Things you can avoid while texting your crush

Things you can avoid while texting your crush

You have gotten hold of your crush’s number somehow. Begged a few people, treated your friend and bribed a few juniors and whatnot! You are probably feeling like mission accomplished. Nope, not yet! You have so much more to do only now. You have a lot of time in your hand to actually play with and this the time you have to evaluate the possibilities of how to text your crush. You are probably looking for a ‘thank god, you have my number, I love you too’. No this is not how it will end up. Let’s face it! The guy might not even know you have his number. Let it be a sweet surprise and don’t shock him the very first time you message him. You don’t know what to do? Here are some 6 off things you should avoid while texting your crush.

Top Things To Avoid While Texting

1Start with a ‘Hi’

Start with a Hi

Do not jump to conclusions that he already has your phone number. He might not even be aware of where he saw you or how you both are related. So, take it slow, extremely slow. Start with a ‘hi’ when you text him for the first time. Yes! It is a given that everyone starts with ‘hi’, but when you try to overdo it, that’s when the trouble starts. Do not keep texting him. If you don’t get a reply, just leave it there. An ideal example would be

‘Hi John, this is Julie, from yoga class. How are you?’

That’s it! This is how much you can actually say when you text for the very first time. Remember, do not tell him stories of how you got his number. He sure will judge you!

2Don’t giggle too much

Dont giggle too much

He says a ‘Hi’ back and you guys start talking. Good! But, do not keep sending him, smiles or LOL messages all the time. This will only come across as a girly-needy-desperate person. It is a cringe and he will assume that you are just as giggly in real life too. Laugh and send smile only when necessary and appropriate. Also, know when to send emoticons. Sending too many also is annoying for the guys.

3Don’t overload his phone with texts

Dont overload his phone with texts

Yes, this might be a bad sign that shows how clingy you are. There are sure signs of him reciprocating his crush for you? Good for you. But this doesn’t mean you break the pact and actually sit on his head all the time for him to reply. A rampant tester is a surefire sign of the type of person you are who won’t give him his much needed space. Instead, try to be gentle with the way you text. It is fine if he keeps replying, try to space it out and ask for some time off. You might also want to consider switching off your phone if you are not able to stop texting after informing him. A constant beeping might be a real turn off and may get on his nerves. Let him not think ‘Oh, god! Its her again’.

4Too soon to share pics

Too soon to share pics

Remember that this will apply in the first few chats. If you have established your relationship, then this definitely doesn’t apply. But, if you have not figured out anything as yet, but are texting each other, sending inappropriate images can be taken off your list. Sending a picture of you if he asks is probably fine. But don’t be an uninvited guest to his phone. He may like it, but you would be sidelined as one of those who is not only frantic, but puts out a cheap attitude of you. Beware, some guys can take due advantage of this too.

5Don’t text when he’s busy

Do not text when he is busy

‘Are you busy?’ ‘Got time to talk?’ ‘Busy?’

Please, oh please! Stop troubling him with such texts. If he has told you that he is going to busy at work or at college, he will text when he is free. You don’t have to keep a watch on him every half an hour asking if he is free. Give him his guy space because he needs one. You are not his lover. Remember that you can’t take over advantage of the relationship. You don’t even know if he is aware of your feelings for him. You are not his mom, so do not check on him every single minute.

6Don’t wait too long to reply

Dont wait too long to reply

Don’t play too hard to get. This could be a backfire for your feelings. You wouldn’t want to be ‘that’ girl who never replies. Sure, you don’t want to look like a clingy person, also doesn’t mean you can ignore his texts. Try to act cool and text when required. You don’t want him to be pushed to the edge, so keep him in the loop always, but also don’t do the over texting.

-Pavithra Ravi