

Tell him that you are a makeup junkie. Yes, this is highly important because some guys may not be comfortable if you open your purse and take out to dab on your eyelash or the lipstick. They make getting all awkward and uncomfortable on the dinner table. It is good to tell him in prior so that both of you feel comfortable with each other. As a dancer, you have your own needs and the feeling of looking pretty is always a compulsion. So, it isn’t wrong if you want to correct your lipstick or have your hair done in between your meet.

2Love for dancing in public

Love for dancing in public

Let’s say you are in the middle of a street program or a place where they are playing all your favorite numbers. You would definitely want to dance. Isn’t it? At least for 2 minutes, you would feel the rush to shake your legs for your favorite tunes and that isn’t wrong at all. So, tell him or rather show him that you are okay with dancing in between hundreds of people because that is your profession and you love it.

3No expectations from the guy

No expectations from the guy

Just because you are a dancer, you can’t and shouldn’t have expectations that every guy you meet should a great dancer too. If you know and are clear with that, make sure he also knows that you are okay if he can’t even shake his leg for the tune being played. Dance is your profession and you are good at that. Tell him that he doesn’t have to be good at something he is not comfortable with. That will take things to a different well. The understanding will make him like you more.

PS – If he genuinely wants to learn, teach him!

4That you love to binge

That you love to binge

Since you are a dancer, you have already done all your workout. Dancing is a lot of cardio exercises! So, tell him that after a tiring day, you could be as hungry as a monkey. It should be sweet when you tell him you want him to take you out. He will more than happy if you could tell him in prior.

5You don’t have time for jealousy

You don’t have time for jealousy

If the guy is even slightly demeaning your relationship with your colleague when you have to dance with them, leave the guy! It is better that you warn your guy even before the date ends that you have a profession that demands you to work with more than 10 guys at a time and that is just a part of what you work. Make clear statements that any act of jealousy can’t be handled by you. If he accepts that fact, he should know that he can never date a dancer.

6Your work timings are crazy

Your work timings are crazy

You may have to practice extra or go to night practices or maybe even unplanned trips to a far off place for a week or so. Make him understand that you are not trying to blow him out and this is just the schedule that is crazy for you. Tell him that all your performances fall on a weekend and it could sometimes be impossible for you to hang out with him or go out on a Saturday night for a date. But, you can always work out time and go on lunch dates!

7Bursting your bubble won’t work

Bursting your bubble won’t work

He may be a great engineer or a doctor or an astronaut, but he cannot pass judgments about your profession. This should be a serious warning from your side to your guy. If he doesn’t consider your profession as a profession, you have all the rights to move out of the relationship. Demeaning your profession or passing comments on your talent should not be tolerated. You are on your own and you love what you do as much as he likes his work. So, equal importance is important. Remember to never let go of self respect.

8You are super flexible

You are super flexible

This needn’t be warned at all because he will figure out when days go by. Since you do stretches and dance for a living, you are super flexible and you have high energy. He will find it amusing at first, but will love it in the course of time!

-Pavithra Ravi